Are you someone who wants to get an answer to how to get New Zealand PR? Then, you have landed on the right article. To get a permanent residence here are the basic New Zealand PR requirements to check for before moving forward.

  • Make sure you have a New Zealand resident visa for a minimum of two years.
  • Have successfully met all the conditions of your resident visa.
  • Have proved your commitment to New Zealand in any one of the five ways, as mentioned by the New Zealand Government.

Once you have fulfilled all the above-mentioned conditions, then you are ready to fulfil the other New Zealand PR requirements that will approve your application. We will discuss them further in the article.

New Zealand PR Visa

The most common question that buzzes around New Zealand Permanent Resident Visas is, ‘what are the benefits of getting a New Zealand PR Visa?’

While under Resident Visas you have travel benefits that allow you to re-enter New Zealand as a resident until a given date, but under Permanent Resident Visa, you are allowed indefinite re-entry to New Zealand for an indefinite time.

As a resident of New Zealand, with PR, you will come across many benefits.

Note: Resident Visa and Permanent Residence Visa are different.

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New Zealand PR Rules and Requirements

To get a Permanent Residence in New Zealand, make sure that you have fulfilled the basic New Zealand PR rules. The list of the basic rules that need to be followed is mentioned below.

  • Age of the applicant needs to be below 55 years.
  • Ensure good health and a character certificate.
  • Fluency and good command over English language. Apply for IELTS now to ensure a fluency over language English.
  • Must have a job offer letter from a company located in New Zealand.
  • Minimum work experience of three years.
  • Get a Resident Visa at least two years before applying for a PR Visa and make sure you have lived under that visa for two years.
  • Applicable conditions of Resident Visa needs to be fulfilled.

Express Your Commitment Towards New Zealand to Get a PR

Getting a PR in New Zealand offers you a number of benefits, and that’s why it becomes essential for the country to ensure that the people applying for PR are committed to the country. To express your commitment to the country, you need to fulfil any one of the conditions from the five conditions listed below. 

Spend Enough Time in the Country

Before applying for a Permanent Residence, make sure that you have spent a minimum of 184 days in the country as a resident in each of the two years immediately before your date of application.

Get Yourself a New Zealand Tax Residence Status

You will be qualified as a tax resident in New Zealand if you have been able to live as a resident in the country for a minimum of 41 days in each of the two preceding years to the date of application.

Also, there is an additional condition – you have been assessed as a holder of tax residence status in this particular period.

Invest in the Country

In case if you decide to fulfil this condition, a minimum amount of NZ$1,00,000 is an acceptable amount for investment for at least a period of two years or more.

Acceptable investments are the ones that are stated as acceptable under the investment visa policy of New Zealand. It includes –

  • Capability of a commercial return under normal situations.
  • Not for the personal use of the applicant.
  • Invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency.
  • Potential to make a contribution to New Zealand’s economy.
  • Or any such other investments.

Bring or Initiate a Business in New Zealand

You can either outsource a business or initiate a business in New Zealand at least a year before you plan to apply. In case you outsource a business, make sure that you at least own a 25% share in that particular business.

Starting or bringing a business is not enough, business needs to be a successful one and should benefit the country in some or other way. 

Establish a Base in New Zealand

To prove your establishment in the country, you need to fulfil these condition

  • Live in New Zealand as a resident for a minimum of 41 days in the year preceding your date of application for permanent residence.
  • Others included in your residence application should have lived in the country for a minimum of 184 days in the two years before your date of application for permanent residence.

If you want to get a permanent residence, make sure that you fulfil at least one requirement from the five mentioned above.

Mentioned below are the two additional conditions that you need to fulfil in order to get a permanent residence.

  • The applicant needs to purchase a home 12 months before or after becoming a resident. He/she has to own it and live in it.
  • He/she has worked full time in the country for nine months or more in the two years before the date of application.

H3 New Zealand PR Points

New Zealand PR points is a system where you are allotted points based on the following factors

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Skilled Employment
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Partner

These points are calculated in order to understand who is offering the best to the country. The minimum marks that one needs to score to get ahead is 100. However, currently, only applicants above the score of 160 are acceptable.

Role of IELTS in New Zealand PR Visa

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. Over the decades, English has become one of the basic languages of communication on the national and international level. IELTS is an examination that is used to measure the proficiency and fluency of people who plan to study or work in a country where English is a primary language of communication.

An IELTS band score indicates a score for each set of skills. Listening, reading, writing and speaking are the four skill sets that are considered under the IELTS exam. A band score is a result ranging from band 0 to band 9 for each skill, and for the overall score. You will get to know more about each skill set in detail as we dig into the details.

Why is it Important to Appear for IELTS to get a New Zealand PR Visa?

The number one reason to appear for this exam is that it is mandatory because how else will you prove that you’re competent enough when it comes to fluency over language English.  

In 2008 more than three million IELTS tests were undertaken around the world and over 10000 organisations rely on IELTS including governments for migration assessment, universities for admissions and employers and professional registration bodies.

According to statistics and the institution’s requirements, the score band of 6.5 is interpreted as competent and is borderline B2/C1. The ideal band score considered or recommended for IELTS is 7.5. It all boils down to the fact that whether 6.5 is a good enough score to crack IELTS? The answer is yes, but it is always better to score above average to stay safe.

Why Choose IDP for Placement if Planning to Apply for New Zealand PR Visa?

What is IDP?

IDP Education (“International Development Program”) is an international education organisation offering a platform for students to get a placement in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Ireland and Canada. According to the Global Peace 2019, New Zealand is the safest place in order to study abroad.

It has an accurate balance when it comes to opportunities, culture, economy and climate, especially for an Indian student.

IDP has created a vast network by owning more than 100 offices in 31 countries and 550 counsellors. This education program helps students to pick the right course at the right time to get into a university of the country that is a priority to them.

Why is IDP an Appropriate Choice?

IDP is a global leader in the industry of providing education to students abroad. It becomes a kick start of your dream to study abroad and the plan to settle in that particular country.

IDP is co-owned by many universities and partners that can help you connect with more than 650 schools and colleges. This provides an excellent platter for students to choose the course, university and country of their choice.

There are counsellors and specialists that will help in choosing the best according to your preferences and suitability.

They also help in the process of preparing visa documents, and at the same time, simplify the procedure for you. Not only they also prepare you for the further journey by giving pre-departure briefings.

Institutions and the Government of New Zealand offer a wide range of scholarship for Master’s degree and research grants. They also provide job opportunities to earn while you learn.


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