Hi guys, I’m Gopal. An IELTS mentor from Mumbai. There are good reasons why you should skip this article and move on to someone who is from your city instead. But here is what technology can do for you, you get to read the thoughts of someone from across the country on a problem you all are facing – How can I get access to the best training possible for IELTS?
With the advent of technology, many of the existing classroom methods start to feel limiting. But the mind functions within its comfort zone, right? You would still want a mentor physically present so that you feel assured of his or her presence.  Fair enough.
But is staying in your comfort zone more important than a great IELTS score? You know the answer to that one but to help you along we will give you more reasons to choose the best method of training for the IELTS.
Even though your offline mentors have the best intentions, here’s what they cannot offer

1. Really the best in class stuff

The internet has a brilliant algorithm with the help of which if you search for something, you will be shown the most reliable options.
This is to say that you don’t just get many options but also ones that people have tried and can vouch for. You may even get a native speaker as a trainer in a lot of cases. Imagine the value in being trained by someone from the country that you aspire to go to.

2. Personal training at the cost of crowded classroom coaching

Its simple, the logistics of an offline classroom can never be as cheap as online training. Hiring a classroom every day in itself is a massive cost that needs to be covered by… you guessed it right, it’s you and your classmates. Any increase in cost is directly passed to the customer which is you. The cost of petrol and battling traffic is another story.

3. Customization and Convenience

Imagine having to sit through lessons that you are already good at but the “class” is still catching up. Feel like you zone out too much because early mornings are just not for you?
Most probably you didn’t get to choose what time you take the classes. Well, that’s where online coaching can help you. You choose the timings for yourself and work out a custom lesson plan according to your strengths and weaknesses with your mentor.

4. Safeguard you from hidden costs

Whether it helps you cut down on the commute or the lugging books back and forth, there is nothing like getting trained without worrying about any of this.
You can do this training in your office break or from your home in your pyjamas! These do not just contribute towards your finances but also towards your physical and mental health.

5. Provide you 24/7 support

With most online platforms you get a student manager who is there not just to address any grievances you may have but also to assist you in case of emergencies.
So, when you are panicking because you can’t find that all important lesson, just drop an email and your student manager will get back to you at the earliest.
The comfort of knowing this can immediately help you relax your stress and anxiety levels to a very large extent. This helps you focus on the all too important preparation.

6. Leaves, especially for working professionals

Imagine having to cancel a lovely vacation plan because your coach cannot adjust to your schedule or is unwilling to give you leaves. There could be many reasons why one would need a leave – medical emergencies, office deadlines, family commitments etc.
With the online module, you can put up a request for leaves or bulk leaves and take off on a relaxed weekend. The feeling of not being bound geographically or time-wise would be reason enough for most to go for this format of training.

7. Access to endless study material

Not just test papers but video tutorials, blog posts and a customized dashboard to measure your progress become a part of your training routine.
The better part of this deal is that you do not need to know where you will find which lesson. You can bookmark the stuff you like. Also, with a dashboard, you get all the study material stored in one place.

8. Access to Past Toppers

Because in all probability they have moved and built a career in one of the countries where you aspire to be. So obviously your offline coach cannot arrange sessions with them.
But in the online world you become part of this amazing and massive online community that will be able to help you in whatever way possible. Whether you need comfort in your preparation or need to ask a question about possibilities, you just have to ask.

9. A Detailed Analysis

Since you will be getting a personal coach, it is possible to launch into a detailed analysis of your progress. You can ask the mentor to review your writing or speaking skills as an individual. This will add immense value to not just your preparation but also your confidence.
With dashboards, it is possible to look at past scores and comparison reports. You can measure not just how you are doing as an individual but also compared to the whole universe of students training at the same time as you.

10. Reviews

Not only can you help others but also choose the right mentor for your training with the help of genuine student reviews. At the end of your session you can rate your mentor and the company that you prepared with for the IELTS.
This can also help save you from fraudulent claims by companies or mentors online. With the offline option, there are one too many chances that you have no way of cross-checking the credibility of your mentor apart from your friendly neighborhood, which may itself be ill-informed.

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