If you are an Indian student who wants to move to pursue Higher Studies in the UK from India, then you have made the right choice. There is a huge difference between the education system in India and the UK. If we talk about the Indian Education curriculum, it focuses on theoretical aspects of a subject, but education in the UK is more focused upon the practical aspect of the subject being taught. If you want to learn the practical aspect of the subject then it would be a sound decision for you to move to the UK for pursuing further studies.

Why do You Want to Study in the UK?

Once you make this decision then you may need to answer this question to many people in your connection. But we are here to help you, tackle this question with confidence. When this question is asked from you, then you make the other person understand the difference between the Indian education and UK education system. The major difference is the opportunity to explore your own path in the subject. India has its predetermined curriculum which is followed throughout the country. There is little space for students to use their creativity in the subject.

Whereas, education in the UK, gives you the opportunity for practical knowledge about the subject which is used in real scenarios. Undergraduate courses in India are believed to be of high quality and Graduate courses in the UK are regarded as one of the best. So if you are planning to pursue post-graduation then you must go to the UK for a better education.

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Why Study in the UK and not in Other Countries?

The UK has some of the most revered universities in the world. Naming some:- the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, London; University College London (UCL) the University of Edinburgh. Our two Former Indian Prime Ministers who have studied in Oxford are- Dr Manmohan Singh and Indira Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi, The Father of our Nation, studied law at UCL. These Universities are a dream for many and if you are one of the lucky ones who has got the opportunity to study in any of these universities, then without any second thought you should, go and pursue your dreams.

Education in the UK is usually less than the duration of courses in other courses. In the UK Full-time, undergraduate courses are for 3 years and post-graduation is for 1 year, which saves your cost of living and costs related to studies.

British Council Benefits of Studying in the UK

These are not one or two benefits of studying in the UK, but there are many that you can coin, Here we will acquaint you through all the benefits that you can manoeuvre by pursuing studies in the country-

1. Quality Education

The United Kingdom is believed to be one of the countries which have a quality education, which provides you with practical knowledge of the subject. Official organizations like the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) carry out independent audits to evaluate the quality of the top to the bottom teaching process. Teaching and Research standards at these universities are regularly assessed to make sure that they meet the benchmarks that are set.

2. Among the best in Research

The REF ( Research Excellence Framework) is the organization that assesses the quality of the research conducted by leading universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. They postulate that 30 % of the research done is “world Leading: and 46% are classified as “Internationally Excellent. If you aspire to be a first-class researcher then the United Kingdom is the stop for you where you can achieve what you dream of.

3. You can Work while Study

Many colleges and universities provide the student with part-time work opportunities. To be confirmed you should ask the college person or you should check on their website. This is a wonderful way for you to practice what you are learning. Working while studying enhances your CV which gives you an extra edge when you apply for jobs.

4. You can Apply for various Scholarship

The United Kingdom understands the importance of education, and not every student can afford the expense of living and the cost of education together. Hence they have a scholarship option for the students. If the expenses required are too much for you, then for Indian Students that have many scholarships for which you can apply for. You can find the list here.

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Is IELTS important to Study in the UK?

For you to pursue your studies in the UK you need to apply for a study visa and you need to provide proof of proficiency in the English language. You have to take the Secure English Language Test approved by the Home Office, such as IELTS. IELTS in the UK is mentioned by British Council and IDP. So once you have decided that you have to go to the United Kingdom for studies, start your preparation for IELTS as well.


For Indian Students, studying in the United Kingdom is a great opportunity to grab if you are getting such a lifetime chance. Uk’s Education is considered to be of high quality which focuses towards the practical aspect of the subject. They also provide scholarship opportunities that Indian students can apply for if the expense is too much to bear for them. To study in the UK, you also need to achieve the desired score in IELTS which is accepted as the selection criteria.

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