Student Background

Balachandran (imaginary name, not disclosed for privacy) is an experienced mechanical engineer from Andhra Pradesh. He badly needed to boost up his IELTS score from 5.5 Band to 6.5 Band as the criterion to apply for higher studies abroad. He had tried giving IELTS exam once through self study but couldn’t get his target score. An interesting thing about his case is that, in contrast to the students who usually face problems in writing and speaking, his main concern was listening and reading where he got less than 6 Band.
Earlier, Balachandran studied at home thinking that he would get his score without the need of a mentor. What was lacking in his preparation was the very important exam tips and awareness about the mistakes he used to do, which he came to know only after joining training. So this time, he registered for an online training program with UFaber as he did not want to take chance anymore.

Course Objective

Balachandran opted for 1 month IELTS Academic preparation course at UFaber aiming to achieve 6.5 Band and started attending classes of 1 hr every day through Skype.

Strategy – uFaber Study Plan

Considering his last score in IELTS Academic, Balachandran’s course was customized for giving due attention towards his performance in listening and reading. Hence, tips on both the modules were given to him along with several practice tests to be solved every day, which ended only till he gave his exam.

Strategy Implementation

The training imparted to Balachandran began from listening, followed by reading and writing while speaking was a part of every day’s session, just to ensure he does not miss out getting less than Band in other modules.
At the start of the training, he used to solve practice tests in the way he solved while doing self study. So, his shortcomings got highlighted during initial training and he came to know how carefully he needs to attempt both listening and reading tests by avoiding silly mistakes. Balachandran used to follow the trainer well in order to understand where he was lacking and always tried to meet the expectations.

Balachandran’s Result

On receipt of IELTS score, Balachandran replied via email immediately, thanking for the support provided to him. His writing skills were also improved apart from listening and reading while he gained confidence for speaking too.
This achievement of increasing the band score by 1 whole Band and meeting the target score is  admirable enough to inspire those students who consistently stuck at less than 6 Band, either as overall or in any one of the modules, even after appearing in the exam several times.
This was the story of Balachandran who received the band score he wanted in order to pursue his dream.
Breakdown of Balachandran’s band score is:

Overall Band Score – 6.5

  • Listening – 6

  • Reading – 6

  • Writing – 6.5

  • Speaking – 6.5

Below is the feedback sent by Balachandran via email:
“It was a unique & great experience during the online classes. It gave me extra confidence to crack IELTS and to get my desired score. Being a working professional, I prepared myself to crack IELTS but I couldn’t. Then I realised to take online classes through UFaber. I never felt those were online classes, in fact I was treated very intensively to get my desired band. In every section, my teacher gave me so many valuable tips to use the right vocabulary as well as better time managing techniques. Now I am able to speak fluently with correct grammar because of the classes provided by UFaber. I strongly recommend UFaber for best online study & preparations.”
Is your case similar to Balachandran? Are you also trying to upgrade your score? Register for an online training program with UFaber and pave the way for your dream future!

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