Admission to a reputable university necessitates a distinct skill set. Because this field is so competitive, your academic performance is not the sole factor that determines your entrance. You must also have the requisite language skills, particularly if you plan to study in a region where English is the native language. The PTE exam is one such exam that most overseas universities require.

What is PTE Exam?

The PTE Academic exam is a PC-based English language test that is recognized by educational institutions worldwide. PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. This test is taken by students and candidates who want to study or move to a major English-speaking nation. Candidates who are eligible to take the exam must do so in order to demonstrate their English language proficiency.

Because of the COVID-19 scenario across the country, exams were temporarily suspended. However, with COVID-19 incidents on the wane, test centres are re-opening with a safer environment for candidates to take the test.

PTE Academic Structure

Section Time Allotted Number of Segments Skills Assessed Score Range
The Reading Section 32-41 minutes 5 segments English Comprehension 10-90 points
The Listening Section 45-57 minutes 8 segments Listening from Pre-recorded Audios 10-90 points
The Speaking & Writing Section 77-91 minutes 6 segments English Writing & Speaking Fluency 10-90 points

Why You Should Take PTE Exam?

The PTE test is one of the most popular tests that check English proficiency. It is accepted by numerous educational programs worldwide for study applications and is recognized by the Australian and New Zealand Governments for all student visa and immigration applications.

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PTE Exam Preparation Online with IELTS Ninja

For those who want to acquire a high band score on the PTE test, IELTS Ninja presents a PTE Online Coaching Program. You will be taught by experienced teachers who are regarded as some of the best in India. Sessions take place via Zoom or Skype, and a flexible scheduling system lets students learn whenever it is most convenient for them.

This curriculum will teach you best-in-class material in all four sections: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. On a continuous basis, you will be offered simulated tests to assess your preparation performance, and also doubt clearing sessions following these examinations. Enrolling in this program will help you achieve a higher score the next time.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

Understanding and evaluating your existing English Language Proficiency, taking scored mock exams available on the authorized exam webpage, and comparing them to the objective you want to attain

Mock tests might help you understand and manage your schedule when taking the exam.

Understand how the test is constructed and familiarize yourself with its format. You should be familiar with the sections and sub-sections, as well as the kind and quantity of questions asked, as well as the time given to each area. Learn about the structure of questions, or how they are displayed on the screen.

Understand how your responses will be graded. While some replies are graded solely on correctness, others are graded on response quality and formal elements.


Candidates will be pleased to learn that Pearson PLC Group, the PTE Exam’s governing body, has introduced the PTE at Home. It is the same as the normal test. It is held in the candidate’s home, with student safety in mind. So what are you waiting for? Click here and join the course now to ace your coming attempt.

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