If you are passionate about moving overseas to further your studies or for a job. Then, you must investigate the nation to which you choose to relocate, taking into account a variety of variables. You must expedite your decision-making process while also choosing the best selection for you. So, in order to make the greatest option, you must conduct extensive study utilising a variety of sources such as papers, blogs, and so on. Many colleges need a score in order for an applicant to be admitted. Along with a visa, an IELTS score is required for entrance into a nation. Every nation requires an IELTS score that is equal to or higher than the country’s minimal band score.

In this article, you will get answers to your common queries like how much does the IDP charge for a visa? Is the IDP easier than British Council?

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Key Details of IDP IELTS

If you want to study abroad or get a job, you must know everything about IELTS. Read the sections below, to get all the basic information regarding the IELTS exam.

IELTS 4 Sections


Duration: 30 minutes

You will hear 4 recorded texts, speeches, and dialogues from a variety of native speakers and respond to a set of questions.

These include questions that assess your ability to comprehend primary ideas and specific factual information, and also the speakers’ viewpoints and opinions.

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Duration: 60 minutes

The Reading section consists of 40 questions. To assess a wide range of reading capabilities, a number of question formats are utilised.

This involves reading for the gist, primary ideas, and detail, skimming, comprehending logical argument, and recognising the writer’s viewpoints, attitudes, and intent.


Duration: 60 minutes

You will be given a chart, table, graph, or figure and asked to explain, describe, or summarise the data in your own words.

In regard to a viewpoint, argument, or problem, you will be required to write an essay.


Duration: 11 to 14 minutes

The Speaking section uses between 11 and 14 minutes to finish and assesses your usage of spoken English. Every test is filmed.

The Speaking section, like the Listening section, is the same in both Academic and General Training versions.

How to Book Your IELTS test?

You can either book your exam online or in person at your local IDP branch. Here’s how to do it:

#Visit IDP India’s website

#Select the ‘Register for Test’ option.

#Choose your desired test, Computer-delivered IELTS or Paper-based IELTS

#Choose your exam type/module: IELTS Academic or General Training, IELTS for UKVI, A1 and B1 for Life Skills

#Choose your favourite testing location or city.

#Select your favourite day and time period from the list of dates available.

#Fill out the essential information and submit your online application.

#Remember that in order to finish the procedure, you must also provide a clean, scanned colour copy of your passport.

#Proceed to pay the examination cost.

#When your test date is confirmed, you will be notified on your provided email address and phone number.

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Which One to Choose: Computer-based or Paper-based?

For both the General Training and Academic assessments, you can take the exam on a computer or on paper. Both computer-delivered and paper-based examination have the same structure, test questions, time given to each exam portion, and material. Your test day environment is the only distinction.

If you opt to take your exam on a computer, you will use a computer to complete the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections of the examination. The Speaking examination, which includes a face to face conversation with an examiner, stays unchanged. The Speaking test will be taken either immediately before or immediately after the Reading, Listening, and Writing tests.

You will perform the Reading, Listening, and Writing sections on paper if you undertake the exam on paper. The Writing, Reading, and Listening examinations are all done on the same day in the paper-based IELTS examination, with no interruptions in between.


The exam dates are scheduled four times every month, for a total of 48 test days in a year. The Academic and General Training components may have different dates available in India. The Academic format is accessible on all 48 dates, however, the General Training format is only accessible on 24 dates.

To check the dates for your city, click here.

You can check your skills by taking an IDP IELTS practice test.


Within 3 to 5 days of your exam date, your computer delivered results will be accessible online. Your paper based results will be accessible online on the 13th day after the exam at 12:00 a.m. GMT.

How Much Does an IDP Charge for a Visa?

Visa application fees for the United States are currently 160 USD (11,714 INR); students must also pay a 350 USD (25,624 INR) service charge.

IDP does not charge any agent fees for applications, therefore you will receive all support for free. When you apply via IDP, many institutions and colleges forgo their application expenses.

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Is the IDP Easier than British Council?

Most applicants believe that booking with IDP is vital since the exam administered through IDP is easier, whilst other candidates believe that IELTS delivered through British Council is straightforward. As a result, you may book the exam through any website.


This article might have helped you in solving a lot of your queries. It also helped you in understanding the computer-based and paper-based IELTS exam. We hope that you are now able to decide which one to go for.

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