Real results mean path-breaking IELTS bands that leave the students feeling confident and empowered. Crossing the 7 band in all three areas of Speaking, Writing and Listening doesn’t come easy. It is the combined effort of the student and their trainer that makes the impossible possible. Being well prepared will help you overcome exam anxiety. Over 200 students at IELTS Ninja have successfully crossed the 8 band in IELTS and over 30,000 have received their desired results. Some of them had even failed their tests twice. Accomplishing this is no easy task. It is a result of dedicated and guided efforts.

Providing World Class Training Through Our Web Programs

We have ensured that IELTS Ninja is one of the best coaching class in Mumbai and around the world that delivers quality training with personalized attention to each one of our students. Our web programs attract students from all over the world. Although based out of Mumbai, it is one of the most successful programs in Asia that provides an end to end learning tool to students.

Get Started! Perfect Your Written and Spoken English

Many have the misconception that knowledge of English alone is enough to score fairly well in IELTS and hence run to classes just to brush up. We have dismissed this myth by collaboratively training our students with real-time speaking and writing practice. To perfect their spoken English, we keep a daily check on their sentence formation, grammar, and diction. Similarly, consistent writing practice helps them frame crisp and correct sentences. 

Easy Course Structure

The course structure has been designed with added content that will help accelerate the learning process. Even the reference provided by the British Council doesn’t do complete justice, leaving the student lost and confused. This is when the expertise at IELTS Ninja helps. The mentors are not just here to mechanically enforce a syllabus but help students get a stronger grip on their overall English language skills.

Student Driven IELTS training

It is the only IELTS coaching class in Mumbai and around the world maintains absolute precision and care with a student centric approach. To feel at ease, students are even offered a demo session before they make a larger commitment. All of this stems from confidence in our methods and years of training the students without causing any discomfort.

We make a promise to deliver and make it happen, irrespective of the past failures of our students.

Student Success Stories

Our students have crossed every hurdle to deliver exceptional performance in their IELTS exam. Know more about how our amazing mentors helped them by working on their language skills. 



“Thanks To IELTS NINJA & Ms. Ramani For Her Brilliant & Unique Coaching Skills. After failing in my first attempt I was taken aback. But thankfully I found IELTS NINJA & improved my score in each module by 1 band” – Amit Sharma


“I Knew I Could Do The Hard Work. IELTS NINJA Gave Me The Trainer Needed To Take Me To My Desired Score! Thanks, IELTS NINJA for providing the best mentor. She made me defeat the challenge I once thought insurmountable!” – Mohit Maheta 


“Thank You IELTS NINJA For Providing This Excellent Learning Platform And Brilliant Mentors. Securing a Band 8 in the first attempt was something I hadn’t thought in my wildest dreams!” – Sheetal Sharma

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