More than 3,000 universities and colleges in over 70 countries recognise the PTE Exam. Some of the major study abroad nations that accept PTE for enrolment of students from all over the world include the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Singapore.

The PTE score is used for admission to thousands of educational programmes at colleges and universities. Yale University, Arizona State University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Colorado State University, and others are among the top-ranked universities and schools that accept PTE. PTE popularity in higher education institutions is steadily increasing, owing to the test’s reputation for being quick, safe, and transparent.

In this article, we will discuss the topic “PTE general valid for which countries”. Let’s get started!

Let’s Understand the PTE Exam

You can find the key details of the PTE Exam in the table below:

Exam Name PTE
PTE full form Pearson Test of English
Official Website…
Conducting body Pearson PLC Group
Widely popular as English language proficiency test
Generally accepted by Universities in UK, Australia, and New Zealand
Types of exam PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI
Mode of exam Online
Fee Rs. 13,700
Skills Tested English Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading
Helpline 00080 0440 2020

Types of PTE Tests

The PLC group offers two types of PTE exams, depending on the objective of the exam. The PTE Academic and PTE General are two different tests.

The General Test results are used to assess a person’s communication abilities. This exam is only available three times a year, in May, June, and December. The test results are valid for the rest of one’s life.

The Academic results are used to get into a university or institution, as well as to get a work permit and visas in an English-speaking country. The assessment can be taken at any time during the year because test dates are available during the year. These test results are good for two years.

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The examinee should be at least 18 years old to undertake the PTE General or PTE Academic Test. If the examinee is under the age of 18, a parental consent letter signed by both parents and guardians is necessary before the exam may be taken. The test can be done as many times as needed, with a 5-day interval between each test date. This test is open to anybody of any age, religion, or gender. The test does not require any educational qualifications to take. This exam solely looks at your English language abilities, not your general or subject knowledge.

Exam dates

Annually, there are 360 exam dates available for the test. Different exam dates and test centres are available. This allows the test taker to select the most convenient and appropriate test centre. To schedule the test, students can go to the PTE website, choose their city’s exam centre, and choose an open day. This allows the test taker to schedule the test at a time that is convenient for them.

PTE Test Pattern

Speaking and Writing Section

Students will encounter seven distinct object categories in this part, each of which is accompanied by multiple questions. To complete all of the questions in this part, you will have between 77 and 93 minutes. A prompt will be provided for each question to provide guidance to the pupils, and then the response must be noted. This portion looks at the test taker’s speech, grammar, and spelling abilities. The speaking section’s audio snippets are only played once.

Speaking: 30 to 35 minutes
Task type Number of tasks
Read aloud 6 to 7
Repeat sentence 10 to 12
Describe image 6 to 7
Retell lecture 3 to 4
Answer short question 10 to 12
Speaking: 50 to 60 minutes
Task type Number of tasks
Summarize written text 2 to 3
Write essay 1 to 2

Reading Section

Students will encounter five distinct object categories in this part, each of which will be followed by numerous questions. They will have 32 to 41 minutes to complete all of the questions. This portion assesses the test taker’s comprehension abilities. The questions are designed to evaluate pupils’ unique abilities.

Reading: 32 to 41 minutes
Task type Number of tasks
Multiple choice – choose single answer 2 to 3
Multiple choice – choose multiple answers 2 to 3
Re-order paragraphs 2 to 3
Reading – fill in the blanks 4 to 5
Reading and Writing – fill in the blanks 5 to 6

Listening Section

Students will encounter eight distinct object categories in this part, each of which is accompanied by multiple questions. They’ll get 45 to 57 minutes to respond to all of the questions. This phase puts your ability to keep track of time and interpret spoken English to the test. This segment’s audio and video segments are only played once.

Listening: 45 to 57 minutes
Task type Number of tasks
Summarize spoken text 2 to 3
Multiple choice – choose multiple answer 2 to 3
Fill in the blanks 2 to 3
Highlight correct summary 2 to 3
Multiple choice – choose single answer 2 to 3
Select missing word 2 to 3
Highlight incorrect words 2 to 3
Write from dictation 3 to 4

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Registration Process

Step 1

On the official PTE academic webpage, the test taker must establish or log in to their account. Within 48 hours of creating an account, you will get a confirmation email with your login information.

Step 2

The test taker must next input important information such as the sort of test they wish to take, personal information based on passport information, prior exam information, and so on.

Step 3

The test taker must select the exam day and location that are most convenient for him.

Step 4

The test taker will be sent to a review of the details after filling out the above information, which will contain the test day, centre, test type, costs, and so on. If any modifications need to be made, they must be done before the payment is made. So, look through the filled information one more time, reschedule if necessary, and then pay.

Step 5

Make payment and, if necessary, print out the invoice or application. By login into their profile, the test taker may always access the programme.

Partial Scoring System

There is no negative marking in the PTE Exam. There are three activities, however, that employ the “Partial Credit” grading mechanism.

# Reading: Multiple Choice Multiple Answer

# Listening: Multiple Choice Multiple Answer

# Listening: Highlight Incorrect Words

The test taker will receive one mark for each correct response and one point will be removed for each incorrect answer in the same question when using the partial scoring system. The exam taker, however, will not earn a score of zero. As a result, the PTE Exam has no negative grading.

PTE Passing Scores

Because the PTE exam is an English Language Proficiency Test, there is no PASS or FAIL option. It simply assesses your ability to communicate in English. A score of 50 to 65, on the other hand, is considered average. The majority of nonnative English language learners receive a passing grade. However, a score of 68 or above is required to study abroad or obtain a visa authorization. This result corresponds to an IELTS band score of 7.

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PTE General Valid for Which Countries?

These scores are mostly recognised in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. In these nations, PTE results are acceptable for university entrance and immigration purposes.

These scores are also acceptable for permanent residency in Australia and New Zealand. Other countries that accept PTE scores include Russia, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, China, and Brazil, and many others.

US Universities Accepting PTE Exam Scores

Thousands of colleges in the United States recognise the scorecard for various academic programmes. The variety of educational institutions in the United States that recognise the PTE Scorecard for admission purposes grows every year.

Apart from prominent US institutions such as New York University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Yale University, this scorecard is accepted at a number of other US universities. Check out the list below for a list of popular US institutions that accept PTE:

    Auburn University Drake University
American University Duke University
Auburn University East Carolina University
Baylor University Florida State University
Boston University George Mason University
California State University, Fresno Hofstra University
Chicago State University University of Illinois, Chicago
Columbia University Illinois Institute of Technology
Dartmouth College  Indian State University
Drew University Kansas State University

UK Universities Accepting PTE Exam Scores

This scorecard is recognised by nearly all UK colleges. Students who intend to study in the United Kingdom can take the test and submit their scorecards to the institutions of their choice in the United Kingdom when applying for admission. The following is a list of well-known UK universities that recognise the PTE scorecard:

Aston University University of Brighton
Boston College University of Bristol
Pearson College London University of Essex
Oxford University University of Glasgow
London School of Business University of Leeds
Chester University University of Manchester
Durham University University of Nottingham
Kingston University Wolverhampton University
Manchester Metropolitan University Bournemouth University
Queens Mary University of London Coventry University

Canada Universities Accepting PTE Exam Scores

PTE Academic is accepted by most Canadian institutions and colleges to assess candidates’ English language skills for admissions. Applicants can take the test and submit their results together with the registration form to a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI). The following is a list of well-known Canadian universities that recognize the PTE Academic scorecard:

Algoma University Georgian College
Albert College of Art and Design Centennial University
Acsenda School of Management Fraser International College
British Columbia University Western University
Canadore College York University
Capilano University University of Waterloo
Concordia University Simon Fraser University
Dalhousie University University of Alberta
McMaster University Trent University
University of Victoria University of Manitoba

COVID-19 Update

In order to conform with official regulations and to safeguard test takers and test centre supervisors, Pearson VUE has curtailed the accessibility of testing centres in India and has also limited the number of examinees in each session.

For the future academic years, governments and institutions throughout the world are recognising PTE as an English Language Test requirement. As a result, applicants can register and take the PTE in order to apply to institutions in other countries.

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What is the Date of the PTE Exam?

This assessment does not have a set date because it is given throughout the year. Because the dates vary according to the exam centre, there is no one date for the PTE exam.

Students must go to the PTE official website to find out when the exam will be held. After you’ve chosen a test facility, you’ll be sent to a page with available dates. Because slots for the online PTE edition are available on several dates throughout the month, it is critical to schedule your preferred date as soon as you have completed your preparation.

Does the PTE Exam Have Negative Marking?

There are no bad indications on the test. Negative marking is used in three sections: MCQs in reading, MCQs in listening, and highlighting erroneous words.

Is the IELTS Better than the PTE Exam?

In a nutshell, the primary difference between IELTS and PTE is that IELTS gives you the option of taking a paper-based or computer-based test. The PTE exam is entirely computer-based and scored by a computer. It compared PTE-A scores to IELTS, the top benchmark for English language examinations throughout the world.


Students who want to study or relocate to countries where English is the national language (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia) should take the PTE academic test. This examination assesses the test takers’ ability to communicate in English.

Applicants who wish to test their English language skills, on the other hand, can take the PTE General test. It can assist students in identifying their areas of weakness, keeping track of their development, and improving their skill set. This test can help you get a job, travel, or even go to school.

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