Carnegie Mellon University, or CMU, is one of the leading private and global research universities. It was founded in 1900. Carnegie Mellon University has students from all over the world studying at its campus.

They have over 5,000 staff and faculty as well as 109,945 alumni representing this university across 140 countries. It is located in an urban area and has a campus size of 155 acres. In 2021, it was ranked 26 in the best colleges and national universities.

This university was founded by Andrew Carnegie, who was a philanthropist and industrialist. Now, CMU has become an international university that grants higher-level education in various countries, including Australia, Qatar, and Africa. It has schools and independent colleges that offer various programs.

Some of them are the Dietrich College of Social Science and Humanities, College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, and The School of Computer Science. It’s a great place to pursue higher education. Now, let’s learn about the Carnegie Mellon University score needed to get admission to this university and other essential details.

Carnegie Mellon University Admission

Carnegie Mellon University is considered to be a selective university because its acceptance rate is 15 percent. This means that every 15 out of 100 students gets admission to one of their schools and colleges. To get enrollment, you will have to clear GRE and IELTS with good grades, among other things.

The university charges $75 for the application fee, and the deadline for accepting applications is the 1st of January. Therefore, you must submit your GRE/IELTS scores before or by the 1st of December.

Key Features of Carnegie Mellon University

#. Carnegie Mellon University is a leading private university based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and Adelaide, Australia.

#. This university is co-ed and provides quality education to national as well as international students.

#. The gender ratio is about 50:50 for male and female applicants.

#. It has a higher (15%) acceptance rate than other universities.

#. They have over 5,000 staff and faculty and over 109,945 alumni.

What Services does CMU Offer to its Students?

#. Provides easy access to information about its multiple programs, policies, and the faculty of CMU.

#. Provides housing facilities to the students in the first year and upper-class members of its Greek organisations.

#. Carnegie Mellon University also has world-class libraries: Hunt Library, Sorrells Library, and Mellon Library.

#. Students can avail of ICT services. The demand for the internet is continuously increasing in CMU to meet student requirements.

#. Medical services include comprehensive care management, general illness, insurance, physicals, and many other health services.

Student’s College Life in CMU

#. CMU’s Campus Life

The students have a wonderful campus life because it is located in silicon valley. You can enjoy the rich heritage and facilities of the College of Engineering. This can give better learning, innovative research, and support experience for the students.

#. Sports Facilities in CMU

If you are part of CMU, you can be part of its central gathering for sports experience at Jared L. Cohon University. Here you can get numerous athletics, dining and lounge facilities. Besides this, it also has space for student organisations and multiple activities.

#. CMU’s Student Club

It has many student clubs like the Office of Student Leadership, Civic and Involvement clubs. Here the graduate, as well as an undergraduate student, can get holistic treatments. They can also build up essential skills to empower career growth.

Placement after Completing Study from CMU or Carnegie Mellon University

As per the report provided by Carnegie Mellon University itself, they recorded the highest number of employees in 2008. In 2019 91 percent of students who graduated from CMU got job placement within 90 days. Also, the report released on 6 of march 2020  says over 89 percent of students got a job offer from the top 35 companies. Out of those, 87 percent of students secured jobs.

Besides this, this report also says that 89 percent of students who placed got a full-time job in the USA. Therefore, we can say this university has a soundtrack in providing placement to the students.

Carnegie Mellon University IELTS Requirement

CMU welcomes international students, but they have to clear specific admission tests to secure their seats in the university. Here, I will tell you about the IELTS score you need to get admission to this university.

Generally, students who are not native English speakers take the IELTS test to show their speaking, writing, reading, and listening abilities. Therefore, if you want to enrol in this university, you will have to score well in this exam. The average score they ask to obtain is 7.5 or higher, and you should always keep in mind that higher marks are always better.

However, you should not only focus on the overall scores because you also need to get good scores in the individual sections. When you take the IELTS exam, you must remember to score at least 25 or above in writing, speaking, reading, and listening.

carnegie mellon university score

What’s a Good IELTS Score to Get Admission to a Masters Course in CMU?

If you want to know the Carnegie Mellon University IELTS requirement for masters, then you should know that the IELTS requirements remain the same as discussed above. However, if you want to gain an advantage over other students, you should try to obtain a score of around 8 to 8.5.

Carnegie Mellon University GRE Requirement

Carnegie Mellon University also accepts GRE for some specialised courses. Therefore, if you want to take an entrance exam for an MBA, MIM, or MS, you can take the GRE. The average score required to enrol in Carnegie Mellon University is 152-156 in verbal, 159 in quantitative aptitude (minimum), or 161, which is the average mark for quantitative aptitude. These are the standard marks that international students need, but most students get higher than the average.

What’s a Good GRE Score to Achieve?

You have understood the average GRE score needed for admission to this university. But these days, having average marks won’t be sufficient. Therefore, you should also know about the highest marks that students can score.

The top students have scored over 163 in verbal, 165 in quantitative reasoning, and over 5 in AWE or Analytical Writing Score. So, if you want to obtain your place in the top 25 percent of students, you need to match this score. In general, 158-162 marks in verbal, 159-165 in quantitative reasoning, and 4.5 in AWS can be a good GRE score. Therefore, your overall scores should be 317-327. However, 305-315 can also be considered as a good score from a GRE perspective.


I hope you have understood the GRE and IELTS requirement for Carnegie Mellon University. You have also gained other essential knowledge about the university, the scores you need to achieve, and other essential information. If you want to keep reading similar kinds of IELTS and higher education-related content, then stay connected with us.

Moreover, we offer free demo classes for students who are willing to get higher marks in their IELTS and GREs. The IELTS Ninja has trained many students like you for their IELTS and GRE.

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