The IELTS Writing task 2 contains an essay that needs to be written strategically. The answers to the questions asked need to be provided in every paragraph of the essay. There are five kinds of essay types that may come during the writing test. Identifying the essay type and then approaching it in the manner in which you’re ideally supposed to will help pull up your overall band score.

Let us address the five different categories of essays that have a probability of coming during such tests.


In these types of essays, the word ‘discuss’ is usually mentioned with the question. Here, you will need to thoroughly evaluate the subject matter and provide the examiner with a detailed discussion. 

Eg : Some countries have banned certain painkillers as they have severe side effects while few countries condemn this move.  Discuss both sides and give your opinion.


As the name suggests, you will have to state both the upsides as well as the downsides of the statement that you’re presented with.  It needs to be well balanced for you will have to substantiate your points with relevant examples. It could get tricky but if both the positives and negatives have been adequately touched upon, your essay will be well structured.

Eg: Earlier, people would only consume seasonal fruits and vegetables but in the modern day, people consume food that is also off season. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?


Essays of this nature will contain questions that you will need to answer. You may be asked either a single question or two to three questions. You will need to answer each of the questions separately through paragraph breaks. 

Eg: Modern science has also given birth to monsters. What do you feel about it?

Eg: Young people are choosing to become entrepreneurs. Why do you think so? Is this a positive development?


Here, an opinion is already presented. The nature of the opinion is usually extreme or slightly unconventional. You will have to include your personal opinion in these essays and answer the questions.  You can choose any opinion that you wish to go with but you need to justify it well.

Eg : Third world countries need policies in place to address challenges related to food scarcity. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Here, you will be asked to provide solutions to a problem statement. You will need to come up with ways in which a pressing issue can be tackled.

Eg: The adulteration of milk is causing allergies in children. Discuss the possible solutions to this problem.

Eg : More and more birds are migrating to other countries. What problems is this causing? Discuss the solutions to this issue.

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