Training for IELTS is a difficult task. As a dedicated English language exam, it is easy to perform well but difficult to score high. A strong IELTS band can make or break your chances of higher studies, employment, and immigration. Preparation is necessary. Most of us have never experienced refined online coaching. Before you commit to one, ensure to check on the criteria given below:


 IELTS coaching is a holistic experience that is designed to leave you completely prepared for the examination ahead. A novice or just a language teacher may not understand the course build up. Individual criteria of Writing, Listening and Speaking will need customized focus and daily practice within a limited time. An excellent coach will help you in working on your skills. Hence, it’s important to study with an online coaching portal that has achieved substantial results.

Personal Mentoring

Customized learning can be a key a needle mover in your preparation for IELTS. Daily interaction with the mentor will help enhance your speaking and writing skills with greater speed and better understanding. A personal mentor who specializes in their respective skill set will provide you with undivided attention. They will design a course structure to help you strengthen your weaker areas. The daily grammatical correction of essays and conversations to polish your spoken English will leave no stone unturned for your growth.

Course Structure

The skills of writing, listening, and speaking are extremely crucial for a successful score. To go above and beyond your capacity, it is essential you focus on the right aspects. Avoid the common mistakes made by other students. The content material provided by the British Council may be insufficient when appearing for this exam. It is hence essential to work with an IELTS coaching online site that will have a curated study material prepared to guide you through every stage.

Student Results

A student-centric approach is extremely important. A well-performing batch speaks volumes of the credibility of a coaching portal. Do take a moment to read through the reviews and testimonials shared by the students. A genuine online training portal will ensure that the student goes past the limited IELTS band. The combined efforts of the student and the mentor can lead to exceptional results. An IELTS online
coaching program
has to be result driven.

Demo Session

A demo session will be essential to know if you are comfortable with the teaching structure. A coaching portal must allow the students to sign up for a demo session.  Do get a complete understanding and clear your doubts before you sign up for one. IELTS Ninja is the only training center that willingly offers a demo session across India.

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