The IELTS writing section is challenging for a lot of IELTS aspirants. It is not as tough as it seems. You need some good practice and strategies to tackle this section. If you are good at your IELTS exam preparation, you may even score a band over 8. For your practice, here is a topic for you: Music has been and will continue to be universal. Check out the sample answers provided in this post.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Music has Been and Will Continue to be Universal

By coughing through the samples below, you will get an idea of how to approach an IELTS writing topic.

Music has Been and Will Continue to be Universal Sample 1

Language has always been at the heart of human communication, separating us from the rest of the animals. Music is a method of communication that has transcended geographical boundaries, despite the fact that there are several languages spoken throughout the world. The reasons for my entire agreement with this point of view are discussed in this article.

To start with, languages are only a means of communication; nevertheless, music is distinguished by the addition of emotion. As a result, anytime a listener hears a song, it immediately affects some region of his mind and alters his mood in some way.

People also prefer to bond via music, even if they don’t speak the same language. A person from India, for example, who does not speak Spanish, may dance to the melody of Bailando with a Mexican woman and make a connection over it.

As a result, people who are unable to converse with one another owing to language barriers might bond via music. Music brings people from all around the world together in this way.

Furthermore, music has traditionally aided in the reconciliation of enemies. India and Pakistan, for example, have been political foes since 1947. Despite this, musicians and artists from both nations have always maintained friendly contacts and attempted to minimise enmity between them.

When the discussion between the two countries ceased after the Kargil conflict, renowned artists from both countries organised a Hindustani music festival, a genre of music that is practised and loved on both sides of the border. This served as a springboard for the two neighbours to begin talking to one other.

Finally, because music is a combination of emotion and communication, and because music has aided in the improvement of ties between neighbouring states, I totally agree that music is and will continue to be a global language.

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Music Has Been and Will Continue to Be Universal Sample 2

Music has a vital impact on cultural differences in many places of the world. Many people believe that music, regardless of its origins or destiny, deserves to be referred to be a global language. To the best of my knowledge, this viewpoint is supported by the following arguments.

To begin, it is worth noting that music and languages are inextricably linked in some way. Many studies have revealed that, despite its invisibility, music serves an essential role in communicating thoughts and feelings, which is a key feature of language.

As a result, it would be a severe error to miss the fact that music may portray feelings that are difficult to explain in words. Higher pitch, melodic variations, and a quicker pace, for example, can indicate happiness, but a languid beat might convey despair. This example demonstrates how music may elicit a wide range of feelings from listeners.

Second, critics argue that music is not a global language since individuals in different nations like different forms of music. This argument may be correct to some extent, but it is not full.

They overlook the fact that, in the past, each country had its own style of music that was influenced by its culture; nevertheless, as a result of cultural globalisation, individuals are more likely to love similar types of music from dominating civilizations.

As per a BBC News report, English has grown in popularity as an international language, accompanied by increased interest in US-UK music. Finally, music is a global language that, as previously stated, connects people from all over the world to feelings and cultures.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Practice Questions

Now that you have learned how to tackle a question, try to write these topics down

Set 1

  1. Some believe that younger family members should be legally responsible for supporting older family members when they become physically, mentally and financially unable to look after themselves.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  1. In the 20th century, contact between many different parts of the world has developed rapidly through air travel and telecommunications.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

  1. Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality, high school students should be encouraged to question and offer criticism of their teachers. Others think this will lead to a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

  1. The governments should give each citizen a basic income so that they have enough money to live on, even if they are unemployed.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Set 2

  1. Many doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, but most patients do not follow an exercise routine.

Why do you think this happens?

How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

  1. Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  1. Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always good.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

  1. Today family members eat fewer meals together.

Why is this?

Is this a positive or negative trend?

  1. Some people believe that everyone has a right to have access to university education and that governments should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS Preparation Tips for Writing Section

These key tips will help your a lot in your next IELTS exam

Task Response

It assesses how well your essay responds to the question, and in order to receive an 8 band score, you must completely respond to the question. If a section of the essay is not completely covered, you will only get 6 bands. Your concept should be timely and well-thought-out. You need to merely express that points which are linked to the topic

Take Practice Test

Official and unauthorised practise tests are available from many organisations, and you should use them for practise. Before you subscribe to any platform, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, the difficulty level should be identical to what you will experience on exam day. Secondly, tasks should be as near to the actual thing as feasible. If you believe you require additional practise, you can accomplish so by writing on your own. Instead of duplicating ideas from literature, you should come up with your own.

Understand The Marking Structure

In writing, almost no one gets an 8 band score. You must be aware of the resources required for your writing. Writing is notoriously difficult to score, and this is particularly true for IELTS writing.

Essentially, your grammar and vocabulary together account for 50% of your grade, while the remaining 50% is determined by the structure of your writing and how you promote and maintain your views. Furthermore, how well you connect sentences together; all of these elements should come easy to most people, but they don’t.

Improve Your English Level

Only Reading books, magazines, and articles will not assist you; thus, you must practise writing both tasks. Don’t restrict yourself to just one type of writing. Maintaining an English diary, writing short tales, and attempting essays are all effective ways to practise.

Make your own corrections or have someone else go through your work with you. If you can’t understand something, you should watch English films or listen to English-language music. Replay the sections you didn’t understand until you do.


The most common writing challenges are completing both jobs in 60 minutes and writing more lines than are needed. It is not easy to do so, and in order to pass the IELTS writing section, you must not only finish both tasks but also write the appropriate words. As a result, you must write rapidly, which necessitates a thorough understanding of the structure of both assignments.

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