Over 5,000 educational institutions around the world accept the PTE Academic test. Furthermore, the Australian and New Zealand governments accept PTE Academic as a valid visa application. Suppose you’re planning on studying abroad in a major English-speaking country like the UK, Australia, USA, or Canada. In that case, you have to pass the PTE Academic test to prove your English proficiency.

How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?Read the article to know about the PTE test and how to book it online.

What is PTE Academic Test?

PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test accepted by most educational institutions worldwide. For students planning to study abroad or immigrate to a major English-speaking nation, the PTE Academic exam is necessary.

Rather than a high-level English language examination, this three-hour computer-based test evaluates a student’s ability to understand and speak everyday English effectively. By using several levels of grading, the system makes it easier to ascertain a student’s English proficiency level.

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How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?

PTE Academic Test Pattern

#1. Speaking and Writing

This section includes six smaller sections. You will be tested on your promptness during speaking and writing a written test that you can only read for the first time.

#2. Listening

PTE Academic’s listening section assesses whether a candidate can understand spoken English. It is crucial that the student carefully listens to the audio file played and retains the information.

#3. Reading pattern

It examines the candidates’ ability to comprehend written instructions in this language. There are five segments in this section.

How to Clear PTE Academic Test?

#1. Set a Target Score

For an accurate understanding of your preparation needs for PTE Academic, you should know your current English proficiency level and your target PTE score.

#2. A Study Plan that Works

You can never get enough practice for the PTE-A exam. But you must craft a preparation strategy and adhere to it. Creating a perfect study plan requires a combination of preparation methods, practice time, and self-evaluation.

Here are some points you can follow to have a great study plan:

#. Invest at least two hours a day studying.

#. Make sure you practise the frequently repeated questions.

#. Spend time recollecting and summarising everything you learned the previous day.

#. Spend at least half an hour strengthening your skills.

#. Find out how to finish the exam before time through mock trials.

#. Score your practice tests.

#. Note all the important points that will help you recall the ideas to answer these questions.

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#3. Get Familiar with the Scoring System

In PTE Academic, every question is made by a machine, which means the tests are marked accurately, consistently, and fairly. Answers to some questions are scored on correctness, while others are evaluated on the formality and quality of your answers.

Learn what to avoid when answering such questions on which negative marking applies. Discover all the tips that can help you. Get expert advice and tips by taking the correction service.

How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?

#4. Managing your time effectively

73-80 questions in three hours is not an easy task. Ideally, you should practice enough to read and understand the questions and write them. Scan and skim as often as possible.

The most common mistake is failing to review everything.

#5. Resources for Study

Searching the Internet for PTE Study materials could result in you obtaining inauthentic and unreliable materials. Join a trusted and proven platform that provides e-books, question banks, and practice tests for each section.

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Additional Tips for Clearing PTE Academic Test ( Section-wise)

Speaking Section

#. There is no need to worry about your Speaking section. You just have to be fluent and correct in expressing your thoughts.

#. Your voice must be clear and audible.

#. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give correct answers.

#. Talk normally while you are speaking and be confident.

#. When trying to speak, don’t pause for more than 3 seconds.

#. Learn how to pronounce difficult words correctly and improve your speaking skills.

Writing Section

#. You must know how to manage your time and type quickly.

#. As a general rule, an essay should be between 200 – 300 words, while a summary should be within 75 words.

How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?

Reading Section

#. Your reading section has a time limit of 32-41 minutes, so be quick but don’t rush!

#. Part of the credit score is contained in certain questions. Though it is a little intimidating, you should be careful and think carefully before answering.

#. Additionally, you will be tested on your grammar skills. Become familiar with tenses and their uses.

#. Make sure your vocabulary is strong.

Listening Section

#. Meditation will help you immensely. You can use this strategy to concentrate while listening.

#. The scoring in this section is very high. As you cannot replay the audio, you just have to pay attention to it.

How Long Does it Take to Prepare for PTE Academic Test?

Perseverance, determination, and preparation are necessary to achieve the best grades. Don’t make the same mistakes twice, and always focus on mending your errors. Stick to a rigorous preparation plan for up to 4-6 weeks before taking your PTE exam. Although the time taken for its preparation can vary from person to person. So make sure you discover your own pace and don’t get intimidated by others’ pace!

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How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?

How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?

Follow these steps for PTE test booking:

#1. To apply, candidates need to create a web account with the official PTE Academic website or log in to an existing account.

#2. Candidate profiles need to be detailed. Information like test preference, exam history, and previous score reports (if applicable) will be needed during admission or when scores are sent. The passport should contain the candidate’s exact personal information. Furthermore, candidates will have to decide which exam to take (PTE Academic or PTE General), the PTE Academic exam in this case.

#3. Candidates can then choose the PTE Test Centre that is most convenient for them to schedule their exam.

#4. The candidates will then be required to choose a date for their examination with the PTE Test Centre of their choice.

#5. After the candidates have revised their order, they must proceed to the payment. The order would provide the type of examination, duration, test centre, appointment date, price, and tax for the particular examination. The candidate is free to reschedule or change the test date and venue at this point. A fee would apply to the same changes after the payment is made.

#6. After the payment has been made, applicants can take a printout of their acknowledgement receipt. Also, they can access this information through their account dashboard.

Note: The minimum age for taking the PTE Academic test is 16 years. Before taking the test, you must have a parental consent form signed by your parent or guardian if you are below 18.

Prepare with IELTS Ninja

How to Book PTE Academic Test Online?

The journey through PTE exams is not easy. Language proficiency tests require a similar preparation strategy and to get the desired results taking guidance from experts is crucial. IELTS NInja will help you walk through your PTE preparations through a unique teaching methodology. With this online platform, you can prepare from the comfort of your home. Interact and learn from their expert mentors and take the first step to your dream band score.

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