Student Name: Jaspreet
Exam Type: IELTS Academic
Personal Trainer : Ms. Rimple Sharma
Target Band : 6
Over All Band Achieved : 6.5
Result Breakup :

Listening 7
Speaking 6
Reading 6
Writing 6

About Jaspreet
Jaspreet, wanted a study visa  for Canada and for that he needed a band score of 6 in all the modules. He already attempted once before taking training from IELTS Ninja but was unable to o score the required band.
In his own words:
For my Study visa for Canada, I had to get an overall score of 6 with all sub scores at least 6. I took the test earlier and was unable to reach the desired score. I heard of IELTS Ninja and took their online course. With the help of my trainer Ms. Rimple Sharma ,I was able to improve my writing score. Now I can complete my registration for the study visa.
I’m thankful for the help and support provided by Ms. Rimple Sharma . Without it I would still be struggling with the writing tasks. The feedback definitely helped as I was able to fix the mistakes I continuously made every time.I definitely recommend IELTS Ninja to everyone needing to improve their scores.”

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