Canada has some of the most sought after cities in the world, with their welcoming multicultural communities and inviting weather. If you intend to study or work in Canada, you might have considered the process of getting permanent residency there. This would bring you closer to your living abroad dreams.

To ensure that you can communicate with any problem, you need to provide proof of your language skills to gain a visa, be it English or French. If you wish to prove your proficiency in English, you will have to take the IELTS general training test and it is the preferred test for your immigration to Canada.

Receiving a Canada PR visa is not an easy task and if you are over 30, then receiving a PR for Canada might get difficult. Continue reading this article to know more about the process of receiving a Canada PR visa if you are over 30.

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Will I get a Canada PR from India if I am in My 30’s?

Age is an important factor for calculating the Canada PR points of an individual. The maximum points one will score in the PR points section if the individual is 29 years of age. After that 5 points will be deducted for each year. The minimum points that are 0 will be scored by you if your age is 45 years.

It is not easy to receive a Canada PR if you are in your 30’s. One way of securing a Canada PR if you are over 30 is to have a good IELTS score. A good IELTS score will increase your score over 480 which will help you cross the cut – offset by the Canadian government. The individuals IELTS test scores will be used to determine their language level according to the Canadian Language Benchmark.

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What is the Minimum IELTS Score Requirement for a Canada PR?

If you wish to apply through the Express Entry System, you need to have a language test result equivalent to better than a 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark, as a Federal Skilled Worker. To score a 7 in the Canadian Language Benchmark you need to score a 6 in the IELTS reading, speaking, writing and listening.

If you plan to apply as a Canadian Experience Class candidate for a NOC 0 or A level occupation you need to have at least a 6.0 on the IELTS test. If the occupation you are applying for falls under the NOC B category, you can enter the express entry pool with 5.0 band score in speaking, writing, listening and reading.

The selection criteria is lower for Federal Skilled Trades candidates and they can enter the Express Entry pool with an IELTS score of  4.0 in writing and speaking, 4.5 in listening, and 3.5 in reading, which all equate to a level 4 in CLB.

With your age more than 30, the better you do on your test, the more points you may be awarded and the better your chances may be of immigrating to Canada.

Best Way to Prepare For IELTS

Due to the pandemic students are opting for online mode of learning, so preparing for IELTS online is an excellent option. You can visit the IELTS Ninja website to secure an excellent IELTS score. Once you enrol for a course at IELTS Ninja you will enhance your English skills in all four spheres of the IELTS test: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Regular mock tests, along with teachers assessing your performance, will help you get a definitive report of your progress throughout the course. Book your free trial class now and check it out yourself.


Hopefully, this article has given you some insight on how to apply for a Canada PR once you are in your 30s. It is a tricky process to apply for Canada’s PR so you must follow the steps mentioned on the Canadian government’s website instructions to the dot. Immigrating to Canada will not only ensure a good job opportunity for you but also a bright future.

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