The IELTS speaking test is an oral discussion between the applicant and an assessor that lasts between 11 and 14 minutes. During the discussion, you will be required to respond to the assessor’s questions, speak at length about a topic chosen by the examiner, and give and justify your thoughts on a variety of topics relevant to that topic.

This exam is a door to higher education and greater placements. It can give you the most desirable life with a standard of sustenance and worthy words. Today, we will focus on the cue card section of the IELTS speaking segment. The candidates must focus on all the spheres of the test to accomplish higher ranks. Find the answers to the topic: “Describe some good advice about choosing a job or subject cue card” and learn how to tackle them.

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Describe Some Good Advice About Choosing a Job or Subject Cue Card

Here we have a set of sample answers for the cue card topic: “Describe some good advice about choosing a job or subject cue card”. The sequence and significant points are extremely essential to include in your answer because it makes your answer effective. The efficiency of the answer is measured by your vocabulary, grammar, and most primarily by your perception to answer the topic or any particular question with precise and significant points. Read on and learn the technique.

#. Who advised you?

#. What advice did he give?

#. Are you happy with the advice?

Describe Some Good Advice About Choosing a Job or Subject Cue Card Sample Answer One

Who Advised You?

I am the kind of person who asks for advice from my elders whenever I am stuck somewhere or I need a clear thought. Today, I will discuss the most important advice from my father to choose the subject for 11th.

I completed my 10th grade with a good percentage, I was confused about the stream. I was stuck at choosing mathematics or biology. I loved science when I was growing up but during my 9th grade, I tended towards mathematics too because of my coaching teacher. I am extremely close with my father, so I take advice from him on everything that I do. He always gives me the best suggestion to follow.

What Advice Did He/ She Give?

My father gave me the perfect advice considering my interest and future scope. He gave me the future courses that I can pursue with each stream and subject. As I am interested in becoming a Doctor and I don’t have an interest in any mathematical course, he suggested that I should go ahead with choosing the science stream.

I was confused because I thought that choosing both can give me a chance to pursue different courses and go into different fields but he told me to be specific and give my best to achieve higher marks in the subject. He said that being specific and goal-oriented is extremely important in life. When you are goal-oriented, you become composed and that helps in achieving your dreams.

Are You Happy With the Advice?

I am quite happy with my father’s advice as I have gained the highest percentage in 12th and now can pursue a medical course from the best university in the world. He had the faith in me that I will work efficiently in the science stream. I am glad that I have made him proud by not only following the path that he showed but also achieving milestones in it.

I want to crack this test with good bands to get into the best university to study MBBS and become a doctor. This will make my parents proud and I will be satisfied with my efforts. Therefore, the best advice that I received for choosing the subject from my father has turned into a blessing to build a sparkling future for me.

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Describe Some Good Advice About Choosing a Job or Subject Cue Card Sample Answer Two

Who Advised You?

I think taking advice not only means respecting someone but also is a great move in knowing others’ perceptions that can give us a unique direction. This is the reason that I never hesitate to take the advice of my seniors or my friends whenever I do not have any solution to the problem I am facing or I am stuck in some confusion.

Today, I would like to discuss an experience about my recent advice from one of my friends related to my study. I always consider him wise and visionary. Recently, I have started preparing for the IELTS exam. I got the advice to take the IELTS exam from my friend who is studying in a popular university in Australia. I will discuss it today because my friend’s advice has worked for me perfectly to reach out to a higher position in life.

What Advice Did He/ She Give?

After completing my 12th, I was confused about getting admission to a course in the university. One day, I received a call from my friend and he said that my life would change if I prepare religiously for this incredible examination.

I shared the trouble of not being able to find the best college for myself, he gave me the best advice. He recently attempted an IELTS exam and achieved desired bands and he helped me out by giving me this wonderful suggestion.

I also told him that for me the biggest challenge is the spelling and grammatical mistakes as the IELTS exam needs a good quality English language. He suggested a few authentic and best platforms to study and prepare for the exam that has helped me exponentially.

Along with this, he also told me about the strategies to build my vocabulary, grammar, and other English skills. He said that nothing overpowers practice. Practising is the key to acing this test. You are required to work on every area regularly with a timetable to excel in it.

Are You Happy with the Advice?

Therefore, I acted upon the advice of my friend and am extremely happy to follow it. I have practised for the test with a lot of enthusiasm and hard work. His advice is a blessing for me that can give me the best outputs in life ahead.

He also told me about some of the most wonderful universities with my interest in courses. Well, I believe nobody can learn more than learning from an experienced person and if the experienced person is your friend then you can be at your best.

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Describe Some Good Advice About Choosing a Job or Subject IELTS Follow Up Questions

Here are some ideas of follow-up questions that you could ask the assessor during your speaking test about the cue card topic “Describe some good advice about choosing a job or subject”.

Q1. Which do you think is preferable: voluntarily giving advice or waiting to be consulted?

It is determined by the situation. Parents should provide instruction readily, but others should wait to be consulted. The wonderful light isn’t used to gather unwelcome information.

Q2. Do you believe educators’ recommendations are more important than those of parents?

Teachers’ and parents’ advice is important in their own right. Parents are familiar with their children’s personalities and can provide sound advice. Teachers can assess this student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide appropriate guidance.

More Follow Up Questions

Q3. Do you think teachers should be taught how to provide guidance?

Yes, teachers who have been trained as counselors are qualified to give guidance. However, excellent professors serve as role models for students, and their advice is followed.

Q4. Do Indian children like to follow their parents’ advice?

They are usually compelled to do so. The majority of the time, their preferences are not requested. As a result, it is culturally acceptable to follow seniors and parents, who are seen to be better informed.

Q5. What kind of information do Indian parents wish to provide?

Indian parents offer advice on almost everything. For instance, they advise their children on what to dress, what path to take, and who to hang out with.

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How to Solve Cue Cards Easily?

Work on Weak Areas

To begin, you must improve on your weak regions, as the main part of which you lack may be speaking smoothly. If this is an issue, you should momentarily disregard the cue card. Try to converse with your friends and family in English as much as possible. Tell them to interrupt you whenever they think it’s necessary.

This will aid in the development of a free-flowing delivery, and you will get more accustomed to speaking English than you were previously. As a result, you will be able to overcome one major speaking issue.

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Blank Mind

There is another issue that arises: not speaking at all. This is caused by apprehension or a long period of being out of touch with the language. This is also a problem that can be solved. All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and converse with yourself. You can talk about whatever you want, and you should keep working to improve. You will notice that your hesitancy is dissipating after a few days of practice. You’ll also find it easier to converse effectively.

Work on Content

Another issue is a lack of material, which is a problem that many people confront. It’s as if you go completely blank, and sometimes it’s as if you know exactly what you want to say but can’t put it into words.

This is the most challenging condition since you can get extremely upset if you believe you can but yet can’t. But don’t worry; this problem is also readily resolved. All it takes is a little hard work combined with patience.

Don’t Think Extra

Start making a few points in your thoughts when you see a cue card. Don’t do anything out of the ordinary to make an impact; instead, start with something simple that will allow you to progress more quickly. This will activate your brain’s thinking center, which will eventually begin generating creative ideas.

You’ll realize that speaking over a cue card has never been easier. Another way is to imagine a circle in your thoughts and think about what it could be related to. You will be accumulating data points in this method, which will be beneficial.


The tone and clarity of the speech come next. The tone must be calm and composed, with plenty of expressions, as if you’re explaining something, and the precision of the words should be sufficient so that even if you employ a limited vocabulary, the invigilator is left with a positive impression. To avoid overdoing everything, facial expressions and body language must be in a controlled order.

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On the contrary, you should practice talking about questions for 1 or 2 minutes before the exam, preparing notes relevant to the topic before aid you. Tape yourself and listen to how clearly you pronounce words and how well you choose vocabulary when you play it back. You should also practice taking notes in a point style, complete with abbreviations and acronyms.

We hope that you have gained every information from this article. You are required to be perfect in each area of the language to receive higher bands. Speaking is an essential part that requires practice. It happens to a few people that they write perfectly but when it comes to speaking either they take long pauses or don’t involve good points.

You should work on your speaking skills by talking to yourself in the mirror or communicating with others including your friends, colleagues, family members, or even online assistants.

Find more cue card topics in the Speaking section of IELTS Ninja’s blog tab. Also, you can get in touch with the professionals to take their guidance. You can look them up anytime. Good luck!

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