Australian universities have always been a dream for many students in India. Through various media, we sow seed among young students for pursuing education or living abroad. But, when it comes to choosing a destination for study, the main question that comes to student’s minds is, How to apply to study abroad in Australia?

Things about Australia

Australia is absolutely worth your time if you plan to migrate there for studying. The universities offer enough space for research, the faculties are world recognised, and the standard of education is better than most of the world’s universities.

Life In Australia

Australia is the country with the lowest crime rate as compared to the world and international students are treated well. With most of the cities clean and healthy to live in, Australia ranks among the top 10 countries to live your life. Australia takes references from Western countries.

In the end, what you would pay in other first world countries to study, you only need half the amount to study in Australia. So, if you are planning to move to Australia and study, you won’t regret it.

What can I Study in Australia?

It is up to you to decide on what subject you want to study and expertise in. You should always focus on studying what you love, this is the only way you can be successful in a career.

Talking about Australia, the destination offers all types of courses. There are universities for every subject; Science, Commerce, Music, Geology, Arts and almost everything.

If you do something you really love, then no matter which part of the world you live in, you will succeed in life.

Secondly, you should also look for options according to your future plans, for eg, if you want a permanent residency in Australia. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now, this will help you look for universities and classes that will guide you exactly to the point of success.

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Subjects Available

Few of the top courses that Australian universities have excelled are,

  • Actuarial Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • Architecture
  • Accountancy
  • Core Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • CS and IT sector
  • Earth Science
  • Psychology

So, if you have an interest in any of these sectors, definitely choose Australia.

Universities to Choose

If you have decided on the subject you want to pursue, it’s time to decide on the University. There is something called a Group of Eight. These are the 8 best universities in Australia focusing on different subjects.

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • The University of New South Wales Sydney
  • The University of Queensland
  • Monash University
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Western Australia

Check on which course you are interested in and which of these universities ranks best in that specific subject. Shortlist at least two of the best ones for your subject and apply in them. There are chances that one of them may reject your plea of migration. So, it is important to keep a backup.

The budget also plays an important role when deciding university. Sometimes, the budget becomes a constraint. It is good if you can afford both but choose wisely on where you should invest for getting equivalent ROI.

Admission to these Universities

First thing first, you need to get an IELTS or PTE qualification certificate. This is for the universities to know that you have enough proficiency in English to migrate to their country. This also ensures that the candidate can cope-up with the course which is taught in the class.

IELTS is an exam that is carried out throughout the year for aspirants who are willing to study or work abroad. The minimum band requirement for universities is 6 bands for graduation and 6.5 to 7 for post-graduate programs.

Application to Universities

There are again two options for applying to universities after IELTS, either apply yourself or find educational consultants who have had the experience of filing the application. More than 40% of the candidates apply by themselves whereas many others do it through consultants.

Most of the students also get confused on how to apply for IELTS, IDP or British council. Both IDP and British Council work under Cambridge University to conduct the IELTS test. These work together to divide the workload of organizing the IELTS test on a global scale. There is no difference at all in the exams conducted by both. So if anybody is misleading you with which is difficult and which is not, don’t believe it.

When you are going through an educational consultant, you need to conduct ample research. Your educational consultant will require your schooling documents or graduation documents for post-graduation and suggest the course as well as the university best suited for you.

How much Does It Cost to Study Abroad in Australia?

The cost of studying abroad may be daunting for many of the students. But the fact is that not everybody gets a fellowship or scholarship.

After application, the university decides whether you are selected or not. On getting selected in any of the universities, you have to submit the admission fees for the first complete semester. Then the university will send you a COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) which ensures your enrolment and easy approval for a student Visa.

For getting a student visa, you will require 2 things, first will be your insurance. Many companies and banks give insurance for your health, even educational consultants have links with many insurance companies. Second is health check-up which needs to be done from government approved hospitals or institutions.


The cost of applying for universities vary in different universities. The range for all the procedures is as mentioned below.

Process Fees
IELTS INR 12500-13500
Application for University INR 4000 – 8500
Yearly fees after approval from University INR 8,00,000 – 12,00,000
Visa INR 35000
Hostel and Guesthouse INR 20000 – 35000 per month
Travel, Grocery, Entertainment, Phone, etc. INR 15000 – 20000 per month

 Should I Study Abroad in Australia and New Zealand?

Many get confused between Australia or New Zealand. Both the countries are developed and both have similar lifestyles. The matter of fact is that Australia is bigger, hence it has more options for universities and travel. New Zealand has a higher living standard comparatively, but it comes with a higher cost of living.

Summing Up

If you are willing to go to Australia and pursue your education further, it is a good option to prepare well and apply for IELTS. At IELTS Ninja, we offer coaching and material to prepare for the exams. There are also one-on-one sessions with experts from the field who provide the right guidance for you. Visit the site to know more.

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