Before going to a native English-speaking country for Permanent Residence or further studies, every individual has to meet the English language proficiency test requirements. PTE (Pearson Test of English) has now become a popular language ability test worldwide. It is accepted globally, and for some countries, it is mandatory. Australia accepts the PTE test if a candidate wants to apply for Australian PR, but only if they meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

The candidates have to have the minimum PTE score for Australia PR. Or else the application will be rejected. To know the minimum PTE score for Australia for nurses and how to obtain it, read till the end.

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How Many PTE Score Required for Australia for Nurses?

If you are an aspiring candidate who wants to apply for a nurse’s job or further studies in the same field, start preparing for your PTE examinations. The difficulty of PTE Academic tests depends upon how much you have prepared for them. You should begin right away because the criteria are quite challenging, though not impossible.

#. The minimum PTE score for Australia for nurses is above 65 overall and above 65 in all the four modules: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading, individually.

#. You can take the exams again if you fail to get the highest score the first time. Also, PTE test results can be combined for the registration of nursing. For instance, let us assume you scored 65 above overall and in all the modules except listening in your first exam. Later, in your second attempt, you scored 65 above in listening and less in other modules. In that case, you can merge both the results for your registration.

Why Choose PTE for Australia PR?

#. Nurses aren’t required to take the OET exams mandatorily; they can opt for the PTE for Australia PR too.

#. If you apply for the Australian PR on a tight budget, you should opt for PTE examinations because it costs less than OET. The PTE examinations also allow multiple attempts but make sure you clear it in the early attempts.

#. PTE exams are easier than OET. OET examinations use words from medical terminology, which could be difficult to initially grasp in a foreign accent.

#. Results of the PTE Academic test come out in 48 hours. Whereas IELTS and OET results take much longer. This saves your time, and you can make other necessary preparations for migration.

How to Crack the PTE for Australia PR?

To get your application approved, you have to score 65 above in every module individually and overall, which means you need good preparation. The preparation is easy; do not worry if you are confused and don’t know where to begin from. Here we have some tips on how to crack PTE Academic tests.

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Learn About the Test

You must visit the Pearson PTE website to learn about the test. The site has all the information regarding the test, like question types, the test format and duration. There are four modules, but the test is divided into three parts: Speaking & Writing, Listening and Reading.

Know Your Strength and Weakness

When you start preparing for the test you will know which questions you are comfortable with, and which you are not. These are your strengths and weaknesses, which you need to balance. Challenge yourself to overcome them and avoid making silly mistakes like spelling errors, missing out on words while listening, or wrong pronunciation.

Focus on All Modules

A score above 65 is necessary for all the modules. So if you feel that you lack behind in one of the modules, focus on it more, but don’t neglect other modules. Practise the module which you are weak at more and also give adequate time and effort to practise other modules.

Take a Course

It helps to take a course. You can opt for any coaching class, either online or offline. Coaching helps you streamline your preparations and get expert guidance as and when needed. Platforms like IELTS Ninja provide one of the best online courses for PTE Academic tests.

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Prepare Wisely

You have to choose the study material wisely and not fall for over-promising things. No, it is not possible to master the PTE exams in a week. You need at least four to six weeks to do so. If you have any doubt, resolve it as soon as possible. Ask the experts or your mentor. Correct your grammar and vocabulary by putting in the effort, don’t leave anything for later.

Minimum PTE Score Required for Australia for NursesPractice, Practice and Practice

After all your preparations, all you need to do is practise. Practise as much as you can because it will help you build confidence and complete the test in three hours. Give as many mock tests as possible. There are various websites on the internet that provide mock tests based on the question papers in the actual test.

You can also practise by watching movies, listening to songs, interviews, news channels, and speeches in English. Develop the habit of conversing in English with your friends and family to improve fluency.


You can get the minimum PTE score for Australia PR by following these steps. Don’t be demotivated if you can’t make it on the first attempt. Just keep pushing yourself and practise more than before. You can also join the IELTS Ninja’s PTE test program anytime to make your preparations strong. The PTE program has face to face online mentoring. A three-week course with nine mock tests for better preparations and 20 hours of tutorial video for practice. With IELTS Ninja, you can stay one step ahead in your preparation for PTE for Australia PR.

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