If you want to score extremely well in your IELTS examination, you need to go through the answer provided in this article to describe a time when you observed the stars. Well, you are required to answer familiar topics in the cue card section but you have to prepare well to score well. Let’s check out the best answer to speak extraordinarily in the speaking portion.

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Significant Points to Cover

Here is the list of questions that you must answer while discussing this topic in your cue card round. You should understand these questions along with the answers to score well on the IELTS cue card.

# When do you observe the stars?

# Where and with whom you went with?

# What do you observe?

# And explain how you felt when you saw the stars.

When Did You Observe the Stars?

Observing stars is quite common for the people living in towns. I come from a town in India. Honestly speaking, when I was a child, my family and I used to sleep underneath the sky, particularly on summer days. We tend to all spend some time playing different games and discussing different topics, looking at the sky with twinkling stars.

However, living in a huge town doesn’t provide me with an abundant opportunity to enjoy the sky in the dark because of the pollution, the lights, and therefore the skyscrapers. However, here I’d prefer to mention a time when I enjoyed and discovered the stars quite closely.

Where and With Whom You Went With?

About 3 years ago, I visited my uncle, who lives in Patna. On a succeeding day, my cousins that I visited took me to the Planetarium to look at and learn more about stars and space. Apart from that, this subtle planetarium has some fantastic features; for example, they need a novel split show system, mechanical projection, and a digital dome display screen. Having an experience of the incredible place, we’ll suppose that you simply see the sky, stars, and space with naked eyes.

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What Did You Observe?

I observed stars, different planets, comets, and much more in the popular planetarium in Patna. Moreover, this 3D videography took us thousands of years earlier or later in history to know the vision of the night sky in any amount.

We tend to be lucky to travel there on Wednesday because they run 2 shows each Wednesday, Oasis, and spaceman. I must say that before going there, I had touched on information regarding our galaxy and space, however, the shows explained everything very well in a good way that’s straightforward to know even for a school-going kid. In fact, currently, I am pretty curious to grasp more regarding space and our galaxy.

Explain How You Felt When You Saw the Stars

I would have to be compelled to say that the complete experience was unbelievable and memorable for me. Honestly speaking, it has been an incredible combination of education and recreation. All in all, this was the time I ascertained stars and learned about them. I always like the experience of lying under the sky and watching the stars. I find it extremely peaceful and amazing to view the stars.

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Hopefully, these questions and answers have been effectively helpful for your IELTS exam preparation. The IELTS exam is the biggest opportunity for you to achieve your dreams. You can choose the best country to study or work in by cracking this exam and scoring well. You can visit the IELTS Ninja website to fetch more important information regarding this examination.

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