You can’t achieve the desired score in the IELTS section unless and until you practice. The practice is the key to clear this exam and achieve what you wish for, that is studying or working abroad. IELTS is the exam which is conducted by IDP and British Council, the test is used by various institutes to evaluate the English proficiency of a Candidate applying for a Visa to study or work abroad.

So, if you think that you are very good at English, you will still need to practice because no matter how good you are, you need to learn a few smart techniques to complete the paper in 2 hours 45 minutes. It is not only an English test but it also evaluates your speed as you don’t have the whole day to solve it you will need to manage your time well. If you don’t complete each section within the stipulated time, your chances of losing out on points are higher.

Why You need to Practice?

When you will research each section you will understand that attempting each section is not the only goal, the goal is to complete each question in the time allotted. And when we have such constraints, we need to work smartly along with working hard. To work smartly we will be needing some smart tricks that can help us complete the exam in the stipulated time. We can research these types of smart techniques for each section, you can get these techniques in the resources provided by the practice test providers. Or you can also go through the resource of IELTS Ninja, as it has all the required information about the smart tricks used in each section.

After understanding these smart tricks and making a note of them you will have to practice them. Without practice, you may find it difficult to retain it. With thorough practice, you will get the tricks in your habit while solving the section which becomes part of your preparation. This is what we needed, these tricks should be embedded such in your preparation that even in main papers you don’t forget to use them.

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Should You Go for an Online Mock Test?

You should go for the online most test because it is more convenient than the offline test. If you are already enrolled yourself in a coaching institute then you will have to take the test series provided by them, but still, you can go for IELTS online practice test. For an online test, you don’t have to fix your schedule accordingly, you can go for an online test whenever you are free and whenever you think you should take it.

Practice tests on an online platform will give you instant results for the answers you have given, this will save your time and you can prepare accordingly where you need to work more and what areas you need to build your strengths on.

So you should look for IELTS mock tests online free or paid. You can go for both according to your preference. The IELTS online practise test can be found on various sites and by various organizations.

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Where to Find Free IELTS Practise Test?

You can find free IELTS practice tests online which is a very comfortable way for you to practice. You don’t have to go anywhere which saves your travelling time and cost. There are many websites that are dedicated to helping the candidate in preparing for the IELTS exam, so they provide the test series free of cost. You can get yourself enrolled in these kinds of websites.

IELTS Ninja provides online free tests for practice. So you can directly go on the IELTS Ninja site register yourself, and make the most benefit of the free IELTS test. Here you can find free practise test for all four sections of the IELTS exam.

These online free IELTS tests are just a click away from you and you can try different sources for it, as different sites may have different kinds of tests with different questions and answers.

Benefits of IELTS Online Mock Test

IELTS mock tests online which are free have many benefits for a candidate who is preparing for the IELTS examination. As it is said that with practice you can learn the things which you never thought of doing, so similarly if you think that the IELTS exam is really tough and you won’t be able to clear it, then you should give it a thought and should think about how to practice in such a way that you are not only able to clear the IELTS exam but get a good score. They have many benefits for you and if you are continuously taking these free tests online then you can yield a good result overall.

List of Benefits of the Free IELTS Mock Test

  1. Accessible to you any time:- you can take these tests according to your time preferability
  2. Get the result instantly:- after completing the test you get the result and accordingly you can analyze your score and prepare further keeping the result of the test in mind
  3. Free of cost:- this is the main reason why many candidates go for a mock test, they are free of cost and you don’t need to spend a single penny on them, due to this reason candidates can take them more than once without hesitating
  4. Can take “N” number of times:- mock tests which are free can be taken a plethora of times, and this is what is required by the candidates is to practice more and more.
  5. Different sources:- candidates have different source options available to them and if they have attempted all the tests from one source they can switch to the other and practice as much as they can.

Practice becomes a very crucial aspect of any exam, whether the exam is on school level or university level, practice is needed to achieve the desired score. To practice what a person can do is to attempt as many tests as possible. Before attempting the final exam, have an idea about the structure and do’s and don’ts of the subject sample test or mock test was invented. They were paid mock tests earlier but now you also have the option of a free mock test that you can take any time whenever you want. They are free of cost and you can take mock tests from various sources at the same time.

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