If you prepare well in advance, a study in the UK for Indian students can be inexpensive and you can apply before deadlines for a number of scholarships provided by British universities and colleges.

Scholarships are open to meritorious foreign students to help them finance their studies, these financial supports, depending on the requirements, the course and the institution, can be compensated partially or completely. The American government, and numerous private and public institutions, still offer several scholarships and bursaries.

If you apply for any of these scholarships, make sure that you carefully review the conditions, along with the closing date of the application.

Why Study in the UK?

Education of high quality

One of the world’s leading destinations, second only to the USA, for foreign students. UK universities are among the best in the world, which score well in world rankings on a regular basis. They have a reputation for world-class scientific research, too.

UK degrees and qualifications in higher education are accepted by employers and academics.

In order to move their careers forward, students get the opportunity to develop expertise, information, critical thinking, and connections.

How to Study in the UK from India?

To list the process in steps that you may follow in order to answer the question of

How To Study In the UK From India? Here it is

Research for Indian Students in the UK

  1. Select a course and a university that you want to attend.
  2. Verify the requirements that are mandatory.
  3. Submit your form. Apply.
  4. Wait for the letter of acceptance.
  5. Apply and procure your student visa this is mandatory for Indian students.
  6. Apply to Scholarships for Indian students to study in Britain.

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Eligibility Criteria to Study in the UK for Indian Students

Criteria for qualifying for studies after 12th in the UK:

12th-grade marks should be a minimum of 65 per cent for humanities. The 12th-grade score should be 70 to 80 per cent or higher for Science and Commerce. The Foundation and Graduation Programs are available for students who have scored under 60 per cent. Minimum language proficiency in English is a must. To prove this, students must take the IELTS IDP exam authorized by the British council. Across universities, the actual standards can vary. They may also be asked to present documents and numerous statements for the visa process which they must process.

How to Get a Scholarship to Study in the UK from India?

It is to be noted that September / October and January / February are the main intake seasons for admissions in the UK. You must apply for a scholarship well in advance to these months.

To gain a scholarship you must meet the following requirements,

Depending on the profile of the student, the amount of university-specific UK Scholarships varies, ranging from £ 1,000 to £ 6,000. Generally, doctoral degrees in the UK are completely funded.

These scholarships are awarded to those who have successfully gone through the educational institutions’ competitive application evaluations.

For UK Scholarships for Indian Students, the general eligibility requirements are:

-The student must be an Indian citizen, thus they must have a proof for the same.

-High school education must have been completed

-Must have an academic-oriented background with excellent grades.

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Types of Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships

This scholarship is as expected, funded by the UK government for students. To academically excellent students through the Global Scholarships Program of the UK government. Usually, such grants are for a one-year Master’s degree programme in the UK.

Commonwealth Scholarships for Masters

The Department for International Development (DFID) in the United Kingdom is providing Commonwealth Scholarships to international students from emerging Commonwealth countries who want to obtain masters and doctorates in the United Kingdom.

Fellowship Programme for the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Fellowship Plan is a government initiative, especially for Commonwealth students who make a significant contribution to the completion of the higher education programme in the United Kingdom in their home country.

IELTS and Scholarships

IELTS Scholarship 2020 from the IDP and British Council is an important eligibility requirement.

Entrance Test: In order to qualify for a scholarship, interested applicants must take the IELTS 2020 assessment.

Minimum Score: In the IELTS test, one has to obtain a minimum score of 6.0.

Nationality: An Indian national must be a nominee.


At a university in the UK, you’ll get plenty of help with anything you require and a chance to experience a great student lifestyle. There’s a wide variety of clubs and organisations, as well as a vibrant social life on offer, regardless of your interests. For more on how to apply and the role of IELTS in your visa process check out IELTS ninja.

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