Today, we will be dissecting an IELTS Speaking Cue Card topic that had come during August, 2022 at Kolkata – Technology that affected both the young and the elderly. 


The question is asking us to discuss technology that has impacted both the younger segment as well as the older segment.
There are many such technological advancements and gadgets that we use in our daily lives. We can pick all those devices that have left an impact on these segments of people and then elaborate our speech by discussing ways in which technology has changed the way in which they lead lives. Make a note of certain pointers that may be useful in developing your speech such as ways in which technology has changed the manner in which the younger generation as well as the older generation function.


Let’s create a mind map of the topic at hand –  Technology that affected both the young and the elderly

Creating a mind map helps us remain fixated on the topic we are presented with and avoid deviations. Writing the main topic in the center and then jotting down relevant points associated with it will help us build our speech systematically.

Let’s observe the mind map drawn below.




Technology is more of a boon than a bane in our lives. Our lives are hugely dependent on it and it has eased our lives in more ways than we can think of. Gadgets such as laptops, phones, washing machines, kitchen appliances have not only reduced the time taken to do something but also reinvented the way in which things were traditionally done.

Technology has affected people who belong to all segments of society.  The young have become more technologically advanced and smarter while the older population has benefitted from it in terms of managing their financial services, payments, bookings and the like.

Digitization in itself has brought about a sea of changes. From the television that we see to the kind of locks that we use in our homes, things have changed. 

Technology for me has always remained very special. I like the fact that things are much quicker now. Making a cup of coffee through a coffee machine or being able to conduct transactions via my smartphone ensures that I do not spend unnecessary time doing something. From something as basic as setting an alarm in the morning to something like sending out invites for an event, I rely majorly on technology.

Technology has no substitute and so, it will continue to dominate and affect the lives of both the younger generation as well as the older generation. Remaining in touch with family members and friends has also been possible on account of technology. Although its impact is felt by people from all segments, we need to be careful with its usage. Too much of anything is always toxic and using technology in moderation will help maintain balance in every sphere of life.




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