English language proficiency is one of the basic criteria for study or work in an English speaking country. PTE test is a neutral English language proficiency test that demonstrates the candidate’s English language ability. PTE results consist of a score report that includes communication skill scores, enabling skill scores related to listening, speaking, writing, and reading sections of the English language. It is a three-hour-long online test, and the score ranges 10-90 on the PTE Score table.

The PTE test is known to be an unbiased English proficiency test. It enables the aspirants to speak to a computer during the speaking section and feel less nervous. The students feel comfortable as the test is online, and there is no question of stressed handwriting. PTE results can be available within five business days. This test is conducted throughout the year and at 250 centres across the globe.

Types of PTE Exam

PTE exam is a computer-based exam, and it tests the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of the candidates. However, the PTE exam has three formats like PTE academic exam, PTE General Exam, and PTE young learners:

#. PTE academic exam: This test is conducted throughout the year as per the convenience of the aspirants and their convenient dates. The test has four sections to evaluate reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The PTE band scores are valid for two years.

#. PTE General: This test is normally conducted thrice a year, in May, June and December. This test consists of two parts: writing and speaking. This test includes six different proficiency levels to approve and test the English language abilities of the candidates. Therefore, the score of this test is valid for a lifetime.

#. PTE Young Learners: This test is organised for children from 6-13 years. This test for children includes story writing, matching, group speaking section and board game. This test is fun for children, and the score is valid for a lifetime.

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PTE Band Score Chart

PTE tests the English language ability of the candidates and is accepted in various countries. PTE scoring is complex, and it is calculated off the average of skills like spelling, vocabulary and written course. PTE score chart looks like this:

Best Score: 85 and Above

The candidate who scores 85 and above can read English easily, understand English easily, and can converse with clarity in complex situations. This score bracket testifies to high proficiency in English.

Score Between 76 and 84

This score is obtained by candidates who can complete complex texts with their meaning. They can express themselves easily and can also communicate efficiently for social, academic and professional purposes.

Score Between 59 and 76

This score indicates that the candidate can understand the concepts of complex text. They can communicate easily and spontaneously without any difficulty.

Score Between 51 and 58

Those candidates who score between 51 and 58 can communicate and have sufficient command over the language but make errors. These candidates can share information related to everyday matters with confidence. They can retain most of the information and reproduce it somewhat clearly.

Score Between 43 and 50

Those candidates who score between 43 and 50 can complete standard language tasks related to work, school, leisure, etc. They can also tackle common situations that might arise while speaking the language.

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Score Between 30 and 42

Those candidates who score between 30 and 42 can communicate in simple terms and related environments.

Score Between 10 and 29

Those candidates who score between 10 and 29 can communicate everyday phrases and expressions. The candidates can introduce themselves and can ask simple questions to others. They can interact with people.

Thus, the PTE score list explains where the students have to work and get a good score for better results.


PTE Band Score Chart 2021

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PTE Band Score

The PTE score is computer-based. This PTE Band score is of two types:

#. Partial Credit

Three tasks in PTE have the partial credit system: Reading (MCQ), Listening (MCQ) and Listening (highlight the correct answer). You get one point for each correct answer, while one point is deducted for each wrong answer.

#. Correct or Incorrect

The candidate is given one point for each correct answer. But, no points are deducted for an incorrect answer.

Method of PTE Score Calculation

The overall score of a candidate is calculated based on the candidate’s performance in all sections. The PTE score is calculated by taking out the sum and average for the overall score. The two vital aspects considered for the PTE score are Communicative Skills and Enabling Scores.

#. PTE Communicative Skills Score

This communicative skill score consists of writing, speaking, reading and listening. The score consists of skill scores between 10 and 90 points.

#. PTE Enabling Skills Score

These skills consist of grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency and written discourse. The score of this enabling skill lies between 10 and 90 points.

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PTE Result

Candidates can check their PTE exam result online. The PTE results can be checked within five business days from the actual test date. Once the results are published, candidates are notified via email. After receiving the email, the candidate can log in to the PTE Academic student account. The PTE exam score certification is valid for two years from the actual test date.

However, it is advisable to avoid duplicate accounts for getting scores faster; this can slow down the process of accessing results. The point to be kept in mind is to read the policies before taking tests. Lastly, before creating a login account booking PTE test, all the instructions should be read carefully. If the candidate does not receive a score in 5 days, they have to contact the service team of Pearson.


The PTE test is also recognised by various universities in various countries. PTE test is a widely accepted English language ability test that is not easy to clear. To clear the exam, the student needs to prepare well in time.

Set your goals for the desired band score by looking into the PTE new score chart and fine-tune your preparations accordingly. To gain a score of more than 85 would mean that the candidate can communicate in English proficiently and easily.

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