Canada is regarded as the place of many people’s choice to study and work. The environment and the aura of the place are peaceful, friendly, and hopeful. There are many Indians who settled in Canada and do prepare for exams to get shifted there. If you are preparing for any such examination to get admission into renowned universities in Canada. The courses offered by Canadian universities are for your overall development and progress in life. There are many questions in the minds of people who dream of going to Canada. Are you looking for how much it costs to do MS in Canada? You need not take the stress. We have the answer to this question and many relevant questions. Set your eyeballs here and know everything.

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How Much does it Cost to do MS in Canada?

It is a wish of many people to pursue a master’s from Canada due to its education structure and practical learning. The cost of MS in Canada in Indian Rupees (INR) is around 9,57,000 Rs, including all the tuition fees and other charges. If you are aspiring to study in Canadian Universities, then look below for knowing the charges.

#1. Education

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 11,25,100

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 8,50,000

#2. Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 13,55,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) -7,95,000

#3. Humanities

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)-15,46,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 7,37,000

#4. Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Legal Studies

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 14,90,200

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 8,10,000

#5. Law

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 17,90,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 9,30,000

#6. Business, Management, and Public Administration

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 15,45,900

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 13,31,000

#7. Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 17,00,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 8,32,000

#8. Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)-17,80,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 8,98,000

#9. Engineering

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 18,17,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 10,40,000

#10. Architecture

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 14,26,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 12,94,000

#11. Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Conservation

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 14,13,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 7,79,000

#12. Dentistry

Bachelors Annual fees (INR)- 30,52,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 12,11,000

#13. Medicine

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – 17,50,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – NA

#14. Nursing

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – 11,82,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 8,71,000

#15. Pharmacy

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – 22,08,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 6,95,000

#16. Veterinary Medicine

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – 35,13,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 5,45,000

#17. Other Health, Parks, Recreation, and Fitness

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – 13,27,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 10,00,000

#18. Personal, Protective, and Transportation Services

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – 10,96,000

Masters Annual fees (INR) – NA

#19. Executive MBA

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – NA

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 35,94,000

#20. Regular MBA

Bachelors Annual fees (INR) – NA

Masters Annual fees (INR) – 20,99,500

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Study MS in Canada

There are several exams through which you can take the opportunity to study in the country and university of your wish and choice. This is a question in many candidates’ minds, how to do MS in Canada? This is done by certain exams. You need to prepare for those exams quite diligently and passionately. The marking criteria and question paper pattern of each exam are different. It depends on the course you want to pursue and the university you want to take admission to. You must be aware of the procedures for cracking that particular examination to get your goals. You must put your efforts into preparing for it wisely. There are many differences in the exams, the candidates are required to have several skills to crack the examination. Here are the exams that can drive you towards achieving your target.

#1. IELTS Exam

This exam is conducted under the British Council, IDP. It is done for checking the proficiency of the candidates in English. If you think you are good at speaking, writing, listening, and reading English, you can apply for this examination. It gives you ways to study abroad according to the bands you score in the exam. You have to be well prepared for this exam in developing your English skills. This is conducted in two parts that are IELTS academic and IELTS general training. Both the parts have different portions of questions and markings. The IELTS General Training is for migration, training, or work purposes to another country. The Cost for computer-delivered IELTS Registration is Rs. 14,000/-.

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IELTS Requirements

The IELTS exam is the most common and convenient among international students. All the candidates are informed that they can choose a maximum of 5 organizations or institutions. You must send your IELTS score, in the form of the Test Report Form (TRF). It is free. This is not a hectic requirement. You can easily grab it in your mind and do the processes accordingly. If you are an aspirant for the IELTS exam, you must check the acceptance of the documents and forms with the university or college. For this exam, there are two modes for the examination that are electronic transcripts for which there are no fees and a hard copy which shall be sent through a courier whose courier charges you need to pay.

IELTS Charges

The candidates must also choose any of the offline modes of sending your TRF – ordinary post costs around Rs. 400/- per institution and DHL charges Rs. 1500/- for the same. The charges are not much for you to degrade your choice of universities. You can easily afford the fees. You can send your IELTS scorecard to more than 5 institutions through any mode- online or offline. You must ask the exam centre to send the scores on a fee for each. For sending an electronic transcript, Rs. 250/- is charged per university. The IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.

#2. TOEFL Examination

This exam is indeed an admiration of many candidates. It opens doors to all the people who want to make their careers by studying in different countries. It depends on your course and institution that it is required for you to give TOEFL. You have to be determined enough to prepare for it through online platforms or any institution. The registration fee for TOEFL in India is US $180 which approximates to Rs. 14000/-. You can have an exhaustive plan to study for TOEFL. You have to register yourself within 7 days. You must be on time for doing the registration. If a candidate registers late, they need to pay $40 as late registration fees. You can reschedule the registration. If you want to reschedule your test you need to pay $60 which costs around Rs. 4600/-.

TOEFL Requirements

The candidates who are trying to get admission to any college or university can choose up to 4 institutions or organizations. The scores of their test scores are directly sent online via a mailing system to that particular university. There are different requirements for the other institutions. An additional cost of $20 which is Rs. 1500/- is a must for the university. You can send it by any medium. It can be mail or fax. You must be aware of all the requirements of this exam to get admission to the college of your choice.

How to Apply for TOEFL?

The scores of the TOEFL exam are valid for two years. You can share your scores online as well. The online scores should be mailed by all the candidates after 3-5 business days after receiving your request for sending them. To send the offline scores by mail, you can send your requests a month before when you want the institution to receive your scorecard. You are given all the comfort to pursue your desired course.

#3. GRE Exam

The GRE is the graduate record exam. The questions from different fields of arithmetic, reasoning, geometry, algebra, and mathematics are asked to the candidates. This exam is program-specific. You must contact the institute for the confirmation of the submission of IELTS or TOEFL exam scores. Every candidate must have a great preparation plan for the  GRE exam. This exam gives you the path to walk towards success in life. You have to prepare yourself in a way that you excel in it without a doubt. The information about the charges and fee structure is given below.

Cost for GRE

The cost for the GRE exam is affordable. The registration fees for the GRE General Test are Rs.15,6000/- ($205) and for the GRE Subject Test is Rs.11,500/-($150 ). If you are thinking of rescheduling, the rescheduling fee is $50 or Rs.3800/-. If you want to change your test center or subject, you can do that by submitting $50 or Rs.3800/-. There are a few extra charges. Also, if you want to send your scorecard to the institute, you need to submit an amount of  Rs.2000 /- or US $27. You must read about the fees carefully to prepare yourself financially and reduce the hurdles for the exam.

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Significance of Doing Master’s from Canada

Many people prepare for certain exams to get admission into the most prominent institutions abroad to make their lives better. Canada is one of the most picked countries among Indians. Here are a few reasons why you must choose Canada for your studies, especially your master’s.

#1. The Canadian education system itself is the kindest and healthiest with its diverse and method-based format of teaching. It is appreciated by many people.

#2. If you hold a degree from any of Canada’s top universities, it is recognized and accepted globally. You become a highly accepted person in the organization.

#3. If you are worried about the cost, then it is not so heavy on one’s pocket. You can easily afford to educate yourself.

Why Should You Choose Canada?

#1. The employment opportunities in Canada are unmatched. You get ample ways to get employment in different renowned organizations and industries.

#2. Due to its accepting culture, it will be easier to work in Canada. You will never feel regretful for choosing this place.

#3. The entire Canadian culture is based on kindness and helping each other, which means you are not developing professionally but personally, too.

#4. Canada has pretty decent citizenship laws for your residence in any location in the country. You will feel comfortable regarding the laws.

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This article is all about studying in Canada, specifically doing MS. Few exams can lead you towards pursuing your goals. If you are reading this article, we are pretty sure that you have gathered information about the studying process in Canada. Some exams can lead you to grab all the opportunities to enhance your future. If you are preparing for any of the exams, ensure that you give proper time to all the spheres to excel in your exam. If you have any queries and confusion, you can visit the IELTS Ninja website where you will get all the decision-making powers and studying procedures under the guidance of the professionals. You can comment on your question below. Be prepared to do exceedingly great in your life and take this opportunity to learn from the experts through the website. Make your future sparkling.


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