The speaking test is an important category of the exam. In this category, the aspirants are provided cue cards that comprise a theme about which they retain to speak nearly for a couple of moments. You will be provided a minute to organize about the subject, so make sure to jot down some significant degrees before you begin talking.

The poller will then inquire about some follow up concerns about the question. The category will last for a whole of 15 minutes, so amateurs are instructed to formulate precisely for this category

Talk About a Time when You Visited a Farm or Met with a Farmer

Things to talk about-

You should explain

When and Where?

What did you see at the farm?

How was your overall experience?

Introduction – IELTS Cue Card Topic Talk About a Time when You Visited a Farm or Met with a Farmer

Adequately, there is a widespread factor of Townley, but metropolitan communities usually do not get the opportunity to visit ranches and encounter them.

When and Where?

I also had never glimpsed a farm until recently when I toured my uncle who is an agriculturist resident in a minor townley. I went there to spend a few vacations to encounter existence in the countryside. During my holiday, my uncle brought me to his farm where he accumulates seasonal vegetables.

What did You see at the Farm?

I was surprised to discern as I encountered it for a very early period in my life. It was an enormous farm with leafy vegetables all around and the panorama was exceptionally alluring. It was very friendly, out of the hurry and fuss of metropolia. I took occasional pictures here with my uncle to conserve the remembrances. My uncle also recommended periodic green vegetables like carrot, radish and tomato to bite, and I was thankful to my uncle for producing the vegetables and giving me a flavor of farm-fresh vegetables.

He furthermore propelled me knowledgeable with the agriculture procedure right from the onset till harvesting. He moreover told me how agricultural exercises have altered over the decade and the advantages and shortcomings that have given rise to farming. On his plantation, he has a large garage, where he maintains all the machinery and makes me realize how different appliances help him in agriculture.

How was Your Overall Experience? Conclusion

It occurred thrilling to understand because he alone withstands care of a twenty-acre plantation with appliances. On my invitation, he offered me a lift on a tractor which was entirely courteous. I can never bypass the incredible duration I had at the plantation with my uncle. And forthwith I wish to visit the farm more repeatedly.

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Sample 2 Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

You should explain

When and Where?

What did you see at the farm?

How was your overall experience?

When and Where?

Well remember being cited in the rural area, I am completely conscious of agriculture and the existence of planters. I don’t recollect vividly, but some opinions are on my mind about my early visit to the plantation. It was that moment when I was an adolescent and I got on to Rajasthan to unite my friend. His papa is a peasant. He performs pastoral agriculture. He puts up sheep for wool, cows and nanny-goats for dairy husbandry etc.

What did You see at the Farm?

I breathed on the seventh paradise to see wonderful animals there, I also earned an opportunity to nourish them and from then, I learned how impossible agriculture is. A farmer never waits for the rain to stop, he continuously does hard work till his crop is harvested. He does great toil in fields. It is expected of their assistance that the whole community is getting nutrition as now I see the planter of harvests is attempting impossible for his liberties.

How was Your Overall Experience?

I certainly feel remorseful of the administration of my government, which doesn’t pay attention to their desires. I desire for them to be profitable in their purpose because planters are the mainstay of a nation, if the nation does improve by jumps and edges, it is only due to agriculture.

In my nation, varied agriculture, as well as ecclesiastical farming, are very prominent. People earn by performing tough labour in their respective areas.

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IELTS Preparation 

The examination can be a little challenging if you are prepared sufficiently. Furthermore, to achieve nicely, you must commence your practice reasonably at the moment. It is a three-hour exam that assesses you on all four terminology skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Here is some information to help you achieve generously in your exam

Listening Test Tips

# Survey if your headphones are operating, if not, lift your hand

# Utilise the period assigned to read the topics. Browse through them before the recording begins

# Listen to the recording attentively and concentrate further on explanations than appreciating everything. Recognize that the recording is fiddled only one time

# Take remarks on your problem sheet when attending to the recording

# Write within the provided word limit for each topic

# Revise and proofread for spelling and grammar omissions before compliance

# Try to utilize all equity words for your explanations

Reading Test Tips

# Assess every circumstance of the pictures, diagrams or pictures in the issue sheet to be detailed while replying

# If you can’t comprehend a problem, don’t spend the duration on it. Relatively motion on the second, you can constantly reach back later to complete this

# Don’t waste time writing on the topic paper. There is a time maximum and you will get no additional duration to substitute explanations later on

# Understand the problems carefully and concentrate on finding explanations from the quotation

# Be precise, grammatically correct and to the degree. Proofread before recommendation

# Try to use all equity words for your explanations

Writing Test Tips

# Perform a detailed calculation of appointed assignments and shortly educate the explanations mentally

# Divide your duration sharply, 20 minutes for assignment 1, and 40 minutes for assignment 2

# Try to write over 150 phrases for assignment 1 and over 250 for assignment 2

# Avoid recurrence of impressions, terms and messages

# Ensure that you compose a decision for assignment 2

# Write precise, related explanations. Prevent composing long passages and verdicts

# Use effective voice. Avoid composition in the passive voice

# Do not resign without a detailed modification and proofreading

Speaking Test Tips

# Speak certainly (peaceful and fluently)

# Listen to the topics inquired carefully and reply promptly

# You can expand additional knowledge to the explanations, assure the explanations continue related

# If expected, ask the examiner to recite the subject

# Be optimistic as you talk

# Don’t take lengthy halts

# Focus on vocabulary, the spectrum of tenses, grammar and verdict configuration equally

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IELTS Speaking 

The speaking category examines your use of verbal English. Each test is documented.

Part 1 – the examiner will give you public topics about yourself and a spectrum of common themes, such as residence, household, job, surveys and curiosities. This portion lingers between four and five moments.

Part 2  – you will be provided with a card that requires you to speak about a specific question. You will possess one minute to formulate before talking for up to two moments. The examiner will then inquire about one or two principles on a similar principle.

Part 3 – you will be asked distant topics about the theme in Part 2. These will provide you with the alternative to communicate more conceptual impressions and questions. This portion of the test lingers between four and five moments.

Paper format The Speaking test comprises a verbal consultation between the examination takers’ and an examiner. All Speaking tests are documented.
Timing 11–14 minutes
Task types There are three portions to the examination and each portion fulfils a particular purpose in phrases of relations structure, assignment intake and test-takers outcome.

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Some Topics for IELTS Speaking 

# Where is your hometown?

# What was it like growing up there?

# Has it changed much since you were a child?

# What do you like most about living there?

# Do you live in an apartment or a house?

# Is it a large apartment/house?

# Who do you live therewith?

# What is your favourite room in your apartment/house?


Foreseeing that the above subject assisted you to understand everything about the speaking test. All the significant degrees and approaches respecting the preparation of the speaking test have been wrapped completely.

Do prepare an undertaking to pursue the provided points and the preparation technique. If you are educating at the final period, don’t be frightened. If you have two days it’s nonetheless sufficient to enclose the preparation. There are numerous aspects which can be accomplished in almost two days.

Scheming to appear for the exam, and peering for good suggestions and subjects for the practice? Then, do pursue the website IELTS Ninja for the best suggestion and great integrity summaries associated with the exam.

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