Australia, with a foreign student population of more than 637,000, has ascended the ladder of a successful study abroad to hit the third ledge. This island country is not only renowned for its marine life, kangaroos, beautiful animals but is also regarded as one of the world’s best research destinations with 8 of its universities ranked in the 2021 QS world university rankings. There has been a steady growth in the number of foreign students that Australia has earned by some 11% since 2017. For the time being, because of the global pandemic, the number of Indian students studying in Australian universities has not seen a drastic decline.

Other than delivering world-renowned high-level education, Australia provides its students with an option of over 22,000 courses across 1,100 universities. Along with a wide range of destinations to choose from, you can choose to live in seven of the world’s finest student cities situated in Australia.

Why Study in Australia?

International students have a wide range of opportunities when it comes to studying in Australia. Australia is a vibrant melting pot of society. Since Australian universities are among the highest-rated in the world, it is no wonder that they offer a variety of different majors and degrees. Australia is renowned for its varied geography. The Wilderness is legendary for its large plains and rare creatures. If you’re a beach fan, you’re lucky for options with tens of miles of pristine beaches to choose between.

There are a variety of conditions that you would need to fulfil in order for your application to be considered, including being admitted into an academic institution and having the adequate financial ability. Many Australian universities may give their students internships or job opportunities. Australian colleges are situated in both rural and urban areas. Check out the Australia student visa fees in the sections below.

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Visa Requirements

Your Australian student visa will only be approved if you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Receive an electronic certificate of registration.
  • Pass the genuine specifications for temporary entries.
  • Evidence of adequate funds: according to the Australian Government, the cost of living for foreign students, which must be mirrored in their financial condition, is 21,000 AUD/year.
  • Meet the standard of the ELP.
  • Meet the requirements for fitness and character.
  • Submit the OSHC.

But how much student visa fees for Australia?

Read about the Australia student visa fees in Indian rupees in the section below.

Visa Fees for All Categories

The Australia embassy fees for a student visa is around INR 28300

Visitor Visa INR 7100
Student Visa INR 28300
Spouse INR 21300
Child INR 7100
Student Dependent INR 28600
Spouse Dependent INR 353400

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Top Universities in Australia

37 out of 43 universities ranks in the top 1000 universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education Rankings Australian universities are a combination of academic achievement and teaching achievement, a hotchpotch for diverse communities, and innovative current research.

The colleges are so segregated that there is at least one major university campus in each territorial area. The position map of the Australian University shows that there are university campuses in all major Australian cities. Multiple university campuses in various places are also a benefit for a foreign student who can pick where they want to live in Australia.

National Rank University Name UG Free per year PG Free per year
1 University of Melbourne AD 19K AD 42K
2 University of Sydney AD 45K AD 45K
3 Australian National University AD 42K AD 43K
4 Australian National University AD 31K AD 38K
5 Monash University AD 42K AD 15K
6 University of New South Wales AD 42K AD 42K
7 University Adelaide AD 30K AD 39K
8 University of Western Australia AD 34K AD 37K
9 University of Technology Sydney AD 35K AD 30K
10 University of Canberra AD 30K AD 38K

Admissions Criteria

You will have to apply for a student visa from the Australian government to study in Australia with the school of choice. Start exploring your options at least before May before the year in which you wish to apply. Take a glance at universities on the basis of your choice of programmes, your previous academic record and your expenditure. After you have decided on your class and your organisation, the next application will be made. There are 2 ways to apply for an Australian university.

  1. Immediately to the educational provider: Definitely apply to the school of choice through application online systems or download the email and submit it to the admissions department of the educational institution.
  2. Trying to apply through an educational agent: There are many various agents for Australian universities located in countries such as China, India, etc. You will need to start preparing a file of assisting documents required for applications and notify the agent who would further aid you in the application procedure. Specifics about these agents can be found on the educational institution’s internet sites.

The land of coral reefs and kangaroos can be the best study destination for you. You must know all the processes and requirements first before you start the registration process.

A good IELTS band score is a must if you want to get into a top university in Australia. Want to know how to enhance your IELTS preparations? Follow IELTS Ninja’s blogs and learn tips and strategies to score big.

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