IELTS is an exam conducted for checking your abilities and proficiency in English reading, writing, speaking, and listening genres. You have to be a pro to excel and elevate in this examination. For its desired completion you must practice adequately on the practice question papers along with putting your determination in time management for all the worthy sections. This exam leads you to the ways of studying and working abroad in your favourite place in the country.

Every candidate needs to put their efforts into preparing for this exam with an extra effort of emphasizing vocabulary and diction. If your grammar and diction improve, you will have a blast in your examination. If you are a participant of the IELTS exam and moving here and there searching for what to study for the IELTS test? Or, how to study for IELTS? Here is the answer for you with several other advantageous learnings. Go through this whole article to know everything and enhance your understanding.

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What to Study for the IELTS Test? 

The IELTS exam is conducted for a free, fair, and unbiased assessment of the candidate’s abilities and to lead them to pursue their own desired directions to study and work in any particular country. The parts tested in this exam are reading, writing, listening, and speaking of an individual. If you will be found adequate and proficient in all of these points then you will be eligible to visit a country of your choice and study there. This is done majorly in two parts that are academics and general. Reading and writing tests are different for the academic and general criteria but listening and speaking tests are the same for both. If you have been preparing for it for long to make it happen significantly then you must know the format quite well but those who don’t know and are seeking interest have truly got their destination on this site.

Academics and Reading Tests

Academic reading includes 3 long texts for 60 minutes from books, journals, magazines, and newspapers while general reading tests comprise 3 sections of 60 minutes that have two or three short texts with two other texts and one long text from advertisements and notices.

Writing Test

The academic writing test is a formal test that includes asking for a description of a table, chart, and diagram in 150 words with a short essay of 250 words whereas general writing tests consist of a 60 minutes test asking for 250 words letter and 250 words short essay. You have to be clear and perfect while writing this section. You are judged based on precise and concrete content.

Speaking Test

The speaking test is for 11 to 14 minutes where an examiner will interview you and ask you questions related to several topics along with having a crisp and structured discussion on any relevant topic.

Listening Test

The listening test is done for 30 minutes with 4 sections. Each section of this test has 10 questions. The first two sections primarily deal with everyday social contexts and the rest two parts engage the topics from educational and training contexts. Therefore, prepare yourself in a way that you will be excellent in all the spheres with the highest bands.

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How to Study for IELTS?

The IELTS exam is an easy exam done for testing the English skills of the candidates. Indian students always get average bands in this examination. All you need to do while preparing for this exam is practice. It will prove to be the key to success.

China gets the highest bands in the IELTS exam. It is considered that Indians take this exam a little lightly and enormously. The average band is 5.5 or 6 band which is mostly taken by all the students of India.

To get into your favourite institute or university, you must do a little hard work and provide adequate time for preparation. This is not just a matter of an examination but it is magnificent for your future. There are few particular ways of preparing for it to get more enhanced and elevated bands. All the significant ways are written below.

#1. Take Practice Tests

Practice tests enable you towards excellence in the examination. You must follow the practice tests for knowing deeply about all the sections and questions asked in the exam and answer them skillfully. You will learn a practical understanding of the exam pattern and number of questions while solving the practice tests along with doing your true assessment.

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#2. Develop English Capabilities

Studying for this examination requires a lot of wisdom and determination. You must work on improving and enhancing your English capabilities in all spheres to get deserving outcomes. This should be done by practising the test papers, speaking to your friends, preparing for some renowned institutions, or reading regularly. The candidate must be a perfectly acknowledged person in all the English language areas.

#3. Develop Wide Range of Reading Skills

Reading test of the IELTS exam asks you to read long and short texts from journals, advertisements, notices, and books, etc. You must inculcate a habit of reading regularly. This will increase your potential in reading concentratedly and will make you aware of many ways to be creative in your English speaking and writing. Reading is a great virtue for strengthening your thoughts and perceptions.

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#4. Do a Preparation Course

The candidates of this wonderful exam must prefer a preparation course for themselves to get in-depth learning and incremental growth. The professionals in the course help you to determine what is required for your learning and succeeding in the exam. They help and guide you in the direction where you need guidance. You will come across knowing the beneficial aspects of your examination and will increase the chances of getting higher bands.

#5. Use Assertive English Terms for Writing

English writing test is a part of the IELTS exam where you are asked to write essays and letters. You must not go much into making negative sentences. The overall idea of getting a significant mark in the minds of the examiners is that you must use assertive terms and sentences. It will make your write-ups and content worth reading and understandable to everyone which will eventually increase your marks and success in the exam.

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How to Prepare for IELTS? 

The course of the IELTS exam is not very difficult but the higher number of participants taking part in it through various countries make this exam a challenging one. You must have a hold on your vocabulary and Grammar along with fluency and creativity while speaking English. Practicing is an art that will lead you to conquer it. If you know everything pretty well but have not practised much then you will be overcome by the one who has a little bit lesser knowledge but has practised too frequently. Practice enhancing your hold on that particular field. If you keep judging and assessing yourself you will come to know about your strengths and weaknesses which will further help you in motivation and cracking the examination. If you are the one preparing for the IELTS exam, read the points written below to know the correct way of preparation. This will help you for the future and will increase your adaptability to a certain thing.

#1. Understand Test Format

Test pattern and format are undoubtedly important things for any examination. You must familiarize yourself with the content of the test paper along with the marking criteria and number of questions. This is the foremostly important thing to know. If you do not know the exact pattern then you will surely lose. The number of questions and their marking is extremely important because you will prepare for it, in the same manner, to score well. Therefore, before appearing in any examination, you must go through the previous test’s question paper to get a clear idea about the structure to excel in the exam.

#2. Imerge in the English Language

The IELTS exam is the one that checks your proficiency in English and its language. If you will be able to speak, write, read and listen to English perfectly then you will succeed in this examination. You have to grow and enhance your English in every way possible. Everyone is not perfect in everything. Some people can write in English amazingly and creatively but can speak that fluently. This will be a drawback for you. You must judge your weaknesses and strengths and then work on the things you can’t do. If you are aspiring to study or work in a native English country, it becomes a mandatory thing to know and understand English quite speedingly.

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#3. Time Management

Time management is the key to be top-notch in this examination. There are many parts of this exam and every part has different sections. You must have to work in that direction to prepare for everything perfectly. All the parts and sections have their significance. English is a language that has various terms, rules, and regulations. You must know how to use them in your speaking and writing ways. Only when you will manage your time effectively, will you be able to concentrate on reading and listening tests. Each test has a definite time and if you lose once you will lose it all. You have to do proper time management for everything and do the preparation in the same direction. It will increase the capacities of your mind and will enable you to improve your knowledge and understanding exponentially.

#4. Proper Planning

Planning and organization of everything in a perfect manner lead to a clear vision and understanding. If you do not plan and start doing everything at once, you will end up leaving some essential aspects of the exam or probably ending up in a hustling situation. This will bring stress to your mind and you will lack concentration along with sinking deep down in unexpected errors in learning. Planning makes all the aspects clear and in a sequence. If you are planned enough and work on the same path, you will see that in the end, you are the one who is calm, composed, and knowledgeable. If you want a peaceful mind and a clear approach in the exam, then you should work in the direction following planning objectives.

#5. Be A Multitasker

All the candidates of the IELTS exam must focus on being a multitasker. It will turn out to be an essential part of the exam. In the listening and speaking tests, you are asked several questions or maybe a topic of discussion. If you will be a multitasker and will enable yourself to think, speak and add words and phrases to your answer then you will give a nice impression on the minds and hearts of the examiners. Whereas if you will think much and will not be able to answer adequately, it will lead to a disaster. You would not prefer to do that? Right? So, practice speaking with your family and friends to escape from this mistake and commit what is right for you in front of the examiners.

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We hope that you must have acquired a great understanding of every relevant detail and information about the IELTS exam. Preparation is a term used to be at perfection in any particular thing by dedicatedly doing it. Everyone has different ways of preparing for a certain thing or exam but the most significant thing to do while preparing for the IELTS exam is knowing the marking criteria precisely and managing time for each part and section without any sort of overconfidence. If you are thinking that it’s just English and you will do it, you are on the wrong track. You have to prepare wisely for it to get what you deserve and desire. The exam has a challenging part of reading, writing, speaking, and listening and if you fail in any one of these you will not be able to secure your position. If you still have any queries or dilemmas in your mind regarding anything related to the IELTS exam and its syllabus, you can visit the IELTS Ninja website and feel free to ask anything. The professionals are there to help you in every way possible for your victory.

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