Ruchi Shah along with her husband tells us about how they grew to enjoy learning for IELTS exams.

Students Name:  Mrs.Ruchi Shah

 Exam Type: IELTS General

 Personal Trainer : Ms.Bhawna Talwar

 Target Band: 7

Over All Band Achieved : 7

Result Breakup

Listening 7.5
Reading 6.0
Writing 6.0
Speaking 7.5

About Ruchi Shah

Ruchi shah is an IT professional who along with her husband wanted to settle in Australia. Her husband was the first to enroll with  IELTS Ninja after which Ruchi enrolled for the writing section as she found it to be one of the areas that worried her. She chose the same trainer as her husband eventually  got her desired score. Over time spent with IELTS Ninja she learned how to polish her written skills by the pointers provided by her trainer Ms Bhawana.

In her won words,

“I am grateful to be sharing my experience to you all. During the course I have learned to correct my mistakes especially the ones I frequently made over time and didn’t realize that I was making them until my trainer pointed it out to me. I would have never grown if I didn’t get that attention form Bhawana Talwar.
I will be forever grateful to you IELTS Ninja for helping me to get my desired score.”
IELTS Ninja shares one of  our  treasured students aspiring story of training with us.

Students Name: Mr. Bhavin Shah

 Exam Type: IELTS General

 IELTS Ninja Trainer : Ms. Bhawna Talwar

 Target Band: 7.5

Over All Band Achieved : 7.5

Result Breakup

Listening 8.5
Reading 7.5
Writing 7.0
Speaking 6.0

About Bhavin Shah

Bhavan is an IT professional who wanted to pursue his career abroad for which he and his wife (Ruchi Shah) planned to give IELTS together. Bhavan was the first to enroll with IELTS Ninja and he was signed a trainer named Bhawna Talwar who later was the trainer for his wife Ruchi too. He started the course on the 8th of December 2016. He needed  guidance for the speaking  section alone so he opted for the speaking section and chose the 9:30 am slots for the live sessions.

In his own words,

“Thanks for the quality education, it was my first online learning experience and I am quite impressed with your team’s support and dedication.”

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