The IELTS exam is one of the English language tests for migration, work, or higher studies. About 3 million IELTS aspirants appear for this prestigious test. Over 10,000 universities, immigration bodies, employers, and schools accept this test.

The IELTS exam consists of four tests: reading test, speaking test, listening test, and writing test. Today’s article mainly focuses on the IELTS reading test.

What is the IELTS Reading Test?

IELTS Reading Test is one of the four tests, and it is the first stage of the IELTS exam. The format of this exam is to test the reading skills of the test takers. The time duration of this test is 60 minutes. There is no separate/ additional time to write down the answers in the answer sheet.

This test possesses 40 questions. Aspirants should hence look forward to managing their time as per the format and given time duration. The Reading Test consists of 3 sections/passages. The difficulty level increases from section 1 to section 3.

To understand the reading passages in detail, let’s look into one of the paragraphs, known as the Autumn Leaves.

What is the Autumn Leaves Reading Answers?

This section is confusing and a bit tricky. Some aspirants struggle in solving the reading section. Here’s a solution on how you should frame your answers and attempt such types of questions. The title of the passage is “Autumn Leaves”. This passage concentrates on the details of the Autumn leaves.

Let take a glance at the passage & questions regarding the same:

What is the Reason behind the Leaves Turning Rd in the Autumn Season?

A. In the summer season, the leaves are green due to the large quantity of chlorophyll present. It’s a molecule that seizes light from the sun and transforms that energy into essential structural elements for plants. The available amount of sun’s energy wanes as fall arrives. Hence the plants save their reserves by detaching some of their leaves. So, other colours start showing through leaves as the chlorophyll flees out. However, this doesn’t clarify the purples or the reds of plant leaves.

B. Anthocyanins are the widely known sources responsible for the redness of the leaves. Nevertheless, it’s confusing how the anthocyanins are freshly curated in their leaves at the same moments when the plants prepare to detach them. Like, why should plants worry about developing new chemicals in their leaves when it’s going to detach them?

C. Few theories about anthocyanins debate that the turning of leaves into red colour is a chemical defence against some harmful attacks. For instance, to save the tree from the invasions by fungus/insects, or to attract the birds who are fruit-eaters or to improve a leaf’s forbearance to freeze.

Type of Questions:

Matching Information (Question 14 – 17)

The following statement concerns which of the given paragraphs?

# An explanation of the element accountable for the redness in the leaf colour.

Answer: Paragraph B

Fill in the Gaps (Questions 19 – 22)

Answer in one word

# Some theories state that the turning of leaves in red colour is a  _______ defence.

Answer: Chemical

True or False or Not Given (Questions 23 – 25)

Answer the following statements as True, False or Not Given concerning the given paragraphs.

# Leaves that switch to colours different from red can be more susceptible to be harmed by the sun rays.

Answer: Not Given

Do read the entire passage and carefully answer its questions. At first, it may seem difficult, but with practice, it will get easier. Practice the autumn leaves IELTS reading answers and more such passages to score the highest bands in IELTS.

Further, let’s dive into the details of the IELTS Reading Test.

Academic Reading Test Versus General Training Test

Both these tests are of 60 minutes and possess 40 questions. However, the Academic Reading Test is for the aspirants who want to take admission to universities. On the other hand, the General Training Test is for those who wish to migrate or take up a job in foreign countries.

These tests consist of 3 sections. In the General Training Test, the 1st section is factual and possesses two or three small texts. The 2nd section consists of two texts. The last section consists of one large text with a maximum difficulty level. In the Academic test, there are three large texts, one text in each section.

Do’s and Don’ts for the IELTS Reading Test

# Do not go thinking that you will understand/know each word you read. It is a type of vocabulary test. Hence, it is fine if you are not familiar with some words.

# Practice consistently. One can not ignore the power of practice. Practice will undoubtedly help you improve your scores in the IELTS Reading Test.

# Make good use of the given time. There are 3 sections, and you have 60 minutes on your hand. Divide 20 minutes for each section, and viola. You will score most of the marks effortlessly.

# Relax, don’t panic. If you don’t know the answer, move ahead. It’s okay to not know some of the answers. Go to the next ones and solve what you know well.

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