IELTS offers you two modes of examination to obtain the English language proficiency test. The paper delivered mode, offline and the computer-delivered mode, online. Candidates have to decide whether they want to give the examination in online mode or offline mode.

This decision won’t affect the results much as the pattern and the marking scheme is the same for both the tests. But it can affect your IELTS preparation. The aspirants must make their decision wisely without just looking at the benefits of either test.

There are several benefits of the paper delivered quiz as well as the computer-based quiz. At the same time, there are numerous drawbacks to both modes of examination. Students usually get confused about which one to choose to obtain the examination.

One should make the decision keeping in view his abilities and comfort zone. Appearing for the online quiz may sound easier and convenient but there are certain disadvantages of the computer quiz that one should consider.

In this article, we shall learn about the computer-delivered examination of the IELTS? What do you need to carry for the test? The benefits of the computer-based assessment and how to prepare for the computer-based quiz? Do read it till the end to get a clear impression of everything about the computer-based quiz of IELTS.

What is the Computer-delivered IELTS Test?

The computer-based test of IELTS is an online mode of obtaining the English language capacity examination. The students can enrol for the computer-based quiz and give the assessment online through a computer.

The reading, writing and listening quiz are held together in one go, while the speaking section is conducted in a separate room with a one on one person conference. The aspirants opting for this examination have to go to the centre where they will be provided with a computer system with all facilities of the examination.

As soon as you are ready to obtain the examination, there will appear a “start test” button on the screen. By clicking on it, it will take you to the page where all the questions of the examination are present.

An instruction box will be present at the top of the page with all required rules and regulations of the quiz listed. The candidates are advised to read the instruction box carefully before beginning the examination.

There are numerous benefits of giving the IELTS examination through online mode. But on the other hand, it’s a drawback for those candidates who are not aware of the usage of a computer system. Before knowing what are the advantages of the computer-delivered quiz, let us know what all documents are required to appear for the examination.

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What to Carry For the IELTS Computer-delivered Test?

There is not much difference between the things required to carry for the paper-delivered exam and the computer-delivered exam. Except for the stationery needed to write the exam in offline mode.

In the computer-based quiz, the candidate isn’t required to carry the stationery items like pens, pencils, an eraser or a scale. A pen may be required to sign the attendance sheet provided at the exam hall.

Below is the list of documents required for the candidate to appear for the computer-based quiz of IELTS. It’s important to make a note of all things required for the quiz. You may not be allowed to obtain the test if even one of the documents required is missing.

# Proof of ID is mandatory for the examination, which you enrolled in at the time of registration of the assessment. It could be any one of the following:

– Original or colour copy of aadhar card

– Original or colour copy of passport

– Original or colour copy of driving licence

– Original or colour copy of any national ID

# You won’t receive any hall ticket or admit card for entry to the assessment. After your registration, they will send you a confirmation email which will be considered as an admit card. You need to take a printout of the test schedule as an entry card for the exam.

# Mobile phones, watches or any electronic devices are not allowed to be carried in the exam hall. They are strictly prohibited and any students found carrying them or using them may be eliminated from the exam. If required, you can submit it outside the examination hall.

# Passport size photos are not required as they take your photo at the exam centre.

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Benefits of the Computer-delivered test

There are numerous advantages of giving the IELTS quiz online in aspects of reading, writing and listening assessments. But these benefits may not apply to all candidates. All aspirants don’t have the same nature. Some of them prefer obtaining the test in offline mode while some prefer online mode. Let’s have a look at the benefits of submitting the IELTS assessment through computer-based.

# It’s an enormous advantage for those candidates who are good at typing. They can deliver the test quickly and effortlessly. Being a good typist is a great benefit for the computer-based test.

# In the writing section, you can easily move the text from one place to another without disturbing the whole content. You can easily cut, copy and paste the words without putting in any effort. While in the paper-based exam making any alterations can disturb the presentation of the paper.

# The major benefit of this test is that you don’t have to worry about handwriting. The presentation of the work remains good till the end of the test. It can be a great help for those candidates having bad handwriting.

On the other hand, in the paper-based test, the candidates are advised to write in good handwriting while maintaining a reasonable presentation of the paper which can require more time to complete the quiz.

More Benefits

# The screen provided at the test is large and clear for the candidate to carry out the test. It’s a reasonable aspect for the reading section where the aspirant has to read the passage carefully to figure out the solutions.

# Very few students can appear for the exam at a moment. Hence, it is less crowded and convenient for the candidate to obtain the test at the centre.

# Slots are accessible easily and effortlessly. Students can enrol for the computer-based test online even a week before the examination.

# Results are announced quickly. The evaluation of the online test is done faster than the paper-based test. Few students got their results in 5 days.

What is Computer-delivered IELTS India?

The computer-delivered examination is now accessible for pupils residing in India. Candidates can easily enrol for the test available in regions of New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Pune. There are many slots available where the aspirants can choose the time at their convenience.

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Hoping that the above content was useful to you know about the computer-based quiz of IELTS. The several benefits of the exam are clearly illustrated above. If you are desiring to appear for the IELTS quiz, then make your choice wisely. Go through the advantages of both modes of examination. The pattern and marking scheme remains the same for both assessments.

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