Do you want to apply to George Washington University? Well, it is a good choice.

Why? As it is one of the best Universities in the USA. Every year many notable organizations rank it for its various features.

Intrigued? Let’s find out more about George Washington University ranking.

George Washington University

George Washington University is a private research college located in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1821 according to the will of the First President of America.

It was currently known as Columbian College/ University, but later it changed its name to the first president of America.

It is the largest Institution located in the capital of the USA. Moreover, it is a college of more than 26,000 students. Moreover, it accepts students from more than 130 countries each.


The University has three campuses, including one Main Campus and two satellite campuses.

Foggy Bottom is the main campus of GW University. Interestingly, the IMF and World Bank are located on this Campus.

The other two campuses are Mount Vernon and the Virginia Science and Technology Campus.

Foggy Campus

The foggy bottom campus is the main campus of GW University and the main campus of George Washington University. It is spread across 43 acres in historic Foggy Bottom

Moreover, the White House, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund’s State Department and the National Mall are nearby. It has a mean open space known as the university yard.

It has lecture halls, research labs, conference rooms and other facilities. It also has a museum, parks, art gallery, metro.

It has the main library of George Washington, Gelman library.

It has residence halls for the students to live in. Some of them are Madison Hall, Potomac Hall, Fulbright Hall, Mitchell Wonsan, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Hall, Philip Amsterdam, South hall Townhouse Row,  Madison Hall, etc.

Mount Vernon Campus

Mount Vernon is the second campus of the University. GW University purchased this College in 1996.

This campus has an Even library, classroom, residents hall, gymnasium, known as you Lloyd gymnasium and athletic complex.

Virginia Science and Technology Campus

George Washington University has a campus in Virginia known as Virginia Campus. It hosts partnerships with several industries and governments and offers 20 graduate programs.

Schools and Colleges

University has 14 schools and colleges which offer different undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate Colleges

# Columbian College of Arts and College

# School of Business

# Elliott School of International Affair

# Milken Institute School of Public Health

# School of Engineering and Applied School

#School of nursing

# School of media and public affairs

# Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

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Graduate Schools

# Graduate school political Management

# Law School

# Medical School

# Graduate School of Education and Human Development

# Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration

# College of Professional Studies

George Washington University World Rankings

George Washington is ranked among Some of the most influential sites and education rankings.

# It ranked 353 in the world’s university ranking by top universities 2021.

# It ranked 187 in world university ranking by times higher education 2021.

# It ranked 66 in National University by US News 2021.

# 70 in US college ranking by times higher education to India

# 51st as Top University producing Millionaire by Worlds Ranking.

Moreover, it gets ranked by different organizations for its dorms, politically active, for abroad programs, and many more.

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Programs Ranking

According to US News and Worlds Report GW University ranks 8th in the world for its business program.

MBA ranks 51th best, 7th best for its foreign policy, 5th for law, and many more.

English Languages Proficiency Test Requirements

George Washington University IELTS requirement is a 6.0 band scale.

Other tests that are accepted by Universities are TOEFL is 81, or PTE is 54.

Application Procedure

Steps to apply for George Washington University

#1 Step one, select the George Washington University program and courses.

George Washington University courses and programs are ranked worldwide. It offers different courses and programs in different fields.

The most important step is to choose the right program for yourself. Whether you want to study medicine, law, business, engineering, or history you should select the proper goal.

#2 Step two: make sure all documents for the paper for the procedure is with you.

#3 Step three, you should complete your application. You can apply for university by

online or offline.

To apply for your online Visit the official site, then login to the site. And complete the instructions and fill up all your necessary information.

Then apply for the program and pay the required fees which is $80. You can choose the payment option.

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University has a list of notable Alumni such as,

# William Barr, Attorney General of the US.

# Shahid Abasi who is the 21st Prime Minister of Pakistan.

# Julius Axelrod  who has won a Nobel Prize in Medicine

# J. William Fulbright, who is founder of the Fulbright program

# Kun Hee Lee who is the chairman of Samson.

The other notable Alumni are Madeline Mary Sophia Oh nasty Yota, but on the mic. S Reagan, and many others.

H3- Financial Aids and Scholarships

George Washington University provides financial aid for its international students in different forms, such as grants, work while studying or scholarships.

It awards 4000 to 20,000 USD each year as a scholarship and more than 66% receive some form of financial aid.

Types of Scholarships

# Diverse United World College scholarship:

It is a scholarship, which is given according to the need of students for completing their undergraduate degree.

# Presidential International Scholarship is a Scholarship given to non-American candidates.

# You are welcome here Scholarship. This scholarship offers 50% of the tuition fees.


George Washington University is one the best Universities in the World. It has many schools, colleges, research centres and world-class facilities.

It continuously received a ranking for its facilities, programs, and education facilities.

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