Earning money is easy through multiple way but earning student’s trust is not easy, we need to gain or build trust gradually by providing continue mentorship based on individual requirements. We are happy to share with you one of our student’s testimonial in this article – “Sheetal’s Experience With IELTS Ninja: Review And Testimonial”

” …Securing a Band 8 in the first attempt was something I hadn’t thought in my wildest dreams!…” – Sheetal.

Sheetal’s Experience With IELTS Ninja: Review

“… Thank you so much Ms. Jain. A (for Reading and Writing modules) and Ms. Ramani. M (for Listening and Speaking modules) for making this come true. Thank you for constantly infusing encouragement and confidence along with world class teaching and guidance. The 20 days of rigorous studies were one of the best coaching I ever had. Especially the last moment stress management tips. The way you cared about my performance and well being during exam is something only an insightful mentor can think of and do….

Thank you IELTS NINJA for providing this Excellent Learning Platform and Brilliant Mentors!!

About Sheetal From Her Mentors: IELTS Ninja Review

IELTS Ninja Mentor: Ms. Jain. A

“… Sheetal joined IELTS NINJA to accomplish her goal of getting PR in Canada & had a particular score in mind. Due to her hard work and guidance from us, she was able to able to attain much more than the required score and that too within 20 days,  in the very first attempt….

IELTS Ninja Mentor: Ms. Ramani. M

“…I had a great experience training Sheetal for the IELTS Speaking  and Listening  Tests. Though initially she had a problem with pronunciation and  expanding the content in Part 2 of Speaking, her sincerity and focus towards the feedback I provided her, helped her achieve the desired band score. I wish her all the best for the future…”

An Overall Band 8 in the first Attempt!

Target band Achieved
Module Band Score
Listening 8.5
Reading 8.5
Writing 7.5
Speaking 7.5
Overall Band Achieved 8.0

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FAQ: Why Student Review is Important?
Ans: A student’s review is a critical evaluation or assessment provided by a student about a particular educational institution, course, teacher, or overall learning experience.

  • The purpose of student reviews is to offer insights into the quality of education, teaching methods, facilities, and other aspects of the learning environments.
  • Student reviews play a crucial role in the decision-making process for prospective students.
  • These reviews provide a firsthand account of the strengths and weaknesses of a program, helping potential students make informed choices.
  • Furthermore, student reviews contribute to the improvement of educational institutions. Constructive feedback can highlight areas that need attention, leading to positive changes in curriculum, teaching methodologies, or campus facilities.

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