Have you heard about the CEFR ranking? If you are applying for further studies at Foreign University for a work-related purpose, you may be asked to provide your CEFR rankings.

If you have taken IELTS or any other proficiency exams you can still find your CEFR score. How?

In this article, we will discuss CEFR and what is CEFR level in IELTS?

H3- What is CEFR?

CEFR stands for Common European Framework for reference and languages. This is an international standard for describing language skills, candidates into six different points from A to C.

This makes it easy for anyone to classify different candidates according to their level of different qualifications.

It is a similar framework that complies with the aims of the American Council of American Council on the teaching of foreign language proficiency guidelines, the Canadian language benchmark and interagency language roundtables.

CEFR is specifically designed to apply to any language and it is a worldwide standard of characterizing language ability including English.

It is not a specific or a different language test. It is compliant with any other English proficiency Test.

For example, if you have taken IELTS you can find out your equivalent CEFR rank.

Different Rank of CEFR

CEFR can be grouped into three broad level basic users, independent users and proficient users and this can be further subdivided according to the context.

# Basic User: A1 and A2

# Intermediate User: B1 and B2

# Proficient User: C1 and C2

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Basic User

It consists of A1 and A2 rank, it is a breakthrough or beginner level.


English level A1 is the first level of CEFR ranking.

The candidate standing at this level can understand very basic and everyday phrases. They can construct sentences with very slow speech and long pauses. And can only answer about short simple text and their details.

Skills of A1 Candidate

# They can introduce Themselves and use Basic Greetings.

# Tell about his location and give a brief description of his current city.

# Talks very simply and slowly to his family and colleagues

# Talk about their favourite foods and favourite things.

# Talk about their daily activities.

# Describe current weather conditions and suggested forecasts.

# They can describe their locations and give directions in simple terms.

# They can talk about their hobbies or interests.


It is the second level of the CEFR scoring scale.

The candidates at this level can understand very personal family and job-related issues. They can construct very slow and clear speech sentences and construct short and simple texts.

Skills of the Candidates

# He can strike a very basic English conversation.

# He can talk about natural words, travel, animals, and pets.

# He can talk about his favourite movies, discuss his favourite clothes and engage in basic communication.

# They can make a text about the subject of interest.


It is the third/ intermediate level of the CEFR scoring scale.

The Candidate at this level can understand the intermediate level of language. They can speak a standard language and they can produce a text with basic vocabulary.

Skills of the Candidates 

# Discuss his personal professional goals and aims.

# He can converse with an interviewer in the interview.

# He can talk about his education and plan for future

# He can talk about his favourite music, movies, friends, etc.

# He can talk about his relationships in detail.

# He can go to a restaurant and order food.

# He can describe events and experiences about his dreams, hopes, ambitions. He can write simple topics.

# He can avoid problems arising from travelling to an English level country


Then what is the meaning of cefr level b2 in ielts?

It is the fourth level of the CEFR scoring scale. It is also known as upper-intermediate English level.

The student at this level can understand a wide variety of academic and professional levels of English.

Skills of the Candidates

# A candidate at level B can understand the main idea of a complex that can interact with other people with a degree of fluency and spontaneously.

# They can produce clear, detailed text on different subjects.

# He can participate in meeting his level of expertise.

# He can discuss gender-related upper-intermediate issues and talk about his perceptions.

# He can talk about his personal and professional life.

# He can explain his education experience strengths, weaknesses and goals.

# He can deal with awkward situations.

# He can talk about common political situations.


It is the fifth level of the CEFR scoring scale.

The candidates at C 1 English level can give speeches on very complex topics. They can construct longer text with difficult and complex sentences.

Skills of the Candidates

# A candidate that’s even at the level of English can understand a wide variety of languages: Longer text and recognize its hidden meaning.

# They can express themselves fluently and spontaneously without any pause.

# They can use the English language flexibly, they can produce clear and well-structured sentences.

# They can discuss complex issues in detail.

# They can talk about the vivid paintings or architecture

# They can discuss social problems and can participate in discussions.

# They can use a wide variety of communication styles.


It is the sixth and final level of the CEFR scoring scale.

The candidate scoring this score is a well educated native English speaker or a native English speaker.

Skills of the Candidates

# Candidates at this level can understand everything.

# They can summarize information from different sources.

# They can express themselves very spontaneously and precisely.

# They can talk about everything related to science and technology.

# They can use a variety of techniques in their speech and writing.

# They can talk about everything related to their life.

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Before analysing the relation between IELTS and CEFR, it is important to understand the difference between their purpose.

IELTS scores are important for fulfilling the requirement for work or admission to Foreign Universities of a  Country.

On the other hand, CEFR is used to rank candidates according to their ability and command over a European Language.

Which is the CEFR level in IELTS? 

What is the CEFR level in the IELTS exam? Let us find out about it.


C2-Master User

Equivalent IELTS score: 8-9


Candidate scoring C1 Can understand with ease English virtually everything they read or listen to.

They can summarize different texts or vocal and reconstruct arguments.

They can express themselves fluently and precisely.

C1- Proficient User

Equivalent IELTS score: 7-8

The candidate understands a wide range of demanding longer texts with implicit meaning.

They can express themselves fluently and spontaneously without any obvious searching or mistakes.

They can use English flexibly and effectively for social and academic purpose

They can produce clear well structured detailed tests on complex subjects


Equivalent IELTS score: 5.5-6.5

The candidate can understand the main idea of complex text and discuss technical discussions in his or her field of specialization

They can interact with native speakers without any issue.

They can produce clear Detailed text from a wide variety of subjects and explain a viewpoint giving advantages and disadvantages

B1- Independent User

Equivalent IELTS score: 4-5

They can understand the main points of clear standards.

They can deal with most situations arising from travelling.

They can produce texts on topics such as family or personal topics.

they can also describe experience events, hopes, dreams ambitions

A2-Basic (Elementary)

Equivalent IELTS score: 2-3

The candidate can understand sentences and frequent expressions such as family and personal information, shopping local geography and income.

They can come to meet you, communicate in simple ways and can exchange direct information on family or routine matters.

They can also describe their background.


Equivalent IELTS score: 0-2

Candidates who have A1 can understand everyday expressions and basic phrases

They can introduce themselves and answer questions about their personality.

They can interact in simple ways with the other person and talk slowly

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CEFR is an International Scoring System for the ability of European Languages. You can simply find out your CEFR rank from your IELTS score.

CEFR rank is very handy for CV and resumes. It makes a perfect impression on the employers. Moreover, boost your IELTS preparation and increase your score with us IELTS Ninja.

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