This is a guide which will pave your way to achieve what you desire, that is to work in Canada. Approximately 3,00,000 Indian citizens are granted permission to work in Canada, as it is becoming the corporate hub with various business and job opportunities. To make the best out of this opportunity, you will have to move to Canada. This will require a Canada work permit visa for you.

There are various ways to apply to get the work permit for Canada, earlier you could apply for a work permit visa for Canada from India in two ways, that was online and offline. But due to the current situation, it is advisable that you should apply online through the IRCC’s (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) official website.

How to get a Canada Work Visa?

To get a Canada work visa go for an online process. The online process is brisker and less painful in terms of the application process. The online process has no courier fees, and all the payments are completed through the online process. The online process gets your application to the right place immediately after pressing the submitting button. In the online process, you can Double-check all the material filled in it. In online process documents are safe and secure which directly is sent to the concerned authority, in offline, there are various possibilities. The online process gets you direct updates on your application, and lets you take a deep relief after you know the status.

Keep your Application Error- Free

But in the online process too, you need to be more vigilant, keep your application error-free. Once you have made up your mind to move to Canada for your career growth you will need to prepare for IELTS and work on your eligibility if you know that you are not eligible.

But before applying and paying the registration fee that is non-refundable, you need to double-check your eligibility.

Work Permit Visa Eligibility Requirements

For a brisk process, it is advised that you should check the eligibility criteria beforehand:

  1. Visa Application: Make sure your visa application is completed and submitted timely
  2. Passport: Be particular about the validity of the passport and other documents which are specified by IRCC
  3. Offer Letter: Without the offer of employment or contract from a Canadian employer, you will not be able to proceed with the work permit visa application.
  4. Letter of invitation:- make sure you have someone in Canada with whom you can live and who will write this formal letter as your host to the embassy or consulate. It has to be confirmed that the visa applicant will be seeking accommodation in their house for the period mentioned.

Other Documents Required

  1. Medical Exam certificate:- this document is important and if not submitted the application may be refused
  2. Funding Proof:- Make sure you collect and submit the proof about sufficient funding which will support your travel
  3. VFS consent form:- complete and submit VFS consent form, for it you can take help from various online tools.
  4. Documents:- Cross check all the documents required and make sure you upload it well.

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Documents required for the Canada Work Visa for Indian

If you are missing any of the documents, you will face difficulty to get the work visa for Canada. Hence, It is advised that you verify these documents before applying to get the work permit for Canada and keep all of them handy so that you need to cross minimal barriers.

So the documents that you will need are:-

    • Two Passport-sized photographs that are recently clicked
    • Your educational qualifications certificate
    • Proof that can verify your professional qualification
    • Proof of holding sufficient financial resources that can cover your travel expense in Canada
    • Medical examination certificate as discussed above
    • A Passport that is valid for more than 6 months from the day of your arrival in Canada
    • The application fee is also to be paid

Work Categories Applicable

Categories that are eligible to apply for a work permit visa for Canada are as follows:-

  • Post-graduation work permit
  • Regular open work permit
  • Temporary resident permit
  • Business:- Those who are transferred within companies, Business visitors, Investors or traders, can apply for a work permit.
  • Temporary work permits for spouses
  • Agricultural workers: Those who are hired through the seasonal agricultural worker program (SWAMP)

How to Prepare for IELTS to get a Work Visa for Canada?

To get the work permit visa for Canada you need to illustrate your English skills to IRCC, through IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Approximately 3 million tests were taken in 2019. For applicants who are desiring to work in Canada, it is requisite for them to perform well in this exam because this is their way out. It is used as a selection criteria for many professional organisations, educational institutes and employers in Canada. They have predefined criteria and a person has to get the IELTS score equal to or above it, to be selected in that institution or organisation.

What is IELTS?

IELTS examines your four skills in the English language: Speaking, reading, writing and listening.

  • Listening:- it is a 30 minutes test which is divided into 4 sections.
  • Writing: this writing test has 2 tasks for which a person has 60 minutes to complete it.
  • Speaking:- this test has 3 parts in it each of 11-14 minutes.
  • Reading: This is 40 questions and is divided into 3 sections. Total time duration given for this section is 60 minutes.

You can give IELTS 4 times in a month that is 28 times in a year. You can register for the IELTS test online by filling up the form available and providing the required document. You are also required to complete the process by completing the payment mode with a credit card.

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IELTS Procedure

A procedure that you can follow to register yourself are as follows:-

  • You first need to go to the official website “”
  • You will an option “Register for IELTS”, you need to select this
  • Then you need to test your preferred time and test city, but if seats are not available there you might choose to opt for other options.
  • Complete and submit the online application form
  • To pay for the test you will be required to choose (Master/Visa)
  • Don’t forget to carefully keep the receipt you will receive

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Before applying for the work visa for Canada, you should check the eligibility criteria. To apply for a work permit visa for Canada, you should go for the online application process. Keep your documents accessible so that you complete the application process briskly.

To be a part of the organisations in Canada, you will need to score well in the IELTS test as well. For that, you will need to work on your English skills and can take online guidance for the same.

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