New Zealand is believed to be the best place to live in the country. If you are desiring to pursue MBA from a country like New Zealand, then this will be the best opportunity for you. The New Zealand Education system is revered for its high-quality assurance system. Students from all across the world, choose New Zealand for their studies. It is also known for its great work-life balance for working professionals.

In New Zealand, governments plans and experiment with novel things to ensure that working people don’t have any problem. But, is an MBA in New Zealand good? Yes, pursuing an MBA from New Zealand is a perfect choice. With so many positive reasons, your decision of pursuing an MBA from New Zealand would be best. So, Here is the list of best MBA Colleges in New Zealand, that you can choose from while researching about the same.

List of Top MBA Colleges in New Zealand

Pursuing higher studies in New Zealand is the desired destination for many students and professionals. Making this Dream come true, is neither not that hard nor that easy. But you can start by researching the best colleges that you can choose to pursue your dream. Refer to the list below:

  1. Victoria University of Wellington
  2. University of Auckland
  3. The University of Otago
  4. University of Waikato
  5. The University of Canterbury
  6. AUT University

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How much an MBA in New Zealand Costs?

To plan your journey, you need to set your budget accordingly, not only living expenses but your education expenses. MBA in New Zealand Costs vary depending upon the university or college you are choosing. For example, Fees for  Victoria University of Wellington is NZ $58,000; Fees for The University of Otago is NZD $57,960; Fees for the University of Auckland is NZ $67,097. So the cost of tuition fees may approximately vary from $26,000 to $70,000. And the cost of living in the country can be counted up to approximately $20,000 and $25,000.

Once you have decided to pursue higher studies from New Zealand, you will also need to see if your budget is sufficient or not, if not you can also apply for a scholarship.

Does Experience Count to do an MBA in New Zealand?

So a most common question that a student finds a question for is “Does Experience Count to do an MBA in New Zealand?” To pursue MBA, a candidate needs a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience of 2 years. Not only the experience counts, but it is a mandatory requirement for you to get into universities. But the requirement of work experience is specific to many universities. Some of the universities require no experience like- Auckland Institute of Studies. The minimum requirement is 2 years of experience, but few other universities require work experience of 3-4 years.

Along with work experience, a candidate requires a GMAT score to get admission into MBA and IELTS or TOEFL which are used to assess the English proficiency of a candidate. As these courses are conducted in English basic understanding of English is required.

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Can an MBA Get a Job in New Zealand?

You must be thinking, Can an MBA Get a Job in New Zealand? And the answer is yes. Your Motivation for pursuing an MBA, after spending so much money, is unequivocally to get a high paying job in a good organization. So, the job opportunities that you will get will differ depending upon the universities you enrolled yourself in. Different universities have tie-ups with different companies offering different packages if you get into Victoria University of Wellington, the average salary is around $1,36,000; at the University of Auckland, the average salary is around $1,04,750;  At the University of Waikato, the Average Salary is $84,250.


New Zealand is the perfect destination for a student to pursue an MBA. There are many revered universities that you can enrol yourself in. Before you enrol yourself into any university, make sure you have knowledge about their fee structure and the average Salary that the companies that come for the placements offer.

Many universities ask for a minimum of 2 years of experience, other universities also require work experience of 3-5 years. So, read about their requirements and assure them that you have fulfilled the requirements. You also have to prepare for a good GMAT score to get enrolment in MBA and for English proficiency, you need to score above the minimum band required in IELTS or TOEFL.

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