IELTS Case Study – Each Module Band 7 in Just 25 Days


Student Background

Abhinav (imaginary name, not disclosed due to privacy reasons) is a doctor by profession and is based in Goa, India. He desperately needed 7 Band in each module as his target IELTS score in order to move to the UK, the country many people dream about. Actually, he was in a do or die situation as he had already attempted IELTS exam 3 times before by attending classroom training sessions at local IELTS training institutes but couldn’t get the required band score and writing was his main concern where he was consistently getting less  than 7 Band.
When he joined a demo class at uFaber, he got convinced to join with a ray of hope that he might be able to strike it right this time.  Apart from this, it was also the first time he had enrolled for online training classes though he used to trust only on classroom training earlier and hence it was completely a different scene for him this time.

Course Objective

Abhinav joined 1 month course package to be completed in 25 days and he opted to attend classes of 1.5 hr/day since he wanted to ensure getting 7 Band in each module. He actually had less than a month time with him when he enrolled as he had already registered for the exam before.

Strategy – uFaber Study Plan

Now, the major challenge with Abhinav was writing which was giving him nightmares. So, his course was customized according to his requirements with special focus on writing. Tips were to be discussed in the first part of training while he was provided support of checking his assignments till his exam was over. Though he was good at other modules, he was made sure that he wouldn’t get less than 7 Band in those modules as well.

Strategy Implementation

Abhinav followed the training sessions very well and found the change why he was not getting 7 Band in writing. He worked very hard, solving a lot of assignments. The reason why he was not reaching the level of 7 Band was that he used to make a lot of grammar mistakes and would repeat them every time he wrote while structuring of writing tasks was also not proper. Not only this, many a times, it was seen that he used to do new mistakes as well.

Abhinav’s Result

With complete guidance and support, he was finally able to get his target score.
This achievement is important as there are many other students like him dreaming about 7 Band in each module which is usually the eligibility criterion for top universities and dream destinations such as Australia or UK. Hence, it is considered as the highly sought-after band score in IELTS and more importantly, getting 7 Band in writing is itself a big challenge.
This is how Abhinav, who had been dreaming of 7 Band in each module, was able to do it in just 25 days studying at uFaber.
Below is the breakdown of band score achieved by Abhinav:
Overall Band Score – 7.5

  • Listening – 7.5
  • Reading – 7.5
  • Writing – 7
  • Speaking – 7.5

He shared his achievement on phone saying, “Thanks a lot (he says with a smile)! I was struggling so hard to get 7 Band in each module and writing was my main concern. I had left my job also due to this and was really very frustrated giving IELTS exam 3 times, trying hard to make it to the UK. At that time, I used to feel that it was just impossible for me to get 7 Band in writing but thanks for your support, I finally cleared it!
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