he PTE exam is a gateway to enter the world of your desires. You can get admission to the best universities across the globe by getting high scores on this test. The Pearson Test of English is conducted in two sections: written and interview. All the candidates must take this exam seriously and practice for it wholeheartedly. It can drive success to you.

his test is conducted to measure your skills and proficiency in English writing, speaking, reading as well as listening sections. You have to be capable in all the spheres of the English language to achieve your goals. This article has PTE general exam sample papers for you to grow your knowledge.

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PTE General Exam Sample Papers

he sample papers are available on the websites to let you know the exam pattern and number of questions along with the markings for each question. You must be aware of all the mandatory aspects of the test.

Lack of knowledge in any one section leads to the failure of getting high scores. Preparation from the sample papers enables you to get perfect in solving the question paper. You will take less time and no stress will be there in the exam if you have been preparing from the sample papers. 

PTE general exam papers are easily accessible on online platforms. Don’t ignore the preparation for this exam, rather be extraordinary at it. 

PTE Exam

he Pearson general test of English is conducted in two major sections: Written-test and spoken interview. The sections of this exam are tested and examined by the examiners of the UK. You need to be proficient in grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects of English to impress them.

If you have a dream to get admission to the most renowned universities of different countries, you must prepare for this test perfectly as most of the universities and ministries accept the score of the examination. 

he International Certificate of PTE General emphasizes greatly on the proficiency of communicating in English rather than test-taking skills. Let’s dive deep into the article to grab all the knowledge about this incredible test.

Difference of PTE General and PTE Academic

Several differences can be seen and calculated between the PTE general and academic tests. You must be aware of all the differences from the purpose to exam structure and much more. Let’s begin with the information. 

Purpose of the Tests

he purpose of both the tests has a little difference. The candidates who want to study in English-speaking countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia usually take the PTE Academic test.

his test enables you to achieve your dreams as you can easily get admission to your choice of a university by scoring high. Whereas the candidates who want to measure their English language proficiency take PTE General.

You must know about it to have a clear idea and understanding of the examination. You have to get high scores to reach your destination. The purpose of the test is essential as you can prepare yourself in the right direction. 

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Exam Structure of the PTE Exam

If you want to know the exam structure of the PTE test, here is your destination. The PTE Academic is a fully computerized exam that consists of 3 modules- PTE reading, speaking and writing, and listening. The speaking section requires applicants to speak into a microphone. The recording is accessed by unbiased computer algorithms. 

he exam pattern’s difference has its advantages and roles. Keep reading the complete article to acknowledge more things. The PTE General is a collection of six tests. These tests are conducted at different levels: A1, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. You must know that each level of the exam comprises two modules, a written test, and a spoken test. You can pick the test level according to your English language abilities.

Counties Accepting the Scores of the PTE

You need to know about the countries that accept the scores of PTE. It enhances the clarity of mind to dream of the future. If you want to apply in a country that does not accept the marks of this test, you would be in trouble. So before applying, gather complete knowledge. The candidates mostly prefer the PTE Exam pattern for Australia, along with the UK, the USA for their destination.    

PTE General scores are accepted in countries like Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, and Lithuania. You should apply for this test after knowing the validity and acceptance of the scores in your choice of countries to avoid the last time hustle. 

Exam Slots and Duration

It is significant for the candidates to know the slots and duration of the exam. If you lack knowledge in this sphere, you can’t move ahead towards your dreams. This is the basic information about the test. Well, here is the complete information. The Academic PTE exam dates are conducted on close to 360 days a year. 

Whereas, the PTE General test is conducted thrice a year. It is done in May, June, and December. If you want to know about the duration of the exam, don’t worry. Step forward. The PTE Academic examination takes place over 3 hours. While the PTE General is taken between 90 minutes to 3 hours. The duration of the general test depends upon the level of the test.

Validity of Scores

he validity of the scores is magnificent to know as you have to apply for work or get admission to your choice of university-based on the scores. If your scores are not valid for a particular organization or university, you have to take the exam again. So be aware of the validity of scores.

he PTE Academic score is valid for 2 years from the date of issue of the results. Whereas the PTE general certificates don’t have an expiration date.

All the candidates should be knowledgeable about the validation of their marks. It will avoid confusion and reduce stress. If you have the eligibility and validity to apply, you must go ahead. 

Overview of the PTE General Exam

he candidates need to register for the PTE general and academic tests individually. You must know tha kit the PTE general is conducted in the verbal section and written test. The verbal test is conducted 2 weeks before the written test. The written exam examines your skills in reading, writing as well as listening aspects.

he spoken examination is carried out to measure your communication capabilities in familiar and realistic situations. You must be aware of all the procedures of the exam to perform better. The marks of the written test are 75 and the weightage given to the interview is 25. The PTE General test has six levels in total concerning the Common European Framework of Reference.

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Let’s Look At the Exam Pattern!

You can give the PTE general exam in May, June, August, November, and December. The students from the age of 16 are deemed as suitable for this exam. Moreover, the PTE general exam is directed and managed by Pearson in partnership with Edexcel Limited. It is considered as the UK’s substantial body for conferring awards for academic and vocational qualifications. The sections of the exam are written below. 

Test Level Session 1-Time Session 2-Time
Foundation A1 5 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes
Level 1(A2) 5 minutes 1 hour 35 minutes
Level 2(B1) 7 minutes 1 hour 35 minutes
Level 3(B2) 7 minutes 2 hours
Level 4(C1) 8 minutes 2 hours 30 minutes
Level 5(C2) 8 minutes 2 hours 55 minutes

Exam Scores of PTE

Let’s know the total marks of PTE. In the writing task of PTE general, the scores are 75, and the spoken task is 25. The general PTE test scores do not expire and have unlimited validation. Have a look at the table below. It shows the different sections of the PTE General writing task and the respective maximum scores.

Sections Skills Score points
1. Listening 10
2. Listening and Writing 10 (5 listenings and 5 writing)
3. Listening 10
4. Reading 5
5. Reading 5
6. Reading 8
7. Reading 7
8. Writing 10
9. Writing 10
10. otal -75

Now, let’s have a look at the table below that shows the skills tested for the speaking section along with the average PTE Score points of all the sections of the spoken component of levels A1 and 1, and levels 2-5. Look below. 

Sections Skills Score Points
1. Speaking 25 score points in total; distributed across the marking criteria
2. Speaking (Only featured at levels 2-5, not levels A1 and 1) 25 score points in total; distributed across the marking criteria
3. Speaking 25 score points in total; distributed across the marking criteria
4. Speaking 25 score points in total; distributed across the marking criteria
5. otal -25

Preparation Techniques for PTE

he PTE exam preparation is needed to excel in the test. You have to be prepared beforehand to stand out from the crowd. You must do reading practice from the blogs of preparation present to give you the knowledge of grammar, sentence structure, pronunciations, and punctuation along with solving the sample papers and mock tests. 

You can practice listening to native English accents, especially TED talks and similar content. You need to focus on vocabulary and speed. For writing, keep practicing the PTE exam preparation free materials for grammar. Let’s get more detailed tips and techniques for this exam and solving the PTE General exam papers. 

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PTE Speaking and Writing

he candidates preparing for this exam must keep a few things in mind to score higher. You must read the new words out loud to have a proper pronunciation along with catching the word for the future.

You must not return to the modifications in the sentences, make sure you don’t use the words with uncertainty. Keep in mind to illustrate the image’s generic content before starting its briefing. 

For the essays, draw the outline, draft it, assess, and finalize. PTE mock test free helps test-takers in practicing the essays. You must practice the noting-down portion before being a multitasker at the time of the exam. Don’t forget to scan the summary’s length and content. 

PTE Listening

Look here to know what you require for the PTE Listening test. The PTE general exams sample papers require you to be exemplary. You must make a synopsis of the lecture in your own words to summarize your spoken text along with listening to all the options given at the duration of the test. Multiple choice questions can trigger your mind, therefore, you need to be prepared. Before the lecture, don’t pause to scan the answers in the fill-ups sections. 

Know What You Must Emphasize!

Moreover, you must pay heed to what you’re listening to and jot down notes. For the multiple-choice questions with single answers, don’t pause in the middle of the recording. It will hinder your answer writing. 

You need to concentrate on the main theme of the recording for the select missing word question and for highlighting the incorrect words, be attentive and prepared with the cursor while the recording plays, and immediately select the inaccurate word. 

You must have attentiveness and presence of mind. Instantly write down the sentence and once you finish, make changes for the dictation part. 

PTE Reading

he best tip for the reading section is that you need to concentrate only on familiar words in the multiple-choice part along with constantly checking the answers. Do touch every answer rather than keeping them blank in the PTE re-order paragraphs.

You must not rush, fill the blanks step by step. The idea of language and word knowledge will help in filling the blanks, so be prepared beforehand and don’t take the test lightly. 

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Every exam needs the determination to crack it. All the candidates have to put their best during the preparation to combat the challenges and excel in the examination. We hope that you have got the precise and potential knowledge about the aspects of the paper and developed your skills by preparing from the sample paper given in this article. 

If you want to know more or need guidance, visit the IELTS Ninja website. You will get numerous blogs on different examinations and university descriptions so that you can understand the process and get admission to the best university. You can comment below in case of an inquiry to get answers from the professionals. 

Don’t let your dreams compromise, rather move on in the right direction with courage and dedication. 

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