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AKSHAY’s Got Overall Band Score 7.5

Over All Band Achieved: 7.5 ” Here’s a call out to anyone who is not able to clear IELTS…don’t be...

Jul 15 · 1 min read >

IELTS NINJA Has Helped Me Reach The Zenith Of Success In IELTS!”

“IELTS NINJA’s course material & my mentor’s inputs helped me comprehensively to score very well, with perfect 9s in...

Jun 18 · 38 sec read >

Shyama Scores A Perfect 8.5 In Listening!

“IELTS NINJA’s Express Program made it possible for me to achieve my desired score in my very first attempt!”...

Jun 18 · 44 sec read >

Arfa Got Overall Band Score 8.0

Over All Band Achieved: 8.0 “During the sessions with my IELTS NINJA mentor, my Writing & Speaking skills improved drastically.”...

Jun 14 · 52 sec read >

“My IELTS NINJA mentor made sure I gave my 100% & practiced every day!”

Over All Band Achieved: 8 “It was my mentor’s confidence in me that boosted my morale and that helped me...

Jun 14 · 39 sec read >

“Within 3 weeks, I was able to improve my score from 6 to 7.5 in Speaking!”

Over All Band Achieved: 7.5 “Regular speaking practice helped me overcome my hesitation and nervousness of exam which eventually helped...

Jun 14 · 43 sec read >

IELTS NINJA Helps Sreejothi Get Her Desired Score!

Over All Band Achieved: 8.5 ” I would say it was a wise decision to join IELTS NINJA!” SREEJOTHI’S EXPERIENCE...

Jun 13 · 43 sec read >

“IELTS NINJA classes play a really significant part in one’s success in IELTS exams”

Over All Band Achieved: 8.0 “My IELTS mentor filled up all the lacunae in my preparation and helped me get...

Jun 13 · 47 sec read >

“I believe, IELTS NINJA is the best online platform for IELTS preparation”

Over All Band Achieved: 7.5 “My confidence boosted because of my IELTS NINJA mentor’s expert guidance.” SWATI’S EXPERIENCE WITH IELTS...

Jun 6 · 39 sec read >