Permanent Resident, also known as PR is someone who has been provided with the status of Permanent resident by the government of Canada by Canada Immigration. Permanent residents can be citizens of other countries as well.

So, any person who is working in Canada or living here on a temporary basis cannot be considered a Canadian citizen. Also, someone who is a student in this country or a foreign worker can also not be considered a Canadian citizen.

But how can a PR be achieved? Let’s find this out but before that why not take out some time to learn more about the PR?

So, get on a ride with us to know about it.

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The Permanent Resident Card

A Permanent Resident card helps you to show your permanent resident status of that particular country and when we are talking about living in Canada, it helps to show your PR status of that country. So, even if you travel outside the country, you are required to take your card with you to show it along with your passport when you’re coming back on a commercial vehicle, for example, an aeroplane, boat, train, or bus.

People having PRs need to carry it with them whenever they are travelling out of the country.

But someone who doesn’t have a PR or people who are not carrying it needs to apply for a permanent resident travel document before returning to Canada by a commercial vehicle.

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What Can the Permanent Residents Do?

As a permanent resident of a country, one gets to enjoy a lot of benefits. These are:

  • Social benefits from the government of Canada that all the Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage
  • You can live, work, or study anywhere in Canada once you have the PR card
  • You can easily for all those Canadian scholarships as well as citizenship

Now let’s see how you can get one?

How to Get Canada PR?

Canada is a land of opportunities and every year thousands or lakhs of people seek to become permanent residents here in order to get their PR card. Because of this, the number of successful applicants has been increasing every year. The Canadian government plans to invite a total of 3,51,000 applications each year for them to become permanent residents and that number continues to grow with each passing year.

There are a few basic steps that one needs to follow in order to get the PR card. These are:

1.One must apply to the province or territory where you want to live or be nominated

2.Once a province or territory nominates you, the next step is to apply to IRCC for the permanent resident card. An IRCC will then assess your application based on the Canadian immigration rules.

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Can I Leave Canada when my PR Application is in Process?

Yes, it is possible that you can leave Canada while your PR application is in process. All you need to do is meet all the admissibility rules before being allowed back into Canada.

If one wants to leave Canada but wants to return, they must have all the required documents to enter the country. These documents can be:

#A valid passport or other such travel documents.

#A valid work permit or a study permit, in case you need one.

#A valid visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization.

Now let’s find out some more information about the Canada PR points and how to calculate them?

Canada PR Points Calculator

Canada is one of the first countries to introduce a points-based immigration system, way back in 1967. But if you want to apply for permanent residency in Canada and be eligible for it, you must have a good score on the Canada PR points calculator.

The Canada PR points calculator is also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This calculator uses the immigration points for IELTS to calculate your scores for the PR. In order to qualify for immigration, one must successfully secure a score of 67 points. But the higher the scores, the more are the number of chances of an individual to receive an application from immigration.

Now, let’s find out more information on how can one get a PR visa in Canada.

PR Visa in Canada

Before moving any further, let’s just know what a PR Visa is?

PR Visa

A PR Visa is a type of permit that allows an individual to work and settle in Canada with their family members permanently. A person who has a PR Visa can also get citizenship status in this country upon meeting just a few specific requirements.

Now, let’s check how can one get a PR Visa in Canada?

How Can You Get a PR Visa in Canada?

A PR Visa in Canada provides the immigrant with the right to live, work, and study in Canada for as long as they want. It also offers permanent residency status to individuals. In order to get a PR Visa, one must apply to the IRCC.

Other PR Visa pathways for Canada are as follows:

  • Express Entry Visa
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Canadian Experience Class

But can you leave Canada while your PR is processing and is still not recommended? Let’s find out.

Leaving Canada while PR is Processing, Not Recommended?

Yes, you can easily leave Canada while your PR application is processing and is still not recommended.

But if you’re coming from a country that has no Visa and you’re having a work permit in hand, there will be no issue in you coming to Canada and leaving it anytime you want even when your PR is processing for the permanent resident of the country.

In contrast to this, if you come from a country from which even Canada requires Visas in the first place, then you’re required to apply for a multiple entry visa from within Canada and thus, you are advised to not leave this country during the process.


Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the different processes that are there when you’re applying for a PR in Canada. It is a tricky process so you must follow all the steps mentioned on the Canadian government’s website. Immigrating to Canada will not only ensure a good job opportunity but also allows you to have a bright future.

We hope that you must have found this information useful and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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