If you have decided to pursue higher studies in Canada, you may have heard about the University of McGill or McGill University. It is one of Canada’s best-performing universities and has ranked 27th in QS World University Rankings, 2022. In this article, we will take a look at the University of McGill fees for Indian students, rankings, and courses.

University of McGill Overview

McGill is a public university that started in 1821, and it is located in Quebec, Canada. It has two campuses called the downtown campus, which is in Montreal, and the Macdonald campus, which is in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. It provides instructions and academic facilities in English; however, approximately 20% of its students said their native language was French. Over 50% of Montreal’s local residents speak in French. It comprises ten faculties and its schools, where students can choose a program from around 300 courses.

University of McGill

It has a higher number of undergraduate students and also charges higher tuition fees from international students. This university has over 40 research centres where students can test their creative and innovative ideas. Some of its research centres are The Center for Intellectual Property Policy, The Centre on Population Dynamics, and McGill Centre for Bioinformatics.

Some crucial stats about McGill University

#1. Its total number of students is 31,578, including 9,798 international students.

#2. McGill has around 2,458 academic staff, of which 760 are international.

#3. Around 5,845 undergraduate degrees have been distributed

#4. They have awarded around 760 doctorate-level degrees to their students.

#5. It has 861 relatively low research staff

#6. They have 991 new doctorate level students

#7. They have 5,190 undergraduate students

University of McGill Ranking

McGill University has ranked in the list of top global universities and has secured the 51st position. We will discuss some more ranks of this university to analyse its productivity and acceptance.

#1. It is the 3rd best global university in Canada.

#2. McGill has obtained 1st place among medical doctorate universities and schools of Canada. This rank was in the Maclean University Ranking 2021. It was also honoured for several programs, including Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, etc.

#3. It was also ranked 37th in the world by academics and 32nd by employers.

Subject-wise Rankings of McGill University

McGill University is also ranked high for its courses, as they offer the best learning facilities to its students. Here are some of those courses and ranks:

#1. For arts and humanities, it has scored 33rd rank worldwide

#2. Its Life Sciences and Medicine programs ranked 31st worldwide.

#3. Its natural science program has ranked in 48th place worldwide.

#4. Engineering and technology gained the 40th ranking worldwide.

#5. For its management and social science programs, it has been awarded 43rd rank worldwide.

University of McGill Courses

Now, we will discuss University of McGill courses. McGill University has around 11 faculties and schools, and with the help of these, it provides over 400 courses in 80 departments. Its MBA and LLM courses are popular. It offers MSC in CS, M.Eng in ME, MA Economics, M.MGMT – Finance, MBA, M.Sc CE, and M.Eng EE.

It also has B.Sc CS, B.Sc-Nursing, B.Com Accounting, BSc Architecture, and B.Com Information System. These are the top courses offered by McGills. Some notable courses, including Medicine, Investment Management, and BioMedical Engineering, are considered some of the best courses in the world.

University of McGill Fees

Let’s take a look at the fee structure of the University. McGill offers discounted fees for Quebec residents. However, the fee can vary according to the course. However, a Quebec resident pays around CA$2725, whereas a non-Quebec Canadian resident pays around CA$8505.

But if you are an international candidate, then the fees will be higher. According to the 2021 and 2022 figures, an international student needs to pay an average of CA$26,500 for courses. Moreover, students can enrol in a full-time masters course with the same course price they paid for the undergraduate course. However, a student who wants to pursue a PhD. will need to pay CA$20000 more to get enrollment.

University of McGill IELTS Requirement

University of McGill IELTS

If you want to take admission to McGill University and are not a native English speaker, you will have to clear the IELTS exam and score the required marks as listed by the university. In most courses, the University of McGill’s IELTS requirements is only 6.5 to 7.

You can prepare for listening, speaking, writing, and reading with the help of essential resources so that you can get a score of 7.5 or more. It helps to stand out from the rest of the applicants. You must make sure that you get a score of at least 6 each in section (i.e., Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading) but not less.


How Much Will Living Cost if You Study Here?

Other than tuition fees, there are several other expenses that occur on an everyday basis.

#1. The first expense you will meet with is university residence, which will cost you CA$8,148 to CA$13,050.

#2. Rental expense, which costs CA$500 to CA$1500 per month.

#3. If you prefer to live on-campus, you will need to take a mandatory residential meal plan (for eight months) that costs CA$5475 annually.

#4. You may also have to spend around CA$1000 for books and other supplements.

#5. Every student is liable to pay for health insurance which costs CA$1161.

Does the University of McGill Offer On-Campus Accommodation?

McGill University offers on-campus accommodation to undergraduate as well as graduate students.

#1. They have 13 Downtown residents, including four apartments, six dorms, and three hotel-style residences.

#2. A graduate student has the ability to choose from a single bedroom to a shared room option.

#3. It also has halls including Solin Hall, MORE Hall, Carrefour, and Sherbrooke Hall.

#4. They offer rooms that are already furnished with essentials, including a night table, beds, and a study chair.

Can a Student Take Off-Campus Accommodation?

Off-campus accommodation is also available in this university with a single bed and shared room option.

#1. Generally, these accommodations are primarily available in city areas, and some also offer a meal plan.

#2. Generally, off-campus accommodations are located at a shorter distance from other universities.

#3. If students take off-campus accommodation, it can cost around CA$500 to CA$800 per month.

#4. Some of these accommodations also offer a gym, swimming pool, and other essential facilities.


We hope that you gained in-depth knowledge with this blog, especially about University of McGill fees for Indian students to its rankings, courses, accommodation, and much more. But if you want to get admission, you must have to score at least 7 in your IELTS exam.

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