Today, we will be discussing the recent IELTS exam question that had come in the cue card speaking section- Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting

This question appeared in Chennai during the month of November, 2022.
The IELTS Speaking section is one of the most important sections and online IELTS speaking practice helps one in acing this section. Prepare for IELTS 2023 examination by going through as many speaking cue card topics as is available.

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Analysis Of The Question

Read the question properly. Here, you are required to describe an individual who has inspired you to do something interesting. Think about someone who has left an impact on you and underline the reasons for it. Think about the interesting activity that you’ve done after being inspired by this individual and about how you felt. Jot down pointers related to this question and use them to build a 2 minute speech.

Mind Map


Let’s create a mind map of the topic at hand – Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting.

Creating a mind map helps us remain fixated on the topic we are presented with and avoid deviations. Writing the main topic in the center and then jotting down relevant points associated with it will help us build our speech systematically.

Let’s observe the mind map drawn below.


IELTS cue cardAttempt

All of us come across people of all kinds at various points in our lives. Some of them turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Such individuals inspire you in a manner in which you did not see it coming and also bring out a side to you which you were unaware of. I would like to talk about someone who has inspired me to do something interesting.

The person happens to be my sister’s colleague and her name is Karen. I have known Karen since the past five years and had met her at my sister’s Christmas party. Ever since then, we have interacted at family functions, birthdays and other events that have taken place.

Karen is a deeply insightful person who always manages to surprise me. She is a keen observer of talents and would often praise my sartorial sense. She would also provide me with ideas regarding fashion and dressing. Just six months ago, Karen inspired me to do something I had never imagined I would be capable of doing. She casually enquired if I would be interested in designing outfits for her daughter’s theme-based birthday party.

I was unsure of how I would take up something so momentous considering my domain is different. She nevertheless insisted that I give it a shot and then see. With slight reluctance, I decided to volunteer for it. I had to design five outfits for Karen and her family members. The outfits needed to be in accordance with the theme which was Harry Potter. Since I have all the knowledge that I need about Harry Potter, I set out to design all the dresses.

It felt incredibly refreshing to design dresses as I was doing it for someone else for the very first time. Not only did I enjoy making them but also discovered how I could mix and match certain fabrics to pull off a look. I felt proud of myself after I had completed making five different outfits for the party.

Karen had made me do something I had never attempted before. Had it not been for her push, I would have never known that I was capable of designing clothes for an event. She truly brought a side to me that existed but was yet to emerge. The clothes were appreciated by everyone who wore them and that made me quite happy from within. I believe that Karen was truly my guardian angel as she helped me understand what I was cut out to do.

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