Part II
Cue Card
Talk  about the importance of knowing how to cook. You have to say:
. Why is it important?
. Where all it can help  a person?
. Do women cook better than men?
.What are the basics of good cooking?
Food is one of the three basic necessities of life. Man cannot survive without food. Most of the food items have to be cooked before being consumed. This fact speaks volumes of the importance of knowing how to cook. Not only this, cooking adds taste to food and makes it digestible.
Further, knowing how to cook, makes a person self-sufficient. He does not have to depend on others to satisfy his hunger pangs. He can add flavors  to his cooking and churn out food that satisfies his taste buds. Also, if a person is away from his family, for the reason of work or study, he will not face any problem of food as he capable of preparing his own food. Not only this, he can treat his friends with the special dishes made by himself and win their hearts. Cooking can even be taken up as a profession.For instance chefs, like Sanjeev Kapoor have given a touch of glamour to this art.
Of course, in most parts of the world, it is the women only who cook for the family. Women cook with love and affection for their families. No doubt, they are expected to cook better than men. But this myth no longer holds good as we see many good male chefs in the hospitality industry.
Finally the basics of good cooking are to know the required ingredients and their right quantity for the dish to be cooked, how much time it requires to cook a dish and also to cook in such a manner that the nutrients are not lost. Last but not the least, maintaining proper hygiene is also an important basic of good cooking.
Part III
Q1. What is the national meal of your country?
Ans.  I live in India which is a land of diversities. As such there is no national meal. At the same time every state has its own traditional dishes.
Q.2. What type of food your parents like to eat?Why?
Ans. By and large, my parents like to eat the traditional home cooked food. They know that traditional food is healthy. For this reason, they like this type of food.
Q.3. What are the advantages of eating out?
Ans.First and foremost, eating out offers a welcome change from the routine. for instance, a person can experiment with different types of foods when eating out.In addition to this, one can enjoy eating out with family and friends and thus make interpersonal relations better. Not only this, sometimes it is not possible to cook at home. So by eating out, a person can satisfy his hunger.
Q.4. What are the disadvantages of eating out?
Ans.It is a fact that the out-side food is not as healthy as the home-cooked food. Besides, it is not so pocket friendly.
Q.5. When do people generally eat out?
Ans. People generally eat out when they cannot cook at home. They like to eat out on the week-ends. People also like to eat out when they have to celebrate certain occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and so on.In fact, nowadays, it has become a trend to experiment with the exotic food which is generally available outside only.
Q.6. What is the government of your country doing to promote cookery?
Ans. Government is doing a lot to promote cookery. Cookery, as a subject,  is taught at school level. Vocational courses, related to cookery are very popular among the youngsters. In addition to this, there are many national TV channels related to cookery which go a long way to promote the art of cooking.

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