Among the four components of the IELTS examination: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. The Communication section is extremely polarised to the aspirants, where one aspect understands that the speaking category is very susceptible and the different one thinks it is certainly difficult. For both factions, it is significant for them to exercise the speaking category to enhance their speaking abilities and to even structure their explanation for a decent total.

The answer to earning the desired band in the score is to exercise every category with the creative tricks for it. Along with hard struggle, creative work is also required as not much duration is given to an aspirant for completing the assessment. To start your rehearsal of the speaking category you can take cue card topics like “Talk about a lazy person”, you will moreover get the explanation to the lazy person cue card IELTS to rehearse consequently.

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Talk About the Lazy Person You Know: Cue Card

Talk About a Lazy Person You know-

#Who the person is

#How well you know him

#What makes this person lazy

#What should he do to improve

Introduction and Who the Person Is? 

It is a portion of mortal personality to show a sedentary behaviour from time to time. Still, some populations are durable casualties of idleness, and I would want to bring a person who is my cousin, Ram, who I think is the sluggish person on this earth. Heretofore he is my brother, but I have understood him for an extremely long time, I think idleness is in his blood. That’s why he can never do any corporal action.

How Well do You know Him? 

I recollect on weekends when we all cousins went to the garden to play cricket, and he was to sit ideally aside performing frivolity. I have never seen Ram doing anything on time because he is a casualty of procrastination. He is delayed mostly for everything as he never appreciates the time.

What makes the Person Lazy? 

Just because of this careless behaviour, he barely has a colleague. Just like him, his speeches are also unnecessary, and you can never relish living with him. You can nicely understand how relaxed he is, like his favourite free period training to do is to snooze. In extension to it, whatever he does, he performs it at a plodding rate. He hikes like older society. I think that Ram needs to gear up.

What should Everyone do to Improve? 

Everyone educated him to comprehend the importance of time because time, formerly passed, never reaches back. As he is already undergoing a lot because of being lenient, he scarcely has a colleague due to his frigid nature, and his parents also keep on chiding him for not performing stuff on time. Further, he encounters some destructive fitness issues such as adiposity, muscle discomfort, and so on. To be a decent individual, he must give attention to motivational conversations and practice vigorously to get rid of indolence.

IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 2 – Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

You should say:

#What should he/she do to improve

#Who the person is

#How well you know him

#What makes this person lazy

Introduction and Who is the Person? 

Humans occasionally tend to evolve laziness which is in their individuality and this is fair as well in my understanding, but there are some species who I believe are bred to just snooze and stare at tv and one of them is my sister.

How well do You know Him/ Her? What makes the Person Lazy?

She is a couple of years fresher than me and brings the full benefit of it. I prefer not paying attention to anyone’s teachings and disregarding them by telling her to do so as she calls me sis. By continuously committing so she has evolved into a big settee potato. Today she is operating with a very prestigious airline that is Bharat Airlines but I must tell you that before and after her change she straight away hit the mattress. She arouses early in the sunrise around  4 am, gets prepared and hits the street and after functioning for 8 long hours she just eats and dozes by bringing in excuses that she aroused so timely. She performs this till her next transition which makes her exceptionally sluggish. My mommy vaults on reproaching her about this but she whirls her a deaf ear and begins again to do what she cares for the most. She doesn’t mind who so ever is seeing the house. She also never greets any relative who arrives to see us and never participates in any discussion considering anything which makes her private from everything. She just appreciates her kingdom of dreams a ton.

What should He/ She do to Improve? 

In my viewpoint, every struggling experience does the same but they also take considerable care of their other determinants like spending time with their close and loved ones or dedicating time for their kids. I believe she should take an oration from struggling mamas who are multitasking in both their societies departments as well as residences as she will also be in a similar phase one day.

To fasten it up, I would say that every person, particularly the juveniles, should be effective and enthusiastic presently and then as they are the destiny of a country.

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A Guide through the IELTS Speaking Round 

This area is mutual to both general and academic exam patterns.

This section examines your usage of spoken English. Every test is documented. This is a way of an oral conference between you and your examiner. This module comprises 3 components.

Introduction and Interview 

In this aspect, the examiner introduces him/herself and surveys your personality. They will then inquire about your public questions on some common subjects such as household, people, job, pedagogy, and your curiosities. To assure viscosity, topics will be brought from a text.

This part seizes the aspect of a conference during which you may be inquired about your pastimes, curiosities, explanations for writing the exam as well as other common subjects such as apparel, independent time, computers and the internet or household.

Skills tested: This part tests your skill to have framed viewpoints and knowledge on common topics and your understandings of everyday life and puts forth situations or questions related to them.

Long Turn 

Part 2 is the personal long twist. The examiner will give you an assignment card that asks you to speak about a unique topic, comprises questions to wrap in your conversation and advises you to clarify one element of the subject.

You are given 1 minute to formulate your address and are provided with a pencil and sheet to make statements. The examiner will inquire of you to talk for 1 to 2 minutes, will halt you after 2 minutes, and will ask one or more subjects on the same topic.

Skills tested: This part tests your ability to communicate at duration on the desired theme, using the correct vocabulary and phrases and idealistic situation


In Part 3, the examiner will communicate with you questions related to the theme you were given in Part 2, in a more public and conceptual way and also in tremendous profundity.

This part of the test concentrates on your proficiency to convey and rationalize impressions and to evaluate, examine and theorize about topics.

This 3rd part implicates a conversation between the examiner and you, commonly on topics associated with the principle which they have already enunciated about in section 2. This last category is more conceptual and is normally contemplated as largely problematic.

Skills tested: It tests your ability to contradict and explain your opinions and viewpoints, examine and theorize about theories

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IELTS Preparation Tips to Boost Your Speaking Score

Here are some tips for the speaking section

# Find listening & reading elements on a sole theme on the Internet or publications or anywhere. These elements may contribute identical or distinct perspectives. Take remarks on the written and verbal portions. Outline the evidence & impressions.

# Synthesize the knowledge and discover how the written and verbal portions connect.

# Try understanding how the impressions are identical, how one indication expands over the extra or how some suggestions distinguish each other.

Some Elements to make Your IELTS Speaking Vocabulary Better

# Your sedentary vocabulary is greatly substantial than your effective vocabulary.

# You can’t utilize all English phrases you comprehend in your verbal English.

# Conversational English fluency implies communicating a statement effectively to the other group as well as compassionate to your chat friend.

# Any theory in the English terminology can be interpreted using additional words.

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Readying for the examination is not a breeze. It is as tough as any other assessment actually if you are very good at English speaking, examining, attending, and dissertation. Distant from the English skills you also retain to work on your degree as only 2 hours 45 minutes are assigned to finalize the whole examination. Accordingly, the solution to preparing the desired band is to exercise and practice. To strategy the speaking test you can commence with cue card topics. The explanation for this cue card is provided above which you can pertain to structure your explanation. Make certain that you provide your factual explanation during the assessment. Hoping this article is useful, let us know in the comment section below.

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