In this blog, we will be discussing the IELTS Speaking cue card topic that came during November, 2022 in Jaipur- Describe a time when you were very busy. IELTS Speaking rounds that are a part of the IELTS speaking test have certain IELTS speaking topics that need to be prepared for in advance. The more topics you practice, the more confident you will remain while appearing for the test. This will also help you in practicing for IELTS speaking topics in 2023.

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Analysis Of The Question

Most of us have packed schedules where we hardly find the time to attend to things we would like to. The IELTS speaking topic asks us to describe a time in our lives when we were very busy. Think about one such time and organize all your thoughts together. It could be any point in time when you were occupied and think about how it had impacted you. Write down points related to that time and build your speech along those pointers so that it sounds coherent and connected. 

Mind Map

Let’s create a mind map of the topic at hand – A time when you were very busy

Creating a mind map helps us remain fixated on the topic we are presented with and avoid deviations. Writing the main topic in the center and then jotting down relevant points associated with it will help us build our speech systematically.

Let’s observe the mind map drawn below.



We all have times in our lives when we hardly find the time to attend to some of our priorities. It could be the enormous amount of work that we have to complete or it could even be taking care of someone who is not keeping too well. Remaining busy is subjective to every individual and the string of activities that he undertakes. Today, I would like to talk about a time in my life when I was very busy. Back when I was in college, I had taken up multiple social projects in addition to my coursework. I was always running from one place to another in order to volunteer as those helped me earn social credits. Working for causes that endorsed human rights helped me shape into the person that I am today. Even my weekends were spent on campaigning for rights such as reproductive rights and equality.  I often missed out on get togethers that my friends would plan. I also missed out on certain family events that I should have ideally remained a part of such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, every time I would think about why I had chosen to devote a major fraction of my time to earning social credits, I would feel less sad. I needed them to bag an internship at one of the most prestigious non profit organizations. I had been looking forward to volunteering there ever since I was a child and when the opportunity came, I could not have let it pass. Working for Amnesty International was one of my chief reasons for taking up Sociology and I enjoyed every minute that I spent there. It is rightly said that in order to achieve something that you have always wanted, you need to forget about certain pleasures that are holding you back from attaining it. Although it was a time in my life when I was completely occupied, it is a time that I really cherish in my life. I feel that I have done something of extreme value to humankind during this period of my life. 

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