Student Name: Ajay C. Thomas
Exam Type: IELTS General
Personal Trainer : Pravneet Kaur
Target Band: 7
Over All Band Achieved : 7
Result Breakup :

Listening 6
Speaking 7.5
Reading 6.5
Writing 7

About Ajay C. Thomas.
Ajay was very keen on preparing for IELTS which is why he resort to IELTS Ninja for additional guidance. He also realised that he needed to work on certain areas in order to achieve his desired band score.
In his own words,
“I remember I wanted to prepare for my IELTS exams that was dated on 2nd September 2016 which is why I had enrolled myself with IELTS Ninja on 20th July 2016.I had come to an understanding that I needed assistance with the IELTS general module, so I could manage to get my desired band score (i.e. 7) in my first attempt.
At the time, I had a very busy schedule and I wondered if the IELTS Ninja team would be considerate towards my hectic schedule. To my surprise, they managed to provide me with flexible session timings.

During my time with IELTS Ninja, the resourceful mentors guided me in every way possible. Now, when I think back on the time spent during the sessions I understand why I needed the training. It really has been a wonderful learning experience with IELTS Ninja.”


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