The PTE Score Card displays the overall performance on all PTE exam items. PTE exam results are accessible within five working days following the test date. In India, many students received their PTE results within 48 hours after taking the test. Every candidate receives an email notification as soon as their test results are available. Candidates may view their results and PTE report card online by securely entering into their myPTE account.

The PTE scorecard analysis is completely correct. A few PTE sample exams with scorecards illustrate in full the PTE score calculating procedure.

How is PTE Score Calculated?

The PTE score is calculated utilising automated scoring systems. All things are scored by a machine, i.e., the PTE Score calculator, which calculates your score for you. Some assignments merely provide points if the answer is right, but others are graded based on quality, accuracy, and formal features (such as word limit). Partial Credit and Correct or Incorrect are the two forms of scoring

#. Partial Credit: The right answer will receive partial credit. The points for each wrong answer will be deducted from the score obtained from correct answers, a negative marking of sorts. In the PTE, three-item categories have a partial credit score; multiple-choice, select multiple answers (reading), multiple-choice, select multiple responses (listening), and highlight wrong words (Listening).

#. Correct or incorrect: You’ll get one point for each correct answer. If the answer is incorrect, there will be no score. An incorrect response will result in a score of 0 points.

How is the PTE Score Calculated Based on Communicative and Enabling Skills?

PTE Academic Score Reports, also known as PTE scorecards, contain an overall score based on two categories: communication skills and enabling abilities. Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing are the four elements that make up your communicative abilities. Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Written Discourse are examples of your enabling talents.

#. PTE Communicative Skills Scores

What are PTE Communicative Skills Scores? The communication skills score is based on all of the test items that measure these skills, which include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The communication skill is scored between 10 and 90 points. These communicative abilities also put particular subskills to the test.

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#. PTE Enabling Skills Scores

Grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency, and written discourse are examples of enabling abilities. These enabling skills scores are dependent on the performance of all of these elements, and each enabling skill has a point value ranging from 10-90. These enabling abilities are used to assess how well students do in the productive skills of writing and speaking. The enabling skills are scored on the following basis:

Enabling Skills Definition
Grammar At the sentence level, correct use of language in terms of word form and word order.
Oral fluency Speech delivery that is smooth, easy, and natural-paced
Pronunciation Capability to create speech sounds in a way that most native speakers of the language can comprehend. Regional or national pronunciation variations are deemed proper if they are comprehensible to most regular speakers of the language.
Spelling Writing words following the language’s spelling standards. All national spelling variants are deemed accurate.
Vocabulary Appropriate word choice in written and spoken English to communicate meaning correctly, as well as a lexical range


Textual development of written language that is correct and communicatively efficient. The structure of a written document, its internal coherence, logical growth, and the breadth of language resources utilised to communicate meaning precisely are all manifestations of written discourse abilities.

How is the PTE Overall Score Calculated?

#. The overall PTE score is determined by evaluating the overall performance in all test items. The aforementioned communicative skills and enabling scores are two major factors to PTE score in the PTE score report.

#. To calculate the total PTE score, PTE score band calculators utilise both the components’ sum and average.

#. The communicative skills form the four major components, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Meanwhile, the enabling skills entirely form the fifth component used to calculate the overall score.

#. They begin by accumulating all of the enabling skill scores. The total is then divided by six, the number of things added, to find an average. Along with the other four communication skills, this figure, the average total of the enabling abilities, becomes the fifth contributing component in determining the overall PTE score.

#. Rounding off is the final stem in the PTE overall score calculation. The online PTE score calculator does this for you.

#. Here is an example for a better understanding of the process:

For instance, if a candidate received 69 points for grammar, 85 points for oral fluency, 86 points for pronunciation, 90 points for spelling, 70 points for vocabulary, and 39 points for written discourse, then the total of these would be taken. The total of these six abilities is 439 (69+85+86+90+70+39), with an average of 439/6 = 73.16. This would be the candidate’s PTE enabling skills score.

Moreover, if this candidate received 90 in listening, 80 in reading, 88 in speaking, and 85 in writing, these are considered the four main components of communicative skills. The fifth component will be the PTE enabling score. As a result, the total will be 90+80+88+85+73.16 = 416.16. The average will be 416.16/5 = 83.2 for all five components. The real PTE score will be rounded up from this number.

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PTE Listening Score

The Listening test is one of the five major components and comes under Communicative skills. It is quite an extensive task, and therefore, understanding how the score is calculated is very important. Understanding the scoring criteria will help you boost your score in this section since you can set a target.

The performance in all the eight tasks in the listening portion of the PTE academic is used to calculate the PTE Listening Score. The Listening exam is component 3 of the PTE Academic complete test. The PTE Listening module takes 45-57 minutes to complete. You will listen to a brief audio related to academic disciplines such as humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences in each task.

Since it is an entirely computer-based test, the PTE listening score calculator calculates your score accordingly:

Item Number of Items Provided Prompt length Score system Skills assessed
Summarise Spoken text 2-3 60-90 seconds Partial Credit Listening & writing
MCQ (multiple correct answers) 2-3 40-90 seconds Partial credit for each correct answer and point deducted for incorrect choice Listening
Fill in the blanks 2-3 30-60 seconds Partial credit for each correct spelling Listening & writing
Highlight correct summary 2-3 30-90 seconds Correct / Incorrect Listening
MCQ (one correct answer) 2-3 30-60 seconds Correct / Incorrect Listening
Select missing word 2-3 30-60 seconds Correct / Incorrect Listening
Highlight incorrect words 2-3 20-70 seconds Partial credit for each correct word and points deducted for incorrect answer Listening
Write from dictation 3-4 3-5 seconds Partial credit for each correct spelling Listening & writing

How are PTE Scores Assigned?

#. There are 20 distinct question categories in each PTE Academic test. Each one is assigned a different grade.

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#. Multiple-choice responses are evaluated as either correct or incorrect, but scores for more complicated, descriptive question types, such as essay writing, depend on a number of variables

#. Items that assess communicative abilities also assess particular subskills. They are marked on their performance in many areas of language assessment that change in different item kinds.

#. Scores are assigned based on the candidate’s performance in terms of oral fluency, vocabulary, spelling etc.

How is PTE Score Calculated

Tips on How to Improve Overall Score in PTE

#1. Set Your Targets

To determine your preparation requirements for PTE Academic, you may start by understanding your present level of English skills and the PTE score you need to reach.

#2. Understand the Test Format

Spend some time getting to know the PTE Academic framework. Understanding its framework and the types of questions to expect is essential to achieve a better result.

#3. Recognise How the Test is Graded

It is vital to understand how the test is graded to set a target and focus on different components accordingly. Knowing this will help you decide what’s more important and requires further preparation.

#4. Select Your Materials for Preparation

Choosing the right resource material is integral for your preparation because the wrong resources will only take up your valuable time and lead to confusion without any fruitful outcome.

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#5. Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

Your practice sessions should be aligned to these points:

#. Do brief, 5-10 minute practise tasks to maintain the momentum.

#. Participate in English-speaking groups. They provide opportunities to hone both speaking and listening abilities.

#. Take advantage of every opportunity to write in English: sending emails to friends or acquaintances, for example, or keeping a journal.

#. Read widely from a variety of sources, including newspapers, periodicals, academic journals, and novels.

#. Engage in English-language media, such as television (with English subtitles if accessible) and radio broadcasts.

#. Observe native speakers and pay attention to the language they use in various situations.


The automated PTE score calculator calculates the PTE score through a proper unbiased process. It is very important to understand how the score is calculated and set your goal accordingly. The calculator first sums everything up and then takes the average of the five major components: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and enabling skills. Therefore, to achieve a good score, one must be consistent with their marks in each component.

A dip in the marks of any section will lead to a drop in the average, that is, a reduction in the overall marks. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare well for each part of the exam. IELTS Ninja provides you with the best resource materials, such as practice tests, exercises and so on. With this, you can practise and strengthen every skill set. This will aid your preparation and help you achieve a good score in every section, boosting your overall score.

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