Many people and aspirants have doubts about handwriting in IELTS writing. Does handwriting matter in IELTS? Which handwriting is best for IELTS writing? Should we write in cursive writing in IELTS or a simple one? Will they increase our band score, when we write neatly or in cursive? Is one’s handwriting even important in IELTS? Well, those are a ton of questions and this blog can answer all of them.

Know about everything you want to know about the writing task and does handwriting even counts. Read the full blog to get all your doubts clear and answered.

And guess what? You also get preparation tips as an added bonus which can be done by sitting at the comfort of your home.

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Which Handwriting is the Best for IELTS Writing?

Well, when we speak about handwriting, we get stream into cursive, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Cursive is like beautifully bending of words and is nicely composed.

In IELTS neat and understandable handwriting is preferred. When you don’t know about cursive then please don’t attempt and write the handwriting. It is not something that will increase or boost your marks. Try not to use cursive handwriting in IELTS because one, it is time-consuming and if you don’t know it well, don’t go for it.

Can Cursive Writing in IELTS be Used?

This leaves most of you. Those informed with cursive may realize that this way of composing is an efficient device for you at any rate. Quickly organizing those streaming letters truly can assist you with composing rapidly. In any case, it doesn’t save time for the needy individuals who need to understand it. Cursive gets “untidy” much simpler than non-cursive–or “print”– calligraphy.

So don’t utilize cursive to save yourself time. All things considered, figure out how to print all the more proficiently. That saves everybody time. Also, it can help you focus on the IELTS writing component.

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Does Handwriting Matter in IELTS?

If any aspirant is attending a pen and paper examination then the handwriting also comes into play. Your writing should be clear and understandable to the examiner. One can write both straight and cursive. But, cursive is a lot of time taking and also if you aren’t familiar with cursive then don’t opt for it. Just be clear and neat with your writing so that’s understandable. As it can give a good impression. It depicts your clarity in your thoughts and answering the questions.

If you don’t have good handwriting and people have a hard time reading your work, then don’t opt for a pen and paper exam or else learn to write neatly. While you are writing answers, note down your actual time period and see to it to manage time well. Note that, even if you write in calligraphy, writing does not help you gain points, it’s the content.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 

Your vocabulary might decrease if you do these

#Writing the words in the wrong sentence context.

#One will be confused about how to use the word form, for instance, instead of a noun, you use an adjective.

#No use of synonymous words which is important.

#Spelling and punctuations in the wrong way and don’t know how to use.

These are some important word lists that might be asked in the exam.


#It occurs…

#It may appear that…

#I/This essay will express that…

#I/This essay will assert that…

#To examine this topic, this essay will assess both….and…

#Firstly, this essay…..

#Second, it will….


#For example,

#For instance,


#In addition,


#First of all,



#To summarise,

#On balance,

#In the end,


Adjectives and Adverbs 

Amazingly Alternatively
Curiously Certainly
Seriously Probably
Sadly Wisely
Tragically Technically
Happily Typically
Luckily Similarly
Hopefully Secondly
Fortunately Correctly
Interestingly Equally
Ironically Specifically
Faithfully Sincerely
Beautifully Crafted

Synonyms for IELTS 

Destroy Demolish, Slay, Ruin, Raze
Difference Disagreement, Inequity, Dissimilarity
Happy Pleased, Delighted, Elated, Joyful, Ecstatic, Jubilant, Jaunty
Hate Despise, Loathe, Abhor, Abominate
Love Like, Admire, Fancy, Care for, Adore
Make Create, Originate, Invent, Construct, Manufacture, Produce, Compose
Big Huge, Enormous, Gigantic, Humongous, Substantial, Mammoth
Break Rupture, Fracture, Shatter
Amazing Incredible, Fantastic, Fabulous, Astonishing, Extraordinary

Online Preparation for IELTS 

This is the online course which is available on IELTS Ninja and is specially designed for writing task which is called Writing Focus Program and focuses on

Target an 8+ band in the writing module

What do you get?

#43+ hours of private training

#16 hours of personal online lessons with a professional teacher

#6 hours of incredible training videos

#10 practise examinations and one important mock test

#2 weeks is the course duration

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Hopefully, this article provided you with all your answers and has cleared all your doubts. The IELTS exam is all about your proficiency, fluency and transparency of your English language and only measures that on different scales and measures. One should remember that if their handwriting is neat and clean then it’s enough. One shouldn’t be a master of calligraphy, your handwriting does not count. If it counts, it is only for giving a presentable look and making your handwriting understandable. Everything is based on your content and language. All the best for your exam.

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