In the IELTS speaking test, you will be asked about a variety of cue card topics. For this exam, students must prepare properly and judiciously. Start observing your creativity and writing down the concepts that come to mind while thinking about something if you’re preparing for it. It will assist you during the interview process. You must effectively answer the questions within the time limit.

You must effectively answer the questions within the time limit. Prior preparation is required for the exam in order to understand what needs to be done at any given time.

The principle of this article’s cue card is to describe a time when you tried to do something and got success. Here are two different methods to express yourself. To understand the order and proper manner to define your ideas, read the entire essay.

IELTS Preparation

Everyone will agree that the IELTS exam gives people who desire to work in different countries the best chance possible. You’ll have to put in some effort to make this happen. The purpose of the exam is to assess your command of the English language.

Despite the fact that English is taught in every school and institution in India, it is always necessary to be fluent in it because Hindi is the mother tongue.

If you want to earn good grades on this exam, you should make a schedule and start studying right away. This exam is taken by more than 5000 aspirants. You must ensure that you stand out from the crowd and leave an impression.

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IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking is a section of the exam in which candidates must demonstrate their ability and proficiency in communication and vocal spirits. To impress the exam takers, you must prepare ahead of time by improving your grammar, vocabulary, and diction.

During the interview, the examiners will ask you about specific life events and cue card themes, which you must effectively respond to.

Candidates must prepare such articles in order to understand the most effective and distinctive ways to respond.

Describe a Time When You Tried to do Something and Got Success

Given below are two answers for the cue card topic.

Questions for IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic

One should say

What was the thing you tried?

When was it?

How did you succeed?

Explain your feelings.

Answer One: Describe a Time When You Tried to do Something and Got Success


I’m not sure if it’s a good or negative thing, but I’m never particularly comfortable talking about my accomplishments (believe me, there aren’t many) in front of other people. Then there’s the fact that I despise talking about my shortcomings in front of people. So, thank you for this topic, because I’m going to briefly discuss one of my life’s few successes.

When Was It?

It happened around ten years ago when my employment required me to relocate to a small town. It was a wonderful town, but there simply weren’t enough public transportation options to get the population from one point to another.

As a result, most of the city’s less well-off citizens would squabble with one another in the buses and trains over the limited number of seats, or even over any open space to stand. Not to mention that such a difficult time getting from one point to another was extremely stressful and irritating for the citizens of that small town.

What Was the Thing You Tried?

As a result, as a resident of a huge city, I decided to raise the issue with the local government body as well as a national daily newspaper. I even tried to gather a large number of signatures from the town’s citizens in order to file an official petition, only to discover that they didn’t want to offer their signatures because they didn’t trust our poor bureaucracy.

Some of them even tried to dissuade me by claiming that the government lacked the funds to purchase additional public transit for the residents of small cities. But I refused to give up, and after nearly a year of trying, I was ultimately able to persuade the authorities to provide additional public transit in that town.

How You Felt About It? Conclusion

Anyway, I was overjoyed with my victory because it made life much simpler for the poor citizens of that small village. Furthermore, I believe that we should never underestimate our ability to help others, regardless of how negative some may be.

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Answer Two: Describe a Time When You Tried to do Something and Got Success


Success is defined in a variety of ways by various people. Some people define success as having a lovely house, while others define success as having a nice job. But the success story I’m about to tell you today is a little different since it has nothing to do with money. Rather, it’s about mastering the skill of quitting a really unpleasant habit.

What Was the Thing You Tried?

Of course, some people might not consider quitting smoking a success, but it was a huge accomplishment for me. In fact, quitting smoking after only a few months was a major triumph for someone who had smoked for more than ten years. However, until I became ill about a year ago, I didn’t have the desire to achieve this success.

In fact, I was suffering from bronchitis and shortness of breath so badly as a result of my heavy smoking that I had to visit the hospital several times in just six months.

When Was It?

By the way, around 5 years ago, the doctor encouraged me to quit smoking as soon as possible because of similar problems, albeit not as terrible as the present illness, but I simply ignored the advice. But, as it turned out, the decision proved to be quite costly later on, when I discovered that I had caused major lung damage.

So, for the sake of my health, it was time for me to act like an adult and quit smoking totally. Of course, I was irritated and annoyed at first because I couldn’t enjoy my favourite pastime (smoking), but I gradually grew accustomed to it by occupying myself with other activities such as programming and coding.


In any case, this achievement was critical in my life since it enabled me to become a healthier and more productive individual. In addition, it enabled me to reconnect with my family as a responsible adult. Finally, this success enabled me to save some money that I had been squandering on cigarettes.

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IELTS Speaking Part Three: Follow-Up Questions for Preparation

Here are the follow-up questions for IELTS speaking part three.

What is the Meaning of Success for You?

Success, in my perspective, is the achievement of objectives. These objectives could be related to your work, family, or way of life, for example. You attain success when you achieve these goals according to the terms and conditions you specify.

What are the Things Kids Try to Get Success?

To achieve an amazing growth trajectory, the youngsters must work with determination, dedication, and discipline. Furthermore, in order to succeed, they must look beyond the traditional sector. Because there is strong competition in every field in today’s time. As a result, only those who are dedicated to working hard can succeed.

What is more Important to People: Opportunities, Success or Hard Work?

Hard work and opportunities are both important factors in a person’s success. On the one hand, hard labour trains us to deal effectively with conflict in our lives. Opportunities, on the other hand, result in a huge increase in our fortunes. As a result, success necessitates a careful balance of both.

However, one should wait for opportunities to present themselves. Instead, everyone should try to create possibilities.

Do You Think People will be Happy without Any Goals or Aims?

A life without goals is akin to a ship without radar that drifts aimlessly in the wind. As a result, goals play a significant part in achieving success. Because goals provide a path to follow, and we reap the benefits of compounding in our lives when we make daily attempts to achieve them. Compounding is an important stage in turning mistakes into successes.

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As a result, the candidates must devise strategies to respond as effectively as possible. So that you can wow the examiners, take advantage of innovative and unusual ways. It will help improve your speaking and thinking skills at the same time. It is not necessary for everyone to communicate in the best way. Even the best writers aren’t faultless when it comes to speaking.

As a result, you must be aware of your talents and study for the exam in the same manner. If you have any questions, aspirants can visit IELTS Ninja. You will receive the greatest possible answers to all of your questions, as well as the excellent grades required for university entrance.

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