Before enrolling for IELTS coaching, it is a must doubt in every student’s mind whether he should register for a course at a nearby coaching centre or he should get himself enrolled for online coaching. If you are also in the same dilemma, let us deeply analyse both coaching types on the basis of the following factors in order to reach a conclusion for you.

IELTS Offline Coaching vs Online Coaching Factors

Check out the following factors which will help you choose between online and offline coaching:

Class Size

As you know, a classroom environment is where you learn in a group of students. The size of the class may range from 10 to 15 students or even more in the case of large classrooms. In this scenario, it is not possible for a trainer to provide full attention to a particular student.

On the other hand, an online coaching class will enable you to get trained by the trainer directly with no other students involved. Hence, the trainer pays special attention to you in the one-to-one training session to properly guide you on your way to achieving your target scores.

Feedback System

As discussed earlier, at an IELTS coaching centre, the trainer does not have enough time to give you personalised feedback as he has many other students to look after and provide them with their feedback. In this case, your feedback is somehow compromised with the minimum time available with the trainer in the classroom.

In contrast to this, IELTS online coaching benefits you by providing you with individualised attention that helps you to boost up your band score. In every session, you get your feedback including even the minute details possible which really helps you to know your shortcomings and work on them.

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Training Techniques

In a group environment, the trainer is able to devote some time to provide general tips to all. But the problem with this approach is that some tips may not work for all. Since every individual is different, he may perform well only if he is also given some special tips or more clarity depending upon his way of learning or understanding.

For example, a classroom trainer advises all 10 students to underline keywords in the reading test. Now, some students may not get clarity on what types of keywords should be marked and what not or whether the process he follows for finding the answer is the right way to do it or not.

Online coaching classes bring an advantage to the students by providing customised training to them as per their needs. IELTS is the exam where you have to perform independently, not in a group and hence, online training focuses on this aspect strictly.

Doubt Clearance

The most important thing in a learning process is whether your doubts are being cleared or not because by having clarity on doubts only you can give your best on the day of your exam. In the classroom, you hardly get a chance to resolve your doubts. If some doubts get cleared, others are left as such.

Also, there are students who are shy enough to ask questions in a group and for this reason, an online coaching centre is a great advantage. In every online session, you are free to ask your doubts, not only during the class and after the class but in a 24*7 environment through email support as well.


The biggest advantage of online training is that you can attend the session at your preferred time from the comfort of your place. This saves a lot of time for the students who are either working or studying full-time. They need not travel anymore to rush to attend classes.

On the other hand, it is just the opposite for a local training centre where you would be travelling every day after your hectic work schedule and this is the time when you get tired a lot, which hinders your comfort level to study.

For online sessions, you just need an internet connection and you are able to attend your class from home on Skype, Google Hangout, IMO etc. or if you have problems with connectivity being from a rural area, you can attend the session over phone.

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The ultimate benefit that interests you, as the student, is beyond the other things and it is nothing but your results, the target band score that you want to achieve, either for taking admission in a university abroad or applying for immigration to foreign countries.

Considering the outcomes of convenient as well as quality training, delivered as one-to-one individualised training sessions with proper feedback designed to assist the students in achieving the required band scores, IELTS online coaching brings exemplary results.

Differences Summary Table

S. No. IELTS Coaching Centre IELTS Online Coaching
1 10-15 or more students per class Only 1 student per class
2 Learning in group One-to-One Training
3 No individualised feedback Personalised feedback
4 General Tips General + Student specific tips
5 Less time to clear doubts All doubts cleared in every class
6 Time consuming (Class time + Travel time) Time saving (Class time only)
7 Travelling to visit coaching centre Attend class from home
8 Student not aware of shortcomings Student knows where to improve
9 Low score/ previous score remains the same High score/ Upgraded band score
10 Wastage of time, efforts and money Worth investing time, efforts and money

Top 11 Things Which Offline Coaching Can’t Provide

Offline coaching can be a great deal, but it cannot beat online coaching in these factors:

#1. Top-of-the-line Study Material

The world wide web has a wonderful algorithm that will show you the most trustworthy options when you search for something.

This means you don’t just get a lot of choices; you also get things that candidates have tried and can recommend. In many circumstances, you may even be able to hire a native speaker as an instructor. Consider how valuable it would be to be trained by somebody from the nation you want to visit.

#2. Similar Fee to a Crowded Class Coaching

It’s simple: an offline classroom’s infrastructure will never be as inexpensive as online instruction. Renting a class every day is an enormous expense that must be compensated by. It’s you and your students, that’s correct. Any cost increases are passed on to the client, which is you. The cost of gas and navigating traffic is another thing.

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#3. Customization and Convenience

Imagine being forced to sit through classes that you are already proficient in while the rest of the “class” is still learning. Do you find yourself zoning out too much because early mornings aren’t your thing?

Most likely, you did not have a say in when the classes were held. That’s where online coaching can come in handy. You set your own schedule and build up a bespoke course plan with your mentor based on your talents and shortcomings.

#4. Protects You From Hidden Charges

There’s nothing quite like receiving training without having to worry about anything, whether it’s cutting down on your commute or dragging books back and forth. This training may be done on your lunch break at work or at home in your pyjamas! These not only help with your cash, but also with your physical and mental well-being.

#5. 24/7 Support

Most online platforms provide you with a school manager who is available to help you not just with any complaints you may have, but also in the event of an emergency.

So, if you’re anxious because you can’t find that crucial lesson, send an email to your student management and he or she will respond as soon as possible. Knowing this can instantly help you relax and reduce your anxiety and stress levels to a considerable extent. This allows you to concentrate on the crucial preparation.

#6. Leaves for Working Professionals

Imagine having to cancel a wonderful vacation because your coach is unable or unwilling to accommodate your schedule. Medical situations, office deadlines, family obligations, and other factors may necessitate a leave of absence.

You can order leaves or large leaves online and go on a relaxing weekend using the online module. Most people would choose this training format since they don’t want to be restricted geographically or in terms of time.

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#7. Access to Unlimited Study Material

Your training programme will include not only exam papers, but also video tutorials, blog entries, and a customised dashboard to track your progress.

The best aspect is that you don’t have to worry about where you’ll locate whatever lesson. You can save the information you want to remember. A dashboard also allows you to keep all of your study materials in one location.

#8. Access to Past Toppers

Because they have most likely relocated and established a job in one of the nations where you wish to live. As a result, your offline coach will be unable to schedule sessions with them.

However, in the online world, you become a member of an incredible and vast internet community that will be able to assist you in every way conceivable. You only have to inquire if you need consolation in your preparation or if you have a query regarding options.

#9. A Detailed Analysis

Because you’ll be working with a personal coach, you’ll be able to conduct a thorough study of your development. You might request that the mentor evaluate your writing or speaking abilities on an individual basis. Not only will this improve your preparedness, but it will also boost your confidence.

Dashboards allow you to view previous scores and comparison information. You can compare your performance not only to other students who are exercising at the same period as you.

#10. Reviews

Because you’ll be working with a personal coach, you’ll be able to conduct a thorough study of your development. You might request that the mentor evaluate your writing or speaking abilities on an individual basis. Not only will this improve your preparedness, but it will also boost your confidence.

Dashboards allow you to view previous scores and comparison information. You can compare your performance not only to other students who are exercising at the same period as you.

#11. Levels

You can select your course depending on the IELTS edition for which you will be taking the exam. You may learn from a professional across the country without any problem with online IELTS coaching. According to studies, during the previous five years, an increasing number of students have shifted to online learning. As a result, a similar occurrence in the case of IELTS is no longer surprising.


Students see the difference with their band scores upgraded and improved than before. But with a classroom session with a lack of required student-centric feedback, students’ band scores get stuck on a particular band itself, even though they try to attempt the exam again and again.

Thus it is a complete waste of time, effort and money when you don’t get what you desire to achieve. In contrast to this, it is worth paying for online coaching which lets you raise your band scores so that you can accomplish your dream goals.

Now after determining the differences between classroom and online coaching in IELTS, you can decide yourself which one you would like to opt for.

Check out IELTS Ninja if you want to get the best out of online IELTS coaching.

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