Before you  begin your IELTS exam preparation, you need to know certain things about the test. The mapping of strategies, the sections that need to be prepared for and the time allotted to each of the parts needs to be studied well before the main exam is attempted.

We have compiled some pointers that you can read and implement before you begin your IELTS preparation online. The reasons for getting yourself evaluated prior to you start are also outlined.


Knowing the pattern of each of the IELTS sections and being familiar with the types of questions that are asked is crucial. The test formats differ for each of the parts- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The best way to acquaint oneself well is by going through numerous sample questions and practicing them at home. You will feel more confident when you’re sitting down for the actual IELTS test.


IELTS mainly assesses your hold over the language and your ability to have meaningful conversations with the native speakers of English. The four sections are meticulously designed to test your prowess when it comes to every aspect of the language. An overall score determines your eligibility for studying or settling in an English speaking country as that score is almost like a gateway to that particular country.  Your English is expected to be brilliant and your IELTS exam preparation must brush up on areas that need improvement such as grammar, framing of sentences or vocabulary. This will make IELTS preparation online easier for you as you will not have to devote a lot of time in just mastering the language.


Practice test before you begin preparing for IELTS is a wise thing to opt for. Do not get discouraged if you score low as there’s a reason as to why practice tests have the word ‘practice’ in them. These tests are deliberately designed to point out areas that you need to improve upon and so, you must take them in order to understand where you stand. 

Learn from your mistakes and track your progress through the test that you take so that you know what to expect before you begin preparing.

No matter how good you may be in English, you will still need to prepare for the IELTS in an orderly and strategic manner. Make sure you ace your test with the perfect band score.

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